Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Scream all the way....!!!

Confused....Stressed....Short of Time & Wondering!!! That is exact state of my mind.

Mumbai has given me freedom & brought me more closer to reality but it has also taken away lot from me. At times for moments, I feel deprived of my creativity, my passion & things look so obvious. My dreams weren't hollow pipe dreams but they look like getting away from reality & I so desperately want to hold them on. colourspill.com is on the cards but it needs a push, it needs the Zeal & Enthu, it needs more of me & I also need more of me. How long I'll not be myself, how long I'll do what I am supposed to do & not what I want to do?

All I know is that till the time you do not love to fight, it's not gonna be easy to fight. And you gonna lose if you do not love the fight!!! All I want is the love to 'fight on'. All I need is Love.

For a Day I want to run away,
Scream along all the way.
I stared deep down inside me,
It's a little rusty out there, and a little cluttered everywhere.
heart n soul are sleeping a little longer.

All I need is a bothering auto reminder,
A little worst than my fuckin-irritating morning Alaram,
Just to remind me to lift my ass, put on gasoline & run all the way,
Scream all the way, Scream all the way, Scream all the way...
I am here to stay, gonna make my way...
Just need that fuckin, irritating auto reminder...
colourspill.com will take time, but it's on the way...

For now, I want to be the best bathroom singer....signing off to hone my skills...

Bloggy, you are again on time for my rescue!!!
I am a proud marathoner :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

ohhh dear bloggy....it's been so long!!!

Completed first Half Marathon of my life, a long pending dream!! Been to Delhi 3 times within a span of 25 days!! Diwali with family!! 4 days of heavy working & awesome food in Kolkata!! An awesome date after some 3 months!! An initiation on a start up!! .....along with awesome routine life which at times slip off the track, is all what I have had all this while.

And after this, I feel, we all, all of us have the masala in our lives, enough of it to write a book or inspire a movie n if not, than at least to boast around among friend and do those tit bit of self admiration. :)

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on 1st Nov 2009 was a great feeling, the only thing that I missed was a little more effort & to an extent a running partner. By the time I finished, I had rashes, I was bruised & bleeded a li'l. It was worth all that & I was little more proud of myself :) 2.43 minutes for 21+ Kilometers.

Back home, discussions for getting me married have picked up, specially coz the first cousin who is of same age got engaged recently. Why do we Indians have so much predictability & monotonous behaviour towards such issues of life??

Kolkata trip was too good, worked till 2:00 AM & had dinner at 3:00 AM, slept at 4:00 Pm only to get back with vendors by 8:00 AM. I had my share of fun while working when I jogged around the LAKE PARK & lost my colleague their, while finding each other we never realized that unintentionally we made our boss to get mad at us. He had to wait for us & he had to...what not....funny creature he is!! Beyond that the 5 places I dined this time in Kolkata were too good.. 'Amber', 'The Barbeque', 'Sigdi', 'The HHI' & 'Mainland China' of Kolkata. I am sure that I added at least a Kilo in 4 days. Had fun.

Why I like her?? Coz she is sweet, or may be coz she is true, or because she is with roots, or may be because she's the best option at present or may be because she is OK to look at......ha ha..... I do not know but I do like her a little more. I do adore her.

Why I do not like her?? May be Coz she is li'l arrogant at times, or may be because she is not what she wants to be, or may be she is lost in conventionalism & modernity, or may be because she does not loves me as much as I love her, or becauoz she is in hunt for someone better......LOL...I shouldn't care about anything!!!

Among the better things, I dated her after a long time & it was a lovely date, worth cherishing. It was one 'being together experience'. My learning out of it: Guys have to act mature & girls have the liberty to act like a new born. This is the rule for guys who just started dating should follow :P

Whatever whatever whatever.....my work for a dream 'start up' begun today.... Beyond my predictable procrastination & lethargic attitude, I have practically started jotting down things on a big sheet. This time around I really want to see this thing happening & with some good success.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


* Came back from Delhi 5 days back & tomorrow going again!!

* Delhi was rocking fun.... drove as much as 250 KM/day!!

* A friend gifted 'Calvin Klein' watch, yes CK. And people started doubting that we are homo......LOL.... The watch ROCKS!!!

* One of my awesome chuddy buddy got married. Abhay is no more single!

* Start of weekend at Sports Bar, Phoenix was awesome & so were Smirnoff & Bacardi :P

* Have been having Cappuccino at home since last 2 weeks!!

* Got highest increment in percentage! But not satisfactory in real terms. Plus he poor bonus :(

* Went Bharatpur, met Dada Ji, Felt good. He so desperately wants me to get married....

* Have been praised by boss & colleagues for my chest printed T shirts :) Feels too good! Afterall
thats what our business is

* Have been shopping too many T shirts

* Bitten by Lethargy, laziness bugs :( have been spreading laziness all this week

* Looking forward to Diwali Celebrations...... :)

* Missing someone :P

* Life's Rocking!!!

* Keep Funning :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Black nail paints, Loud Music, good boss!!

Why do girls wear black nail paint???
and the flashy green, yellow, purple and whatever they get??? Is it that they have lost brains ?? Or is it that they never had.... whatever I don't care about that. But yeah these wierd flashy colours do look hot at times.

Life's been hectic, there's been some small adjustment s I have to do all this while. Have been not going out as much as I used to. Nani is not keeping well...... :(

Job is rocking at the moment.....touchwood!! There's been achievements, over achievements, there's been appreciation & the boss himself brought choclates.... Ferraro Roscher & the Hershey's add to it a 'Quicksilver denim'. C'mon give me a break.... can the bosses be like this?? Too good feeling it is. Thanks Boss!! My category is grossing more than 1.40 crores a week since last two weeks. And my chest is little swollen coz of that.

It's gonna be a break for 5-6 days.... aur hum ghar (Dilli) ja rahe hain!!!

Mumbai is a freaky city, people here celebrate loud, they love their music loud. The city is all the time more 'happening' than any other in the country. But tomorrow same time, I'll be in Delhi :)

Chuddy Buddy's marriage & I am off for Delhi :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

sweet random thoughts...!!!

Lying on the floor, I was into my sweet little thoughts. Could listen dandiya beats coming from some 3 KM far... there are million things happening at one time & I am aware of at least few. one my nani is not well.... two I had a lovely professional achievement today. Little tiered after doing a Run-Walk of 8 km & gymming for 2 hours yesterday, now I need a good night's sleep, a lovely weather in the morning to wake up for & a mum's kiss on forehead. :)

Boys will be boys :)

Coffee is my best companion!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Monday started some two hours back. Within few hours, It'll my journey 'to office' & 'from office'. Life will revolve around 'the work'. There will be vendors, meetings, e mails (some females), reports, costings, phone calls, buying & bookings, boss, boss's boss & the colleagues. It'll be a busy week like any other. It will be longer week coz the coming Saturday will be working Saturday. It'll be a week when I'll be training, hopefully hard & strong for running. It'll be a week when I'll again have dreams to sleep over & will wake up with them. It'll be a week when I'll again cherish for a longer weekend. It'll be a week when I'll miss someone, when I might kick someone & when I'll hug someone else. It'll be a week when I'll again see the fresh pretty early morning lovely faces on the way to office. It'll be a week when I'll do gymming with a thought of slimming. It'll be a week when I'll be a die hard Foodie, the same foodie I have been since the time traceable by my memory. There will be shopping, hopping & gossiping. There will be chats, discussions & obsessions. I'll be pondering, while peeking out of Mumbai Locals. There will be dreams, sleeps, walks & talks. It'll be another day, another beginning.... It'll be a Monday. The day I am not afraid of, the day I am ready for......

Thank God I love my Job!

This Monday will start with my pet dialogue 'Aaj fir late ho gaya' & I'll run with my Backpack for I don't want to miss 3 locals in a row.... It'll be a good week!! It'll be a lot of fun!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I know, I don't know why....

No I don't know why?
Why the light is dimmer when the sun is shining bright!!
Why is life so dam good, when it looks so unfair??
Why am I not a billionaire & not a famous star??
Why do I want to hate the person I love so far??
No I don't know why? No I don't know why!.... (twice in chorus....literally LOL)

No I don't know why!
The one who yesterday eavening enjoyed every hour,
turned her back to me, as if I am a rowdy stranger!
God, who conspired for my happiness,
is making things li'l tough for me every passing hour!
No I don't know why!
Everybody was tensed, but the man with no hands was the happiest!
No I don't know why, No I don't know why??

No I don't know why! No I don't know why??
I don't have a limousine & a Harley!
When I was on time, why I missed the train?
When I was so happy, why did the tear rolled out?
When I wanted to yell, why did I smile?
ohh ahh I know something, I do know why....

I do know why...
Life's again a li'l unfair, but is pretty sweet
My nani is Alzheimer's patient, her condition is getting worst since last one week!
Life's again li'l unfair to me, things got screwed once again but getting better. Li'l patch of tough times are these, but taking nani's care asks too much out of emotional me! I end up putting all the things behind!! I end up being a part of her 'reasonless concern' & not of my 'meaningful trivial issues'!! I end up forgetting the one I always wanted to remember. I end up for another start. I start a new journey with the one I never accepted to be. I am calm & still a li'l agitated!! I don't know why??? But that's real me, the one scrutinizing, examining, exploring a li'l more, with a li'l more concentration from my gut & heart.

I know why, I am still smiling. I am a little more myself now!!
I know why, I know why....la la....I know why!!

He again started exploring himself more than the girl who once occupied his thoughts!
:) :) :) He sighed his relief when he found himself!! :) :) :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

03th-04th sep, 09

naaahh... Rohit, you can't do this...!!
And Rohit, still did it.

Sometimes, we all do that cheap shitty things, that, we ourselves define as 'not doable'. Still we end up doing it. And so did Rohit. But if it is once in a while, you forgive yourself for that. And so did Rohit. Though I would have told the whole story, which I belive is so dam intresting, but if I do, you'll hate me at least for a moment. And I don't mind being hated but I do mind not being loved :) So, please continue loving me (yeah...even you can love me).

He was on the way to office with the thoughts of following big crowd for Ganpati Visarjan. He really wanted to enjoy Mumbai madness for a day . But there was office to be attended. Following his inner call, half way to office, called boss to tell he's not coming, for he wanted to taste Mumbai Madness... There on, he took a nap & rest whole day danced, jumped, ran with crowds & Ganpati Idols. Yes, he bunked office & went on the road & beaches!! He was rich by the feelings, he added lovely moments!!

I turn 26 today. No big deal! But still, coz I can pin point the day from the diary of my life, I wanted it to start in a different way & it luckily did.... I wildly danced with friend on roads near Girgaon Chaowpaty. We danced with Firangs & we danced with roadside romeos & we danced till 1:00 AM & we danced wildly & we danced, danced & danced in the rains which were truely mumbaiyya!

At one moment he compared himself with others & thought he is too behind, lacks a lot.
Suddenly he was dancing with the crowd only to realize, he is way ahead & there's no comparisons, no one even comes closer! He is a champ, he is a dude, he is a rockstar in his own world!! He is happy & confident!! May his confidence sustains long period. Touchwood!

Good Times!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009


Why do sometimes we get stuck with our thoughts...
It's as if replay button is pressed permanently.
The thought you want to avoid keeps coming back, again & again!
The thing you want to hate is the only thing you want to love.
And the thing you want to avoid is the one that stands tall in front of you all the time!
Why does it feels a little Strange? A little bad? A little unfair?


Monday, August 24, 2009

Confortably Numb!!!

For few seconds I wanted to get numb....I wanted to get lost in the sounds of dhols... I wanted to get lost in the extremely loud sound of dhols. Coz sometimes, you just feel like that, getting numb. Closed for the outside world. Not wanting, not feeling, not anything, nothing, nothing, just nothing at all.

Here in Mumbai, Ganpati celebrations began few days back. Yesterday was the first day people took their Ganpati Idols to immerse it into sea. And all that happened with sheer noise & celebrations. And when I left office that sound of celebration felt like nirvana. That noise of people & dhols never looked like a noise, it just went inside me and acted as a tranquiliser. I had goosbumps & I was surely numb for few miliseconds. I felt good coz it was not another day, it was just not another regular scheduled work for me. It was enchacnting & it was different & it was 'Feel happy'/ 'Feel Good' factor all around!!! And there was some rebellion element into it. God know's all that was a trick of Musical instrument Dhol or it was God himself who brought all those feelings. All in all it was Good!!!

To remind you & to remind myself, this is something we all will be able to recall with a li'l smile. I just read it somewhere & felt good about it n now it's your turn...........

"Do minute ruk sakte hain sar ke bal reh sakte hain ... kyunkiii ... badi gazab ki bhook lagi...maggi chahiye mujhe abhi...ummm maggi noodles"

ha ha :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Run Rohit Run....!!!

"Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must move faster than the fastest lion or it will not survive. Every morning a lion wakes up and it knows it must move faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve. It doesn't matter if you are the lion or the gazelle, when the sun comes up, you better be running."

- Roger Bannister

Again, had goody goody time at Marine Drive. Ran 7km, clocked 49 Min.!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not everything

Not all secrets should be posted on the blog !!
This one was an unusual experience....

Ha ha.....
Good Times :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My simplified life.... Where m I heading :)

1. Get up before 6:30
2. Brush teeth2.
3. Drink water
4. Loo
5. get into track pants
6. Drive to Gym
7. Workout
8. Return & take bath
9. Take a local for office
10. Slog for at least 10 hours
11. Return Home traveling in a local
12. Munch on something (proper dinner is rare)
13. Sleep
14. Restart from step 1. till weekend arrives... on weekend keep getting stcuk on step 13 & step 7


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ye kya ho raha hai........ #@$%##

Not many times I have found myself so week... though I am continuously increasing my pysical strength by Gymming, training & running but somehow I missed out on emotional part. I was taken aback yesterday evening. I was unguarded, I was stripped off & my vulnerability to emotions was out in the light. Rest God knows!! But yes, I realized my emotional weekness & found difficult to cope with it.

Weekend started on a awesome note, I fulfilled one of my dream to jog along Marine Drive, I completed too & fro distance from Nariman Point to Girgaon Chowpaty in approx. 51 minutes i.e. a distance of 7 Km. It was difficult to run in open, when wind was blowing against me. It asked much more strength than treadmill running. But I was enthralled & jumped on completion, I was very much amused & so were the people sitting who saw the jump of 80+ KG man. For some milliseconds I did beat Gravity!!!

He told her "I love you, I care for you.... (& so on)"
She replied "You have been boasting..."

He melted, felt low but kept quite. Coz that was all he could do.... (and than he too has not been treating her nicely)!!!!

All these days, the new stylish, trendy, in vogue toilets amuse me.... not just the toilets aka washroom (in decent wordings) but the 'loo signs' themselves are amusing.......!!!
Talk about Bonebo in Bandra, they have a Pink cartoon for women's. And for men a black cartoon. Then there was peacock somewhere outside women's loo & a Lion outside men's, it was one of the mocha, if m not wrong. It was Madonna outside fairer sex's loo & Arnold on men's loo door. A Cow Boy hat for men's & a pink Cap for women's outside loos at Lee & Wrangler's Office in Bangalore. Playing Card character 'K' aka King for men's & 'Q' aka Queen for Women's. Something different is also there at Prithvi Cafe's loo, which I am forgetting. God knows from where did man's sudden fascination for innovative Loo Signs erupted. You guys win, yes, I am fascinated by your amazing creative Loo Boards.... Just that I check not twice but thrice, if I am entering the right loo. Coz, I don't wanna get beaten like Govinda in one of those flicks where he enters women's loo! Though in another flick Hrithik managed kisses from the girl's inside it but I am no Hrithik.

LOO at New Delhi Railway Station!!!

Inside of MEN's Loo at Lee & Wrangler's Office, Bangalore!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Masked City???

How can I feel like hating someone whom once I adored??
Well...life takes us to strange twists & turns...!! Don't know why & don't know how???

Anyhow, sunday eavening was a perfect weekend ending, a light drink with a good ol friend. And that so dam necessary chit chat brought back some old memories. She left an amazing gift for me...SENNHEISER PMX70 earphones. These are awefu$#ingsome earphones. They give you a feel as if whole discotheque is following you. SENNHEISER PMX70 are among my resent best possession. She went back & we hugged each other good bye...and at least for me that was li'l touchy!!!
Today, every 10th person in Mumbai was wearing mask. That means one tenth of the mumbai is masked, courtesy Swine Flu!! Tomorrow it'll be quarter of the Mumbai. In any case I don't buy this face mask concept. Literate-Illiterate, Shopkeepers, local commuters, in office-out of office everyone was wearing mask. It took me time to accept all that but in no case I'll buy such behavior. Don't know why but I hated to see people wearing masks! And I also believe Swine flu can't be avoided that way.
We are the democratic country where we have right to do all this & much beyond. But before that we are a socially active country which belives in helping out the person next to us. We are a country that belives in talking-chatting with a person who's sitting next to us in office, train, bus or wherever. We are a country that was never masked. Though I will not question anyone's behaviour, I might be wrong, might sound stupid but masked city is something that gives me a strange feel, a feel that the city is no more social. A feel that we are back to the era of untouchability. Swine flu can not be kept away by just masking!!! For me, no mask, until that is the last thing!!

I am more worried about the lovers...Will mumbai be kissing & smooching less to avoid this communicable virus??? Will Swine flu bring down the Coochy Coooooing ???? Will there be less 'Muaaah Muaaaah' ???

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sweet Nothing!!!

Masi is out of town & so its gonna be me who's gotta do a li'l more than regular, including the daily household chores management (nice Lingo :P).

12KM in 68 min. is how much I ran yesterday. And obviously had a feeling of achievement. At least there are few things where you don't have to be dependent on teams, colleagues and others. My belief 'Long Distance Running is an independent measure of your caliber.' I am so much inspired by the book 'What I talk when I talk about running'.

A day back, I thought TGIF: Thank God It's Friday. And today I want to sit endlessly in the window of my hall. I want to do all those sweet nothings that give cheery smile to heart. I want to stay numb for sometime. I want to be all on my own for at least few hours. And my cellphone rings. 'Rohit, come to South Bombay a li'l early. I am leaving for Delhi Tomorrow & following day moving back to US. Gotta go out for lunch with mum-papa, so have to squeeze out time to meet you, let's catch up now.' I could only question & finaly agree to her. Coz she's the guest & she's the guest after a long long time. The girl whom I met randomly, through friends, had a crush on her. And than things setteled & we became good friends & that was the end limit of our relation. She shopped in my presence, she talked-shared a lot with me, at times stayed overnight at my place, enjoyed with my mum & sis. She's a good friend for whom, I have to leave my cozy thoughts & get drowned in the pacey life once again.

In few minutes I'll be taking her out, but where ???? Leopold...naah, Mondegar...naah, Sports Bar...may be...but I have been here too many times. So where ??? Really don't know!! Anyways, that, we'll sort out than & there!!!

As of now, it's been two mornings when I wake up to the thoughts of being cuddled in someone's lap, cuddled & cared sweetly. Someone, may be my mother or my very own lady love. I won't call it a weird thought at all! But it suddenly pops up just before I wake up & stays on till sometime. As if I am missing someone dearly. And in an hour's time... list of pending work unfolds & my backpack life starts....running here & there...trying to catch up!!!

I have been doing too many things & there's no ending. Washing clothes is another thing that got added in today's 'To Do List'.

I can name moments, days, weeks, months & the whole life itself as a 'Sweet Nothing'!! Even this sweet nothing is fantabulously sweet............ I am Living it up!! Enjoying!!!

Love ya!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I run, I run in a Void. And 'Love Stinks'!! LOL...

It's still backpack life... Gym to Office, Office to Colaba for catching up with friends -from their for dinner at Churchgate. It's all happening with backpack on my shoulders. You wont believe it, yesterday I even slept with backpack hanging on me LOL!

I seriously don't know what I exactly should I write. But I have some urge to put down my thoughts here. Though they are quite random & in bits & pieces, but the are my very own lovely thoughts. Whenever I have felt lonely or I have felt like lving someone, I have fondled my very own thoughts.This reminds me of few lines from my current read 'What I talk when I talk about running'. Those lines go like these... "I just run, I run in a Void. Or may be I should put it the other way: I run in order to acquire a void. But as you might expect, an occasional thought will slip into this void. People's minds can't be complete blank Human being's emotions are not strong or consistent enough to sustain a vacuum. What I mean is, the kinds of thoughts & ideas that invade my emotions as I run remain subordinate to that void. Lacking content, they are just random thoughts that gather around that central void."

My body is so sensitive, it reacts to calorie intake within few hours. Two days of eating out & looks as if I regain part of the bulge in tummy which I removed by fighting hard, working out hard :(

I have been shopping & shopping good. The recent buys include 2 T shirts & shoes from Adidas. Luckily one of the T shirt says the same thing which I wanted to "LOVE STINKS". Not that I bought this one intentionally, I just liked the colour combo & read the quote only after wearing it. Yeah... "LOVE STINKS". Ha ha (sarcasm)

And my boss screwed me, he screwed me badly :( . Big Bazaar kids wear sales are down. We have poted a bad Year on Year degrowth. New merchandise is late, not reaching on floor on time. Logistics & Supply Chain have screwed it up bad time & the boss screwed me big time. Never in my 1+ years career at Pantaloon Retail, I received such a monumental Blasting :P But it ended well, my boss himself bought m a cig & said, chill, don't take it at heart, it's a part of professional life. You work hard!! Some people are expert in creating Ironies, they have such a lovely grip on their words as if that's the thing they are learning from the time they were created in their mother's womb.

huffff..... catch you later!!
Gotta go to Gym :)
It's chest, shoulders & triceps today :)

Boss: Yaar, tumhe dekh ke I am jealous, that you can workout everyday & I can not!! LOL

Gymming is the Love affair I am currently indulging with. and have already taken annual membership of this reputed gym at a hefty cost.

Love ya!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A li'l more sleep, a li'l more breathe, a li'l more life, A li'l longer today's night!!!

I wish this night could stay on a li'l longer.....!!
I wish this night get li'l legthier!!

My life's been a backpack life since last few days.... gym with a backpack, steam & shower & I move to office again with the backpack. Evening outing with a friend & I carry along my backpack... Late night movie with cousin...to another area I run with a backpack.

Next day...Gym with backpack, vendor vsit with same. Reach office taking my backpack. Go out for a party & carry the same adidas backpack. Dinner at night & backpack stays behind very tight. Night out at friend's place, back pack stll adds on my grace :P.

My backpack is answer to the speedy life, my kit to zip zap zoom at a speed. my backpack makes me stay on with everything every idea. I am on a journey...journey of life, that continues, continues & continues.

Just that, in this pacey life, I need today's night to hold on a li'l. I want it to be a 15 hour night. So that I can breathe a little more, sleep a little more, dream a little further & think of her a little more.

Hope my wish comes true & the night stretches a little more today!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gymming & Living!!!

A girl's & guy's relation need not be a marriage, it need not be a 'Yes' or 'No'. It just need to have some ingredients which make life exciting, loving, Jolly & definitely happening, it should have agreements, disagreements & the makeover hugs. It should have atleast some 'Miss You (s)". It's arelation beyond description. There is a simple but still lovely blog post by Phoenix I just went through....check that out on this link http://apublicdiary.blogspot.com/2009/08/my-boyfriends-instructions.html A guy & a girl can have a relation of Sweet Nothings
. Not that I fear commitment but it's when the commitment is not on the cards.

For some days I don't want to be secular, I want to remain a proud Punjabi!!
That's the feel I get when I listen to some of the beautifull songs from 'Love Aaj kal'....aahu aahu aahu!!

And I had a water day this weekend. I had only & only water whole day & nothing else. Went out with a friend & I resisted Coffee (I cant believe it:)& the other yummies, I dint feel like having them. After all I was fasting with a lot of heart, & it had a strong purpose.

I am gymming with lot of heart these days & it is really helping me out to sooth my body & mind. I love it. 'Gymming & Living' is what's my quote of the day. Too add to it, I am 5 Kgs Lighter & the gravity sucks a little lesser now...LOL.

And finally I ate the Lovely Swiss Chocolates I bought from Calcutta. They were meant for someone special & who other than me can be more special for myself. Neither being on an ego trip nor being self absorbed. But yes li'l indulgence with self is allowed, anytime...ha ha. After indulgence with chocolates a thought came up, 'Dark Choclate is not a sin, it's just bitterly sweet'.

I wonder how some people can simply spoil so much with presumptions. Presumptions....Oh God....I had too much of wrong ones working against me these days. Somethings in life can never work for you. Whatever you do, whatever you put in. Some things are made this way that they simply don't work in your favour. And you gotta live without them.

Adolf Hitler once said ....

"If you can solve the problem then what's the need of worrying. If you can not solve the problem then what's the use of worrying"

And I got late for the Gym....so it's gonna be short & sweet workout at home!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Punjabi = Funjabi!!!

You do good with positive intentions & all you get is 'tears in the middle of the night!!!' Guys are strong but not definitely hollow on emotions!!

Anyways....again the same thing... LIFE IS NOT FAIR, BUT IT'S STILL GOOD!!!

At times even God cheats you than being cheated by a human is a small thing!! You get blamed for the deed you never did!! You don't get appraised for the hard work that reaped gigantic benefits!!!

That's how God kicks your ass.... and say's, "You chirkut, you thought that it's all goody goody good!! Now take that!"

Seriously, sometimes life is just not fair, irrespective of the good you do.

May be it's thousandth time that I bent for someone, I bent for someone where I never had to. When I was so dam strong, still I bent, for I never wanted to hurt. In the end... Life was not fair!! & result: I am feeling little screwed up today.

So what...?? Everybody gets fucked up in life, may be it was my turn today. However bad it gets, coffee is the best companion... & icing on the cake when it is taken at sea facing Cafe'!!
My coffee mug has always been true to me... and today too it was same. Today it was Cafe Mocha Grande', It looked sexier than the girl sitting behind, wearing black shimmering off shoulder top with a black & white striped mini skirt & 4" heeled black stilettos. She had hot red nail enamel & a matching lip colour, her hair were artificially curled, looked like a spoiled girl of a busy rich dad! Though she looked hotter initially but coffee was the eventual winner, Mocha Grande' was real hot & far more trust worthy, long lasting than the girl. My coffees are always special!!

Ha ha ha :)

Feel like dancing on the song 'Aahu aahu aahu' from 'Love Aajkal' ..... I am 5 inches broader at chest after listening this song having a true Punjabi spirit.

P.S. Punjabi's are real big hearted people!! The true Punjabi spirit is a never say die spirit!!

And the tears made road for the lovely smile & than laughter conquered the fort!!
And Rohit danced for 5 minutes in his room, all alone, with some spirit & lot of fun....

Aahu aahu aahu :)

Gaddi te has bol ve

Na jind saddi ron ve

Gaddi te has bol ve

Na jind saddi ron ve .......

Aahu aahu aahu :)

Aahu aahu aahu

Aahu aahu aahu :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Running is Living!!!

It was planned since a week before. It was a 4th Saturday & had an off from office. I was determined for 10KM. I started running, there was some pain with body's self resistance, but in some time motivation overpowered them. And I could see that not just 10 KM rather I can cross 11KM today. I pushed for that beyond my physical limits. Goals are achieved in mind before they kiss reality, that's for sure. It wasn't a philosophy, rather it was right there happening to me.

I did 11.2 KM in 68 min. My chest was bruised, my chest was sore & had rashes, it was literally bleeding & bleeding continued the next day too. That was T shirt abrasion. Sweat was even dripping from my undie. I was pumped up, only to realize that I did those bloody 11.2 Km & I am ready for 15KM & than 21 KM.

I rejoiced my success by having a latte', sandwich & than a cappuccino at sea face cafe' while gazing the birds:P. And tell you, the one sitting adjacent was simply 'Oh My God', she was tall, wheatish, had curly hair, big eyes, think Husky Voice & the personality worth admiring!

A sudden thought, why do we do the things to again undo them??
Why do we love a lot only to pull out one day?
Why do we eat to burn it someday?
Why do we gain to lose it sometime??
Why do we halt only to love again???

I don't know why this weird crap is clowding my head. Now, all I am concerned about is being tough & kissing 15km mark!!!

Running is a way to achieve Nirvana, it's a kick that no other drug can give, it's a kick that no bottle of rum, wine or any other shit can give. Running pumps you up & pumps your mind. It simply makes you invincible, even if that's only in the mind or for a li'l time. But for sure you achieve invincibility for those few lovely moments when high blood flow happens in your body!!! Running is Living!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Wierd Wierd Wierd!!!
Not that I am drunk....just that I am high on life!!!
Half an hour back I was dizzy, n now sleep has flown away!
Gotta get up at 5:30 but a drive down the Shivaji Park Barista infused something into me.

I was on a half day Liquid Diet & my tummy is definitely hating it, it's carving for somethng good to eat like....like...u say like Cheese Garlic Bread :P
Life's really much beyond a cuddled sleep!!!
Irony is... still I gotta sleep!!!

Pikachoooo... & the King!!!

Suddenly I have some time to think.... Li'l nostalgic feelings are clouded over my head...!!! The good ol times, the time I fought with my Angel Sis... the days we played pranks on mom & papa. The days we snatched each others goodies. And when once we fought, i kicked her Pikachooo...., said swear words for her Pikachoo n she cried.... that was funny for me.... she cried for that dumb cartoon character stuff toy!! Today that Pickachoo's pic itself reminded me of my Angel sis & the time..!!!

It's wonderfull how dead things hit us, stop us & dash us when we are on a fast track, carried by the wave of professionalism, career and the times itself. That's why somehow I keep collecting anything to everything, from restaurant's bills to chocolate wrappers, from the blessed coins to ol diaries & notebooks. These all mean atleast something to me. That Pikachoo is still so special to my sis, it still sleeps on her bed & gets a chance to do a bit of masti with her.

It's Rakhi, few day's on... My sis called and asked 'Bhaiyya Kya doge is bar?'
I making fun of her, replied: 'Times have changed, now sister's give to brothers. Atleast in Bombay they do like this'
Angel Sis: 'Ok, than I am buying a Tommy Wallet for you'.
I, touched, still pulling her leg: 'I'll send Rs. 1.50 through Papa, when he'll visit here'.
Angel She:'uuunnnn...., Bhaiyyaaa, batao na'!
I: 'Pagal, maine tere se kabhi jhoot bola hai? Tu to meri pyaari behen hai na? Ded rupe pakka'

ha ha..... Sisters are Angels!!! Thats why I call my sis 'Angel', 'Strawberry' or I use 'Khoti'!!

Saturday start's in few minutes, the day I love the most. 2nd & 4th saturday are the days when it's off from office & I give pleasures of being the King to myself. Getting up late followed by comparitively longer gymming session, a sauna/steam bath. Than a drive down to Band Stand & Carter Road & finally a Coffee & a Sandwich at CCD, Carter Road over a newspaper session!!

King's treatment doesn't cost a fortune but it's worth a billion!!! Hail King!!!

Now the King will Read a bit, will listen music, might sing something too before he Cuddles, sleeps & dreams before waking up for a great day!!!

Long Live King!!!!
.........and his Kingdom :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Doubt - Don't Speak!!!

You and me
We used to be together
Everyday together always
I really feel
That I'm losing my best friend
I can't believe
This could be the end
It looks as though you're letting go
And if it's real
Well I don't want to know

Don't speak
I know just what you're saying
So please stop explaining
Don't tell me cause it hurts
Don't speak
I know what you're thinking
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me cause it hurts

Our memories
Well, they can be inviting
But some are altogether
Mighty frightening
As we die, both you and I
With my head in my hands
I sit and cry

Don't speak
I know just what you're saying
So please stop explaining
Don't tell me cause it hurts (no, no, no)
Don't speak
I know what you're thinking
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me cause it hurts

It's all ending
I gotta stop pretending who we are...
You and me I can see us dying...are we?

Don't speak
I know just what you're saying
So please stop explaining
Don't tell me cause it hurts (no, no, no)
Don't speak
I know what you're thinking
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me cause it hurts
Don't tell me cause it hurts!
I know what you're saying
So please stop explaining

Don't speak,
don't speak,
don't speak,
oh I know what you're thinking
And I don't need your reasons
I know you're good,
I know you're good,
I know you're real good

don't tell me tell me cause it hurts
Hush, hush darlin' Hush, hush darlin'
Hush, hush don't tell me tell me cause it hurts
- No Doubt

Balance Sheet Relationship!!!

Choclates added weight to a human body in 20th Century
This is 22nd Century & now they just add happiness!!!

And so I am having awesome chocolates these days....don't worry, have shed bloody 4 Kgs all this while :P Eat chocolates, Be happy!!!

It was my frequent visit to Book Stores last month & I realized what we all have realized till now...writing is a new fad. Anyone is writing anything (me too)....whatever...for me it's 205th Blog, it's been 2 yrs 6mnth & 61 days since my first blog post. This is equal to 22,584 hours i.e. 1,355,040 minutes or 81,302,400 seconds!!

Writing Blog has been a rather touchy experience for me. My Bloggy's been a true(st) friend to me. Stood by me all the time (accept when the server was down :P). I truly thank God,though my respect for him is li'l down these days, I thank him for giving me this lovely creation of man that absorbs all emotions, supports & shares all the ups & downs!

Today, when we all love ourselves more than anyone else and others do the same. When time & money are li'l more important than necessary. When the relations have turned into mere Balance Sheets with credits & debits, when the love is outweighed by every tangible asset. When you are trusted/loved only after an assessment, you gotta pass a bloody exam to be loved, you need to achieve a bare minimum to be hugged! You are cared only if you get a plump pay every month end. Thank God at such a practical time I have my Blog to stand by me!!! I have my blog for piling up my immaturity, my naked heart, my emotions, my thoughts & my whatever shit. It takes it all, unlike anyone else.

I'll rather look weak & jot down my heart than letting things kill me in the pretense to be strong...!!!

An eavening at MTC (Mumbai Times Cafe'), Bandra....

I was on an elevated chair with my friend. About 8 feet away, she was sitting on a couch. Her's was a yellow top, just covering the waist band of her knee high black skirt. Black sandles were in contrast with her white skin. She was carrying big black glossy bag & my friend kept blabbering some shit I was least interested in :P. I was interested in her 'an inch deep dimples', my friend could never understand & kept shitting. Her hair were curled from the edges, her hands were crossed & she engrossed in the guy she was chatting to, not aware that someone else was engrossed in her. She was not a flawless miracle and had li'l darkness around her eyes but that mattered less coz her dimples were the ones to die for.....aaaahhhh...I am dead....alive again till I complete my blog.....ha ha!!! Unlike her she had thin lips worth praising at least ten times a second, She had a smile of the Goddess. My friend still blabbering, I was least interested in his logical talks that had lost all the logic since we sat in the vicinity of that sweet girl. He paid the bill while I measured her dimple depth before the sandle heel.... Thank God those sandles were intact in her feet & we were out safely............phewwwww.......

A Billion Dollar question!!! Why did God made girls so beautiful???

Sometimes life just stares back at you and you just want to look away........
Today Avril's songs are so appropriate for me to listen to....

God you showed your back this time, you didn't turn up for me. Now just let me cuddle & sleep over my so lovely thoughts!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Woman.... :P

[It's just a random though that matched this Sunday's article in Sunday Times. Not pointing any specific person. And not at all to offend my lovely female friends..... :)]

"Woman's pleasure for man extends beyond the bed. She search for and find pleasure in his intellect, his conversation, his sense of humour, his idiosyncrasies, all his differences with her, few other things & most of all, in his fascination for her. Yeah she carves for ‘his fascination for her’ more than the man himself"

She loves to be liked but the other way round depends on her mood....oh my dear she's a girl....she's a girl!!!

She's that same lovely girl...

Kolkata....cholbe na, cholbe na!!!

In flight jotting's Tuesday, (14/07/2009)!!

In the heavy rain I stepped out,
Soon sleepy me, was flying above the clouds!
Weather was not good, flight was li'l shaky & loud!!

Sunlight twinkled air hostess's single pearl ear ring,
Suddenly I could feel my girl, I recalled her similar pearl ring!

She is still my most important thought,
The one with which I'll hate to part!

Our togetherness just begun like this Indigo Flight,
Both look short, sweet & shaky!!

Something I want to bring for her from Calcutta,
A gold coin & a chocolate box came to my mind intuitively,
Few things are way precious than there tangible aspect!!

Some faces catch your stare a li'l longer,
How can someone hold your thought for infinity...
...is what I wonder...!

Flight bent a bit, sunlight entered again from the mini windows
makeup dipped air hostess's ear ring sparkled once more,
Her smiling face held my stare a li'l longer,
She flicked her falling hair, I caught up with my second nap!!
My girl is more beautiful was my thought!
Till the flight landed landed in the Bengali Land!!!

Three days in Calcutta went goooood.... the city expertises in her sluggishness... it's slow as standstill!!! The pimp on the park street will never forget me for my notorious(ness), atleast for 2 days he'll remember the guy from Mumbai. The two girls chelotte & florence from Belgium will at least remember me for sometime, and will remeber our gossip on coffee Table. My boss will try to forget that I snatched his blanket in sleep (we shared room). My vendor will not forget the PJ's I cracked during our dinner at 'One Step Up' on Park Street! I will not like to forget the Punjabi air hostess on the return flight!!

But I would like to forget her SMS received after arrival "OK, everywhere I am wrong. I am this, I am that. Thank you & Bye. Only you are the one who care, and you care I know. All the time you say that. I know & I respect that."

When irritated, frustrated or disturbed; I fight with my thoughts & feel a lot better!!!

Visit flurys when you are in Calcutta
& buy the Swiss Chocolates which I bought for her.....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Random Shit....!!!

So tired I was today.... but this city has got something in it. It gets into ur ass & leaks some adrenalin pumping fluid there....in seconds, u just get into the momentum of the city the moment you step out! And it is never slow. This is weird. This is weird. This is weird!! I was running to catch a local when I had lost all my energy & was feeling next to lifelessness. And in few minutes I became 'oh dam so excited' from '...mmm...need a nap'.

Been to Bandra-Worli Sea link....it's a stupendous example of Engineering mind's capability. But it's a waste of money for commuters....bloody 50 bucks to travel on one side of it. Rs. 50 for a 5 minute drive???? Gimme a break!!!

She is so charming, sweet, lovely & innocent. She is so soft from outside but harder than ferrous from inside. She is always smiling, when so less has gone in her favour. She is a little child, our 15 year old maid.
The hands from which she washes utensils & cleans floors are smaller than my younger sister's hands. God has definitely not been fair to her!!

Nothing like male chauvinism, but it's true, Male species was tactically created to give special rights to Women, to make her feel important. It's Man who pampers women, it's he who is still blamed for anything to everything. It's man who works whole day in the office & is still made to vacate the seat in bus for the lady who is out on a shopping spree. Man's salary goes for baby's diapers & cerelac, and the woman buys her lipstick, gloss, mascara & stilettos. It's men who have been pampering these angel faced demons, who later infuse their venom into man's body. It's a conspiracy against male species. Tell you, men are being exploited & women still need their special rights. God has been partial :P ...ha ha ha ha ha. What an amazing write (girls take this one lightly :P)!!!

A break!! Yeahhhhh...., my offcial trip begns in another 30 hours. I am looking forward to Calcutta-vendor visit. I am eager to again see this intellectual paradise after 6 years. I wan't to be at some of the good places there, I want to be at so many places over there. 3 days look so less. I am looking forward to it.....

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked."

-- Bernard Meltzer.

Rock On!!!!

You can be no short of spirit when you run bloody
8.25 Km in 52 Minutes!

Rock On!!

Dil Kya Kehta Hai Mera Kya Main Bataoon
Tum Ye Samjhoge Shayad Main Pagal Hoon
Dil Kya Kehta Hai Mera Kya Main Bataoon
Tum Ye Samjhoge Shayad Main Pagal Hoon

Dil Karta Hai Tv Tower Pe Main Chadd Jaoon
Chilla Chilla Ke Main Ye Sabse Kehdoon
Rock On… Hai Ye Waqt Ka Ishaara
Rock On… Har Lamha Pukaara
Rock On….Yuhin Dekhta Hai Kya Tu
Rock On….Zindagi Millegi Na Dobaara…

Dil Karta Hai Sadkon Par Zor Se Gaoon
Sab Apne Apne Ghar Ki Khidki Kholen
Phir Main Aise Josheelay Geet Sunaoon
Mere Geeton Ko Sunke Sab Ye Bolen
Rock On… Hai Ye Waqt Ka Ishaara
Rock On… Har Lamha Pukaara
Rock On….Yuhin Dekhta Hai Kya Tu
Rock On….Zindagi Millegi Na Dobaara…

Jaise Jeene Ko Dil Chahe Jee Waise Tu
Meri To Hai Bas Ye Raaye Ki
Apne Jitne Bhi Armaan Hain Poore Karle Tu

Rock On… Hai Ye Waqt Ka Ishaara
Rock On… Har Lamha Pukaara
Rock On….Yuhin Dekhta Hai Kya Tu
Rock On….Zindagi Millegi Na Dobaara…

Rock On… Hai Ye Waqt Ka Ishaara
Rock On… Har Lamha Pukaara
Rock On….Yuhin Dekhta Hai Kya Tu
Rock On….Zindagi Millegi Na Dobaara…

Rock on!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Rohit is eager to find clarity but it is harder than he thinks. Lately, his energy levels have become challenging and it is becoming difficult to control the events. It looks he was fast & ran ahead of reality!!!

He needs to be in control of the situation & so he's gonna focus away... He'll be involved in other things.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This is love....!!!

It was a dull day!! I slept & Slept & slept.... & when I was not sleeping, i was simply lying on bed thinking about another round of sleep!!! It was touchy feeling, it was warm. Those tiny tears falling from my eyes made me feel as if 1 litre of water per tear is being sucked out of my soul. It was heavy, easy to jot down but tough reality. I was feeling bad about myself. How could I go so dam wrong. I was so sentimental, coz this time..... I wanted my pasta to be great tasting & not like the one I made last time. But those bloody onions were dam heavy on my heart, chopping them made me cry like a kid demanding 2 Rupee Lolipop!!!

'This is Love!'....that's the lingo I am following since last few days!! That's what I scream in my dreams, I shout when I wake up, I yell on the people around!! And I say while bowing in front of God or people deserving utmost respect!!! this is what I say when my treadmill reading reads '3.10 KM in 16 min.'!!! THIS IS LOVE!!! and it pumps me a li'l more....!! 'This is Love'!

Trust my words, amazing Pasta I cooked today! Yesterday's coffee, facing windy/rainy marine drive wasn't bad either. But more than that it was the whole set up. Never in my life, I have left my work, for a girl asked boss for an early leave & ran out getting drenched in rain. A li'l conversation with boss:

I asked: 'Sir, I want to leave early, I know I was late today but have to leave early. She'll be waiting.'
Boss: 'Dost, trust me, I myself believe, this is not at all the weather to work in office, please proceed'. (My sould brightens)
Me again: '(I knew, he's never gonna say no) Sir, have to go for a date planned long back'
Boss: 'Great, go dear. So you are steady with someone or...'
Me: 'Sir, it's been sometime with her, not very steady as of now, but..'. (Hey, my gal, I wan't to be very steady, get it :P)
Boss: 'Good, I am happy for you'
Me: 'Sir, Can't go before you approve those PO's I sent..' (Had to prove, m a dedicated employee :P)
Boss: 'Approved, you can go now & have fun'!

And in that heavy rain, he went to meet her, when relatives wanted him to be back at home, his father called from Delhi to be at safe place & friends worried coz he turned li'l freaky. He met her for few minutes, not fearing Mumbai rains & high tide!! He smiled, for he got to meet her. He dint not care if it was for mere few minutes!

She then left for home & left me with some soulfull thoughts!!
I romancing with my thots, getting drenched by will, took a mug of Coffee in a sea facing cafe' & that relished inner me. Others were trembling in a windy rainy day, but it was warm for me & I had a reason for that!

This is Love!

P.S. 'this is love' is 'love for life & the lovely moments it gives'

Monday, June 29, 2009

Love of the City - Mumbai!!!

Mumbai has got this strange thing. You'll find the stunningly posh area of the city & barely 10 steps ahead you'll see the real slums. Be it Carter Road, be it Mahim-Dharavi, or be it Worli See Face.

Dharavi is a known name when Mumbai's Geography is talked about. Recently featured in Oscar Winning Movie 'Slumdog Millionaire' Child actors of this movie actually live in Dharavi. This is a place which is barely 3-4 KM from my accomodation in Mumbai.

Dharavi - Largest slum of Asia as they say. Maybe not true anymore - Orangi Town in Pakistan is bigger, but still Dharavi got highest density - almost million inhabitants in just 0.7 square mile. Pheww....!!! Even I got to know it recently!!!

Dharavi provides cheap, illegal accomodation in a very strategical area - between Mahim & Sion, in the center of Mumbai. Rent is just 4 USD per month! Don't think that if it's a slum, Dharavi residents have nothing to do. There is lot of business going on, annual turnover is around 650 million USD. Can you beat that??? Business areas include pottery, textile, recycling (junk). Go to Dharavi & see everything yourself. People are friendly (but not all :P).

In 18th Century Dharavi was an island inhabited by Koli Fishermen, but when it got dry migrants from Gujrat came and established a potter's colony, Muslims from Tamil Nadu set up Leather Tanning Industry. Dharavi is home to Mumbai's first Tamil School. And Many other firsts are on it's name.

That was little search-research on a part of Mumbai - The city I am loving!!!

Early moring, i get up & sit in the window facing huge building. I take a deep breath, count 5 & close my eyes. I dream of the things I have to achieve & Lie down! I remember the people I love & open my eyes. I bow to the goodness of the world. push my adrenalin & bring those goosebumps that propel my day. I stand up & move for Gym.

Today I did 2.8 Km in 16 min.
A week later I expect it in 15 Min.
A month Later in 13 Min.
6 months later I want to run a marathon!!!
I am game for it!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fight On!!!

Creek....Creek...cluck....Clakad.... n my tooth was gone.
No more it is with me. It was painful. But that was not the only pain I had. There's something else that's hurting....

Its not easy out there for many.... My problems are too small.
The girl who washes our dishes, is some 15-16 yrs old & sparkles our dishes-floors so that she can bring some shine to her career. She's the kind of gal, whom i'll think of, whenever chips are down.

Her Daily Routine:

Getting up at 5:00
Starts cleaning floors & dishes at 7:00 & goes on till 3:30
Computer classes at 4:00
Reach back home by 7:00
Household chores till 9:00
Study till 10:30
Sleep till 5:00

And her smile is so dam infectious. My masi has even given her a pet name: 'Gudiya'!

If her's a tough life than feel what these people go through. Try seeing Eunuch's just ahead of Bandra station on harbour line, towards CST. Wearing short, minimal fabric consuming clothes just to lure customers. All this for shelter & 3 time food. They know their profession will not work for them life long. People laugh on & enact vaguely on seeing them, they stay semi nude during heavy Mumbai rains, trembling in cold. Trembling with fever, they still have to make someone horny for the fact that the day's dinner does not come for free. Talk to them & it's guaranteed, you'll forget your pains for sometime & shudder for someone else's pain.

If those small problems have been our botheration than these people are the ones to collect some spirit & inspiration from.

That's Life!!
It wouldn't have been fun, if it would have been so simple!!

Fight On!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Broken Link - Chuck that!! It's a beautiful Monday!!!

Freshness of the blowing wind,
Complementing the beautiful brightness of the soul warming sunshine.
Monday morning sunshine & the li'l droplets falling on the face.
I'll be surely getting ahead of race.
All, signs of beautiful Rainbow formation,
For sure, there will be brightened colorful goodness in life!!
The week looks promising & so is my stand!
Gymming at Talwalkar's & Cappuccino at CCD facing the sea...is how I spend my luxurious weekend!!

I am charged & excited about my existence in coming week!
A relation went bad, when I wanted it to stand tall on me!
I'll get over it, I know I am not that weak!!

Mumbai saw another drizzle, yet another shot of short & precise raining session. But God Indra again Pulled away. Mumbai is deprived of Rain, monsoons have not yet happened here. Clouds have been teasing since last 5-6 days.

Long time!!
Yeah Yeah Yeah! Yeah Long time it's been since I wrote last blog on my own Comp.! It had been giving problems since some time. And today I, the great engineer, son of another great engineer, myself solved the prob. No matter how big the problem is, I'll take it face on (Ouch, did I say too much). Though I doubted (my caliber) that I'll be able to mend it, but it wasn't that difficult. I made it!

Past one month had been eventful....Difficult to explain those events in one go. It's simple, for a guy, life becomes most eventful when he has a girl on his side (thats what nearly whole world assumes & what I mean here). 'I developed liking for a girl, or say yet another girl!! And the whole episode seems to touch an end' this is the summary of all those wonderful events :P. All this should fade away, will dissolve , will melt away with time!!

Above all, past few weeks had been warm :) , fights, hugs, msgs, care, talks, approvals, dissaprovals...whatever whatever whatever....It's a new week, new jobs to be done & I want to meet new people. And, yeah not the ones who are a bit too sunk into themselves!!!

And yeah, I had been interviewed!! Bullshit, those people took my Video Conferencing Interview!! Not a big deal. In life when I was fast asleep, these technological advancements have mushroomed even in the dingy, chirpy, small lanes of Andheri :P!! They arranged a video conferencing session for me, aaaah, it feels good!!! And me... I went in a Adidas Black Polo T, a overdyed indigo jeans, Nike Sneakers & the Lee Cooper Sidepack....Phew.....! Thats how they give interviews in our country :P

Trainer's waiting!! Let's Go Gymming!!!

Linking Park's 'NUMB' on my pod!!!

Bloggy, no gal can take your place dear!!
You are the sweetheart!!

Love you

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shit Shit Shit.....Shit!!!

Shit Shit shit.....Shit!!!

Sometimes you stand by n sidelines, watching the incedient happen & can't do more than yelling/screaming 'Shit Shit Shit....Shit'. Thats why the statement is here, I was helplessely on the sidelines.

Today I'll avoid pouring down from my heart on this sheet. Rather I wwill scribble some Dilbert's stuff here....

Dilbert's Words of Wisdom
1. I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow's not looking good either.
2. I love deadlines. I especially love the swooshing sound they make as they go flying by.
3. Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to get along without it.
4. Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.
5. Needing someone is like needing a parachute. If he isn't there the first time you need him, chances are you won't be needing him again.
6. I don't have an attitude problem. You have a perception problem.
7. On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger on the escape key.
8. I don't suffer from stress - I'm a carrier...
9. Everybody is somebody else's weirdo...
10. Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

Thats Dilbert for you.....

Wanted to write so much that I ended up writing nothing, nothing at all.....!!!

Love You

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Life..... It's beautifull!!
I wonder, how it would have been, had we faced no obstacles at all??
'Smooth..' naah....it would have been 'Plain, dry' and a 'lifeless life'!

Beyond philosophy.... all these days have been li'l dull leaving apart few excitements. I miss my laptop like never before. I want it back so badly, so madly & so freakily.... My laptop is my gateway to my best friend... My Blog!! My Blog still bags the award of my best friend, the one thats not just close to my heart but is my heart itself!! My laptop is again out for repair.

Office Work pressure is peaking eaveryday, as the festive season is approaching. I get li'l tensed, li'l pressurised time & again coz of the quantum of work. Still loving it. Its extended responsibility & pumps my chest. My work makes me feel proud!!


They met!
He went ahead, pampered her & told about his liking for her.
She stepped back, listening all what he said. And politely made him understand that it needs time!
He cared for her & understood what she meant.
She, took pause, went dry & showed least emotions. And it was when he flowed in endless emotions!
He, as always, is again short of patience. She, as always, want's the surroundings to take control of her life!
There's no common zone for these two young people!
Both like each other!!! Still there's no agreement!
God's calling.............
So what.....??? Lack of decision making is sin & stopping is sin!!!
Move ahead!!
Waiting game is a game of cowards!!!
Stride, Cruise, Run, Sprint but don't stop!!!

The one who enjoyed his singleton, for the first time he thought of marriage....
He'll marry someone soon.....!!!
Not the one with some treasure, not the one who could give all the pleasure!!
Not the most beautifull one, not the most intelligent one!!!
But the one, for him who'll show some bent, the one who'll love him from the innermost vent!!
He'll marry someone soon.....!!!

God, Wish them lovely life!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hufff.....!!! Tired I am!
Li'l Overworked! Li'l Overspoilt! Li'l Overexploited! Li'l Overstressed! Somehow Overenjoying! Somehow Overrocking! Aaaaaahhhhh..... M alive n Living!!! And deffinitely not dead!!!

My laptop went 'zoooooop', i mean it went bad & I had to get it repaired at a heavy price. Plus had to stay away from it for long. It wasn't easy.

It was an eventfull day & I got drenched in season's first rain. Despite rain pouring over, it was my motionless, laziness, cheering presence at marine drive that was worth living. For those, minutes converted into hours, I worried less about the clothes getting wet & cheered my soulful sea facing existence!

It was lovely eave & equally lovely company!! And than, Lovely people like me deserve such small goodies time to time....LOL!!! It was a day when once again I relished my thick coffee in a big mug!

If this wasn't enough; than the book vendor/hawker at Bandra station delighted my soul a bit more!!

I asked ' Boss, Economic times hai'
He replied : Khatam
I asked: Mint
He said: Rs 2. Sir, how did stock market behaved today!c(he picked me from the things i read)
I: No idea boss! Will get to know only after reaching home!
He: I expected it to rise. It went up after election results, market had to be closed. Yesterday it went up by 400 points & than slid, net gain 14 poins! I belive it'll go further up!
I: Ohh (totally amused) Do you invest in stocks?
He: Yes!

He conversed in an english far superior to mine!! I was literally spellbound! Man these Mumbaikars are 'Freak' when it comes to stocks, markets & shares!! You just cant beat them. truely amazing..... These days, I am also pulled into some stock trading by a co owner of one big brokerage house!! Though unwanted entry, I am keeping fingers crossed!!!

In this monsoon, 'Rohit' again wants to fall, no-not fall; rather, wants to rise in love!!!

May the LOVE be on myside!!!

Catch Ya!!
Good Times!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Every human is already beautifull....

"I am not a lesbian (not that there is anything wrong with that) but I think that watching a woman dress up is so sexy. I suspect this is true of most of us and goes back to the time when we watched goggle-eyed as our mothers draped silk saris & pearls, perfumed & powdered themselves to the accompaniment of tinkling anklets & bangles. There is a certain self-absorption that comes over us women when we face the mirror. We cock our eyebrows, rub our lips together to smooth our lipstick & flick away a fallen lash. We preen, in other words, like many the splendoured peacocks that we are......"
"....of all the questions that we women pose to each other, can any be more vexing & delicious than "what are you going to wear?""

.........Shoba Narayan, Mint Lounge, Saturday, 25/04/2009

and further she goes on, explaining her current favourite beauty product, which is a cleansing powder in which 'Nightingale droppings' is the main ingrediant!! And belive me she loves it so dearly that she went on to write an article on that!! In that article she discussed about Pegion Poop. Pegion's Poop....yeah pegion's poop & Nightingale droppings are the rage among girls these days!!! ha ha...

The other day, one of my friend was discussing about ironing her hair....ohhh hooo.... People struggle to iron their clothes, and here they are talking about ironing hair!

Once, a guy disliked a girl coz she was short. Girl wore stilletos & achieved height.
She was dark & guy wanted a fair girl. Girl used 'Maybelline Fairness Compact Powder" & some wierd combination & she became vibrant!!
Guy still disliked the girl coz she was squint. Girl bought Gucci Glares, some lenses & looked good.
Her facial Skin Sagged, she took buttox!
she looked plump, she went for lyposuction!!
She was deshaped & guy told straight on her face. She went for the implants.
Further on she went for bleaching her teeth, hair; manicure, pedicure, coloring, straightening, curling, facial, abdominoplasty, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle..... Guy finally said yes & by that time the had girl won many admirers, lovers & the guy lost her!! & I am wondering what options do the guys have ??? ha ha.... they have brains :P

'Make up & doing up' has won many things/applauds for women & women go crazy for that. So crazy women are, that they are up with the compiled lists of LING0s used for 'make up':

Make up Lingo goes like this:

FOTD = Face of the day
l/s = lipstick
l/g = lipgloss
MSF = Mineralize Skin Finish
MES = Mineralize Eye Shadow
MUFE = Make Up For Ever
PP = Paintpot
TFSI = Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MUG = Make Up Geek
M/A: Mascara
e/s = eye shadow
MUA = Make Up Artist
MAC = Makeup Artist Cosmetics
UDPP = Urban Decay Primer Potion
SS = shade stick
CCO = cosmetics company outlet
CS = Costal Scents (website that sells makeup and brushes)
BOGO = buy one get one (usually half off or free)
LOTD = look of the day
EOTD = Eye of the day
EOTN/FOTN/LOTN = Eye/Face/Look Of The Night
EDM = Everyday Minerals
BE = Bare Escentuals (right?) - yes!
MMU = Mineral Make Up
BN = Ben Nye
p/p- paintpot
UD- urban decay
BM- Bare minerals
BFTE- Beauty from the earth (website that sells makeup)
PL- Pure Luxe (cosmetic brand sell online)
P&P- prep and prime
e/l= eye liner
l/s=lip stick
l/g=lip gloss
YLBB= your lips but better
CCB=Cream Color Base
TM= Tinted Moisturizer
LE = Limited Edition
DC = Discontinued
REG = Regular
PRO = Refers to MAC Pro products
MSF = Mineralize SkinFinish
MES = Mineralize EyeShadow
mufe = make up for ever

I have lost my head to read so much about the girls' first love! They love themselves & their 'doing up kit' the most! I am true to my soul, I have seen them crying for their beloved bangles & anklets. Fighting for their pearl necklace! I wish some girl loved me the way they love their bangles!! Ha ha...... Now I am sure that the girl I love, loves herself more than I do. I am never, I have never been their in her priority list. It's just her her creams, balms, glosses, colors, bangles, anklets, chains & similar shit stuff.

Whatever, whatever..... Every woman deserves to be appreciated, respected, and admired. When a woman improves her appearance, an amazing thing happens..............

may be that's why we guys are in love with you!

But hey girls, bring some brains for us to love you more, continuously & uninterrupted.........Phewwww...

.......Every human is already beautifull......

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beauty is not in scarce!!!

Beauty is not in scarce!!

IPL is back but not with the kind of buzz it created last season! Mandira Bedi is also back but without the kind of impact she created during her first Live telecast presentation! The girl has lost quite a few kilos & wears strapless tops thinking that she looks sexy or hot or whatever.... But to me she now looks pathetic, a starved, animated lady. Yesterday on TV she appeared as a synonym of malnutrition & pathetic dressing sense, with zero sense of hair styling!! The lady isn't aware of the glamor & sex appeal she got last time from her Sarees. She must bring back her senses & must wear all those lovely six yards!! Anyways.... Who cares...naahhh....sometimes I do!!!

Beauty is not in scarce!!
The new girl in our office is a bit too hot, with perfect stats! She has a well toned body but that doesn't prevent me from wondering how the hell she balanced herself on the 3 inch pencil heels??? Amazing acrobaticism that was! The pencil heel stilettos looked hot & so does her feet!!! But I didn't get a chance to sneak out a chat session with her. So what if I couldn't talk to her, so what if her stilettos were good?? My NIKE are better!!!