Sunday, December 28, 2008

Power of office Rumours

Few days back in our office, all the mugs & cups were replaced by funny looking. All people had their eyebrows raised, accept few most felt embarrassing even to get their coffee, soup or tea in those cheap looking most basic glasses on their tables. Buzz came up that its cost cutting, though it was most absurd reason still it was readily accepted, coz 'cost cutting' is topping everybody's mind in these times of recession.

While we all were making fun, murmuring this issue of glass & stuff, a mail from 'Mr. Kishore Biyani' (first generation enterprenuer & CEO of future group), came & it went like this.......


Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 6:21 PM
Subject: Monday Musing

Dear Colleagues

In the last couple of weeks all our offices have started serving coffee or tea in glasses. Some have enthusiastically taken to the idea. And some are indifferent to it.

The most common question is, is this a cost-cutting measure? It isn’t. All of us know that we have much bigger battles to fight to keep costs down. Moving over from cups and saucers to glasses wouldn’t really make any substantial savings. Therefore, introducing glasses is not a cost cutting measure.

So what made us introduce this custom of serving tea or coffee in glasses? Let me share my personal experience. At my office, all guests and that includes visiting CEOs, foreign partners, business associates, financial partners, everyone is being served their drink in these glasses. And to them, it is an immediate way for me to communicate what our company stands for – our basic values of simplicity and humility and being in touch with our roots, being in touch with the common man.

Drinking coffee or tea from a glass vessel is one of the most enduring and common practices across our country. Irrespective of class or background, everyone has had coffee or tea from a glass – either regularly or every once in a while. It is how the majority of Indians prefer to have their favorite beverage. And by introducing it in our offices, we follow this simple and common practice that is so popular in our country.

So what benefit does it bring to us as an organization? By using a glass to drink our tea or coffee, it builds within us a sense of humility and simplicity. It reconnects us with the vast majority of our countrymen and strengthens us with our roots, our customers. By doing so, with our guests and visitors in our office, it reiterates our values, assures them of our touch with the reality and encourages them to follow this custom.

This is a symbolic gesture. Symbols help convey ideas, emotions and values far more comprehensively than words ever can. Introducing a culture or symbol may not have tangible or logical benefits. Gandhiji’s charkha didn’t result in the closure of British textile mills. Nor did everyone in India start wearing khadi. But the charkha conveyed humility, honesty and simplicity. It established an immediate connect with the life of a vast majority of Indians. And in the process it united an extremely diverse nation, behind a symbol and ahead of a common goal.

For each of us, this new custom of drinking our tea or coffee from a glass is a change. Unless we change, we cannot grow. Unless we grow, we can never fulfill our potential. But as we grow it is important to stay anchored to our roots. And one simple way of doing that is by drinking from the glass that that does not distinguish between the haves and the have-nots in India .

Rewrite Rules, Retain Values

Kishore Biyani

Karta – Future Group


Now what can anyone say???? Some laughed on themselves, some laughed on others, few were spellbound. But I personaly was amazed by the thought that someone attached 'cost cutting' with this trivial issue & the word spread like epidemic!! Tahts power of office Rumours :) for you

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Welll...... !!!

Jolly mood turned sour....!!!

I so desperately wanted to write a post today that since 6:20 PM rather even before I have been thinking of the time m gonna sit with my comp to share my day, past days, feelings & emotions with my dearest bloggy!!! All these days I have so irregular with postings that I myself feel bad about it but may be it's the Mumbai's effect on me.

After jolly mood the whole day , few minutes back something happened which made me upset & so dam confused that I wrote blog & deleted it. I wrote it again & again deleted it to write once more. And finally saved in 'drafts' & put up this one instead of the original.

It was a good feeling all the while which eventually turned into a confused state!!!

Anyhow, life's been eventful & same is expected tomorrow!!!

I am upto the challenges!!!
& now there is always a jogging time to relax, yeahhhh!! I am back to my running routine & loving it, specially the feelings you have when you stop after complete exhaustion, it's a top class feeling, Amazing!!

Bloggy though I wanted to share so much with you but the confused-tired soul of mine needs a good sleep!! Sorry dost!!

Thanks for bearing my boring post!
Sometimes this also happens.
Take Care
Muuuuah Muuuuah!!
Luv U & catch u again :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

'Sir Jee, How is my Drivering?'

After Mum-Papa's 26th Marriage Aniversary celebrations till late last night, today we visited one of the most strictly secured places in Mumbai. Surveillance at Navy near/ around Nagar was virtually unmatched. Not always security people frisk while you are in a public transport. Brigadiers', Colonels' Beach facing houses were aaawweeeee.... (precisely explain my reaction, when I saw that). We saw Navy area & visited navy canteen, mumbai's biggest defence canteen, courtsey papa's navy connections!!

After 6 months, I am again spoiled by mum's helping hand. My room gets duely cleaned & arranged; my things are always ready; I get anything to everything on demand; my clothes are stacked in bathroom racks even before I get in for shower, coz she knows I am late. In 4 words 'it is royal treatment'. After nealy 20 day's stay Mum Papa are leaving day after, I feel that m gonna miss them when they'll leave. And so.... I treated them at one of my all time favourite restaurant 'Pizzeria, Marine Drive' & shopped for everyone in Colaba!!

While traveling back home from office on friday night the Autowala after chatting senseless, showing most ridiculous & stupid stunts, asked me 'Sir Jee, How is my Drivering?' I replied 'Badhiya'! From rash driving to verbal fights, from physical fights to auto driving, from police-jain & the different types of peple in mumbai, he gave me every possible gyaan all throughout the journey & though irritated I did picked one learning of 'Being Confident'!!!

Mumbai life's been fantabulous. But Life, till yesterday was on a different course for last 4-5 days, cold-cough-fever, low confidence, buisy-erratic, totaly unplanned schedule waters your smalles frustation. And than you get porous to be attacked by all negativities. Something similar had happened to me. Thank God that 'auto wala', & my self made resolutions brought back some of lost positivity & I plan to live better in coming week....

"The reason why folks are always wishing for what they don't have is that there's nothing else to wish" Houghton Line

Whatever the philosophy is.... keep wishing, keep dreaming, thinking, striving & enjoying!!!