Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Passion will stay on ma side till a moment beyond ma death!!!

Days are passing exactly the way trees pass by us while watching them from a fast moving train. Life's been as hectic and as fast as it could get.

It's so fast that going back and analyzing urself for improvement isnt the easiest job, regretting past is equally difficult, waiting for some one, the one for whom you waited so long doesn't makes sense anymore. It's been an intresting fast maovement, but only when i remembered to enjoy the journey irrespective of the benefits waiting for me at destination.

Lately I realised that m turning to be a philosophical ass......ha ha..... but thats not bad either. Stupidity has no limits, I realised recently. I realized its impossible to change others. And why should we??? It's the same way we don't let other's change us. Its only me who can change maself and its only they who can change themselves. The world only loves when u praise them.

Whatever......... My rebel thing is back. It reminds me of the days i used to fight senselessly, illogically as if fighting was the only way out. Those hostel days when i used to be on my own high, the solution to all ma troubles was fight... i feel as if m gaining back all that after a short time stint as a mature person who avoided fights.......but then i have always been a rebel. Someone, who was associated with endless fights and endless passion. I again recalled that there are times, when u gotta force your opinion...... but is it the best way?????

Life takes sudden u turns, last day when u were soo happy u had no idea that tomorrow its gonna be a dull time. and it happened leaving u starngled in a thot that how it happened so amazes, how moments shape up our lives......

Well, who cares for bad times...... M gonna jot down about the goods i had last week.....
M gonna jot down about the movie "Bheja Fry" where the laughiing capabilities were tested. About the funtoosh trip to old Delhi's narrow lanes, the Kaaju katli, paranthe wali gali, the metro, the Cafe Coffee Day's Choclate Frappe. The paper on Lean Six Sigma, gosh kinda high i had on finishing it was more than any booz can ever offer. Harsha's b'day treat and so on...... to be true goods were certainly heavier then the bads and I thank God for these.

But one recent bad experience is the remark by ma favourite teacher.... "Re Do"'m u r just amazing. I respect u whole heartedly. I am your Big time fan!!! And promise you the way i took your positive comments will be the same way i'll take your negative comments. I know m no perfectionist, i made a mistake, I'll try my best to imrove upon it. THERE'S NO POINT IN PROVING MASELF RIGHT WHEN LOGIC GOES AGAINST ME. I know I love to win but i can lose, losing gives me a chance to improve and to learn.

C i told u m shaping up as a Philosophical ass :)

Feel like listening Roobaroo (Rang de Basanti)......... dint i tell u, feel like "REBEL"!!!

Passion will stay on ma side till a moment beyond ma death!!!

"Love You ROHIT"

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ultimate Day........(touch wood)

It couldn't be any better than this......

After slogging whole night, I took a nap for an hour or so. Completed ma assignment somehow, it gave me immense satisfaction even when I went late to college, afterall finishing assignment was a bigger achievement. In college, it was dam difficult to mantain composure (this happens when u stay awake whole night). But when time came to show the updates of Essay/Publishable Paper to my favourite faculty, I was on ma toes. The appreciation I got for ma creative writing in that technical paper, simply took me 2 feet above from ground. Belive it or not m still flying. "Mind Blowing" came as a reward, can there be better compliment?? Thank u ma'm!!!

If this wasn't enough than there was another good thing that happened to me which has its own fun in not letting u all know about it. Ha n the person knows what different happenet in our lives :)

Well, if this wasn't enough.......than Icing on the cake was put by Abhey's visit. We met in CP (the place that motivates me, makes me relaxed). CP plus Abhey both had a great positive influence on me. We wen't to KFC and Costa Coffee. After a long time, ma expectation of spending a nice time in a coffee shop was completed. It was relaxing time in a cozy environment. A nice coffee n lovely talks acted as a refreshing combo.

Mum, don't ask me everytime that how much I love you..........Love for u is just above infinity.

Meanwhile, she was looking too good today (but it wasn't the first time she looked good). Chatting with this person is worth mentioning. Dont know I gained or lost something but all I know is Trust was born and I enjoyed the time.

I m planning to write a nice blog on "Our Exaggerated World"......Dont know when will I get time from this buisy schedule which involves Internship report submission and continuing paper writing..........

Maa, it's second day in continuation when m not sleeping, give me strength.

Life's moving like a roller coster ride......... Dear Bloggy, will I ever slow Down??????

Love you All!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Enjoying it these days......

Loving it...........

When I saw you standing there
I about fell off my chair
When you moved your mouth to speak
I felt the blood go to my feet

Now it took time for me to know
What you tried so not to show
Something in my soul just cried
I see the want in your blue eyes

Baby, I'd love you to want me
The way that I want you
The way that it should be
Baby, you'd love me to want you
The way that I want to
If you'd only let it be

You told yourself years ago
You'd never let your feelings show
The obligation that you made
For the title that they gave

Isn't it lovely???????

Friday, April 13, 2007

Love you maa :) Muaah

Slogging out day and night makes every sense, as long as we measure it in the terms of academic excellence and career issues. But what beyond.................

I used to think this at every next achievement in ma professional as well as personal life. But this time I kinda enjoyed ma detatchment to outside world. Yup, do feel an urge to get emotional but not as strong as it used to be. Afterall this is what you do when you face a series of turndowns, when you feel that all the gals in this world will say big "NO" to you. And than you start taking life in a different sense, you taste it and ultimately start liking it.......yummm. U learn a lot and emerge out stronger leaving behind all the emotional defeats you had in past.

I am enjoying my career aspirations, I do have a knack of slowing down ma pace and at times become illogically unplanned. But than thats what I gotta learn. I am dying to stretch out the word "POSSIBLE" for the spectrum of the deeds in ma life. I want to mark most tasks by "POSSIBLE" ink.

Mum, I know you'll never read ma blog, but please try to understand that I am unable to give you time just coz I am upto number of things these days. Maa, LOVE U MOST!!! Muaah :)

God gimme me strength, senses, blessings, understanding and the urge to be positively march ahead!!!

[bhagwaan ji jaada maang liya na :), next time consolidate kar lenge, pakka se]

Love you all
Thank you near and dear ones
People around have been ma biggest strength and will remain so!!!

Stuffed schedule, Vexed up Rohit........still.......

Hi bloggy!!!

I know you'll say long time..........
Even I know dear, but ma schedule is too stuffed these days......forget anything else, I have even ceased to dream about ma dream gal....he he :D , But u know very well, it was not possible to be away from you for long n here I am only for you.... he he...CUTIE :)

Well...... I just love Gobi ka parantha, u know it.....don't U ? Ok told u now. So last time when I went to buy Cauliflower [I usually buy vegetables for home :) ] I was frustated as I bought @ Rs.22/Kg. but saw it being sold @ Rs.14/Kg. on Mother Dairy Outlet. Not the best bargainer but still I realised that I did something wrong. Three days back same thing happened and it was obvious that I called roadside Sabji walla's by name. Afterall why so much of price difference, even if one can churn out best supply chain efficiencies?? 36% price difference in two neighbouring shops makes stupid sense not only for business stake holders but for customers too.

Anyways, yesterday again felt like having yummy Gobi paranthas with cheese and mum told me to bring veggie for it. It took me few seconds to lify ma bum from sofa to fetch freshest Gobi in the neighbourhood. It shouldn't amaze you that this time I went straight to Mother Dairy outlet first, found Cauliflower @ Rs.35 ...huh... [mom gonna say, ab paneer ke kha liya kar, change your taste buds] but to my amazement I found even better quality Cauliflower @ Rs.20/ Kg from roadside vendor.......WOW...... I bought 1.5 Kg that too at bargained price of 19/Kg.

I cease to understand why the hell such instances happen, Mother dairy is a big chain of vegetable retail outlets, they should always offer lower prices than the local vendors but why is it that their prices escalate everytime whenever their reputation curve starts to go up....... Poor Public sector theives must be robbing them. Feel pity when I read about the instances of all time low prices of potato and other Veggies being offered by retail giants like Reliance etc. in Banglore. Its so bad even to think about the kind of efficiencies our public sector units churn out nowhere near to the International standards. Than we talk about Inflation rate frenchkissing 7% mark and even trying to make bigger love affair ;). Poor people on bottom of the pyramid bearing the load. As long as inefficiencies of Public Sector firms will come on us as burden our fate will keep on bearing illogical economic inefficiencies like Inflation!!!

I know this time I am off the normal Blogs. But this is the time and these are the points we must consider while creating our fate in respective industries, which will have our first footmarks very soon while Summer internships.

I am delighted to spend ma one week in one small unit of Big Private Sector Company. My one week's internship on TIME & MOTION Study realised me lot beyond my regular tasks and the assigned tasks for this particular internship. I know am poor getting hold of completion dates. But I did learned a lot in last five days and looking forward to ma last day in that company tomorrow.

Despite bearing hectic schedule and vexed up matters, in the corner of ma heart I m gigling for ma good learning experience.

Bloggy now gimme sometime to be myself and dream about ma dream girl :D


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"I" and "U" will form "WE"

You stand by me and I'll stand by you,
Our strength will magnify and toubles will be few.
We'll move on with a steady and faster pace,
will create our own niche and our own space.
You promise me trust and I won't be a renegade.
Friend, You stand by me and I'll stand by you!
My promises will be strong even if they are few!!!

People will desert when they find better intrest,
But even in the lowest phase I promise you the biggest trust.
We all love ourselves more than anyone, its a pure truth;
But being with friendss in a group
is even more imortant than this truth.
Friend, You stand by me and I'll stand by you!
My promises will be strong even if they are few!!!

We all have our own life, aspirations and the strongest ambitions,
But friends and being with them during their goods and bads are no abberations.
Be with me, when I'll be out thrown,
And I promise you a good time if by chance I get to see throne.
Friend, You stand by me and I'll stand by you!
My promises will be strong even if they are few!!!

I know at times u'll crib about me n I'll be angry at you
But being together against odds will strengthen us
and such examples will be very few.
And we'll be taller and stronger, we'll be loud and clear
we'll be more visible too.
Friend, You stand by me and I'll stand by you!
My promises will be strong even if they are few!!!

Being focused for your ambitions, moving fast and alone, being too focused and all that doesnt harm at all.......
But there is a special charm of "BEING TOGETHER" which makes our journey towards a destination a lot better.
Be together and let the rest measure their ambitions alone.