Monday, September 15, 2008

Someone turned 25 & had few more coffees.....

I became '25', on this month's 4th. The day went very normal, I couldn't pick calls of my cousins & friends, stayed buisy througout the day till 8.00PM coz of 'Durga Puja Dispatches' (thats what you do in Retail Industry).

office people, brought two choclate cakes. In the eavening I treated myself with a Strong frothy 'Aztec' at CCD, Vile Parle (pic 4). All alone, I enjoyed the coffee while sinking in my thoughts & watching couples induldged in their chit chats. The day went off, nicely smoothly but very ordinarily & becoming '25' was no way different than any other day.

Some nine days later I invited my office team (kidswear @ Big Bazaar) for a nice coffee & we landed in a relatively unknown joint called 'Gloria Jean's Coffee' @ Central, Goregaon (pic1, pic2, pic 3). My invitation to all went like this........


Sent: Friday, September 12, 2008 1:57 PM
Subject: Fw: C 'n' C

Coffee 'n' Crap

We friends in Delhi used to rome purposelessly. Steadily we discovered C 'n' C. And we had so many reasons to hangout.

When our senseless thoughts peeked we named our gang 'Intellectual Stupids (IS)'. Intellectual stupids frequently went out for C 'n' C, till the time they were jobbed out of the city.
Few of those things have ended but the quest of exploring coffees is still on....Inviting you all for a treat pending at my end...unfolding an invitation for a Weekend Coffee...Let's CHILL OUT & do our part for countering Global warming!!

Need Help!! Please suggest a venue among Baristas, CCDs, Mochas, Costa's or Even Prithvi.
Time ?? Guess 7:00 will be ok ?

A few more Smiles!

Good Times
Rohit Khatri

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ganpati Bappa Moriya!!

Just got up!! After coming from Ganpati Visarjan I just woke up.

Through the lanes of failed relationships & unaccomplished dreams, i walk in the lanes of my life. And all this while I am not longing for my next date or a night out to a disc or pub. But I look after to put up a post on this blog, not for many others but for myself & handful others, with few feelings & emotions.

While I am drafting this soundless & peaceful blog, the city is rocking to the tunes of 'Dhol' & the high pitched music. In the background all I can hear are the 'beats of dhol' & few bursting crackers!! All i can see is glittering lights & people in the crazy mood (pretty ladies are also very much visible). All I can feel is excitement & joy.

Ganpatis were even made up of Silver & Gold. one ganpati near my place had 210+ Kgs of Silver & few Kgs of Gold. The prashad distributed by that pandaal alone crossed few lakhs of budget. We all had glimpse of those countless tonnes of coconut distributed to all. n the day everyone took their Ganpatis for 'Visarjan', some took it on trucks, trailers, some took in tempos, cars others took it on bikes, cycles & even on their own feet, but no one left without making it felt, no one left without the beats of dhol. The dhols came from nasik & from pune, the money spent in few square kilometers for the soul reason of Ganpati dwarfs turnovers of many companies.

In heavy rains & strong breeze, we all went out, sat on a 40 ft trailer, an open one which generaly carries cargo containers. We all, youth, children, uncle & aunties, sittinga 40 ft truck moved to the Shivaji Park. For moments it felt like remaking of chaiyya chhaiyya song but than the excitement crossed even that benchmark. While making fun, teasing every second person on road, while dancing on the beats of dhol, shouting & screaming, pumped up we reached Shivaji Park. An aarti followed immersion of Ganpati Bappas big statue, we faught with high tide, we faught with strong waves & somehow managed to immerse the God, while thinking that he'll give happiness to all of us & will be back again next year.

Though I can make this blog even bigger by putting things into my very ordinary words but the real fun of life is to have first hand experience of all this. The soundless blog can never match the real excitemnt & is far from reality.

Now it's been 11 days of complete fun, dance & the craziness. It'll be peace but before that peace we are rocking the town, brushing away the dullness, dancing hard. And the last words from our mouths are "Agle baras fir aana, Ganpati Bappa Moriya".

The dhols are still being beaten up hard to extract the loudest possible sounds, metals are also being striked to keep the sounds echoing inbetween tall towers of the surrounding areas & they will go on till late night. But I intend to wind up with a strange excitement & few goosebumps, which have become normal from last few days. TUCHWooD!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


My 152nd post. I wanted it to be something else n not what I am about to write. The feeling I am having right now is so intense that I just wanna rip apart few people. The feelings are so strong that I had tears in my eyes, it's neither coz of happiness nor it is that I am sad. The cause is anger. Anger against bloody people who are behind Delhi serial blasts, happened an hour back.

I seriously wanna use all the swear words for them. May they be ripped apart, may they be amputated. May they get the worst possible.

I feel sorry for the people, who are left after the sad departure of their loved ones, the people fallen on road, who saw their limbs 2 mtrs from them. What a turn their lives have taken. May they get so agitated that they spark off a new agitation, a revolution leading to destruction of the fuckers who do all the shit, as if blasting out is a new fad. I have been happy all this while since I landed in the city(Mumabi). But who knows whats whats next?

We are biggest Democracy of the world. I doubt our democracy, as if it was made to give them a 'Right to Blast'. Naaaaaaaahhhh...... We are the poorest, most ill fated & worst fucked of democracy. Enjoy this quote of fucking sarcasm. Fuck you, you mean politicians! You bastards sitting & propagating mean things for your own benefits. Fuck off!! You bitter truths of my life's reality. If killing is the game you prefer, may you get killed everyday, every hour, every minute & every moment.

Tomorrow is Ganpati Visarjan & its happiness all around in Mumbai, coz till now people haven't seen all this on their TV sets. God, save us, but this time don't leave them too, make them bleed & make them bleed to see all the pain of this world. Enough has been destroyed.

I love my religion like many others. I fear almighty. I love my people. I am a strong hearted but not a heartless soul. Guess thats how people of other religion are made of. Guess we have same coloured blood. And no one is taught to kill others.

Enough is Enough!!
I don't have to be cheesy, I don't have to use similies, phrases, quotes or a vocabulary to make people feel my anger. Today, I am least bothered if you like my blog or hate it. I AM AGITATED. And so should we all be, whatever cast-creed-religion you belong to. Who knows, for a moment someone might snatch luck from you or from your loved ones. Lets show our anger, resentment. And not be another plain medium to propogate remorse, fear or horror.


Monday, September 8, 2008

after an unwanted break

Despite desperately wanting to express inner me, I was stopped from doing that by unavailability of '' on my internet connection. & coz it kept me away from blogging, I had so dam fucking feeling of being away from something important in my life.

Luckily I am back, with an injured keyboard & last 20 minutes to run for office, in which I have to bath also. I know I'll be late in office, will miss 9.08 & 9.22 CST-Andheri local, but can't leave blogging this morning.

There's so much happening in this crazy city called Mumbai that despite having so much to dive in, this city is the first & the last thing on my mind for this post.

Mumbai is simply crazy, & you got to be here during ganpati to feel it. The dhol beats, the crazy dances, holi-diwali at same time, the endless feasts, the late night parties. I have no idea if they are praying Gods or dwelling in endless fun whatever it is...... Even God won't mind such good times, touchwood!!

There's lot to come on this blog. But only when I return from office. Though they make me work hard & for long hours but I'll munch bhel puri & will come back with some energy for the post.

Last but not least apologies to all fellow bloggers & to myself also, for being away from your lovely posts. I truely, desperately want to read & admire all those posts even in this pacey life. I so much wan't to do all that that....that.....anything. :)

Love you 'blog world'!!

& Love ya my awesome Bloggy :)
Muuah Muaah