Saturday, December 10, 2011


Oll routes from here must divert to
Rest of the amazing stupidities & Idiocracies will be performed on that page. And we'll also disect & under the stand IIM (Institute of Integral Madness) case studies there only.

Moving moving, reaching there quickhlee...... I is Wonderphool :)

Cheers to good, bad, whatever times.
Let's laugh it out!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

from past to future transitting the present :)

It's been exciting & entertaining time with a blend of a lot....
Time to move on to new blog space. Will be coming soon with updates. For now, I leave you with the pictures of one of the most exciting parties I had in recent times. Official themed party '70s Disco' :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

‎25° 15' 8" North, 55° 16' 48" East

There's lot happening at ‎25° 15' 8" North, 55° 16' 48" East! And today it was 'Delhi Belly' & the slurging, shopping like a freak

Do I really need to post everything?? :P

Good Times

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3 months 3 days old

Oh wow... It's been 3 mnths & 3 days since I landed on this Arab Land. And the time flew past like zip zap zoom. Touchwood. All these days' have had their own stories to be pondered with joy & at times slight brooding over. The amazing ones go like this:

* I have a Kiddish, lively & energetic Canadian Female Colleague (CFC) & there have been stupidly funny times i had with her. One was when I called CFC...

Me: Hello CFC, where are you?

CFC: Hi Roeet (thats how i am pronounced by CFC), I am in Loo. Do you want to join in :P.
Crazy she is & giggling all the way I disconnected the call. Gosh, what is this :P

* I was in CFC's cabin & few of my internal forces were trying to erupt out of somewhere. I had to find out a way to avoid any unwanted humiliation by this firang lady.. :P. seconds later I cracked a intentional PJ & laughed loudly myself, she joined in, I stomped my foot on the wooden floor of the cabin. The two sounds perfectly merged proving how amazingly talented I can be :P. And I saved myself though she might have detected foreign particles in her cabin's air using her ultra sensitive nose. But than who cared further on.

Beyond the fun things, the challenges have there own stories. But the one I am persuing right now is to dress with atleast some perfection. The day you dress the best you can think of with the options available & suddenly someone calls, politely tells you to be more tidy & attractive. After such incident you are bound to ponder when you had set high standards in the other country. How you smell, you carry & how you dress mattered earlier also but that's the thing which is mattered a lot more here. Formal wear had never been lucrative for me but now the thought that keeping me high is to dress well & dress powerful. And definitely i have added something to my life through that.

Bingo!! :) Thats the word I am holding on & spreading as my impression :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011 Libiya

Can the so called 'Big Daddy' of the world be a li'l more responsible??
Can Americas/frances/Italias go beyond there selfish ulterior motives??
Can they please not interfere in others matters??
Can there be PEACE??
Is it that 'deaths in Japan/New Zealand' were too less & there was need of digging more graves??
Western interference through ammunitions in any country's personal matter is BULLSHIT!!

Enough of being 'Big Daddy' let's be li'l 'Responsible Papa'.
UN is being Unitedly Notorious, you were made to save lives not to destroy humanity..

Please, no more testing of ammo on weak.
May the world be a peacefull happy-cheery place.


Monday, February 28, 2011

The quest continues... DUBAI LAND

On 23rd day of January, 2011, he was ready for a new experience. It can be termed as an expedition which actually in ordinary circumstances is just a new job but in exciting & unfamiliar environment. As usual ‘Air India’ with its elderly staff had its own plans for curbing his excitement. On entering the flight, he greeted them 'Namaste Uncle, Namaste Aunty'. It's OK if people raise eyebrows for being true. For him a 50 year old lady is an aunty....aunty, aunty...

Delayed flight equals to paused excitements. Sometimes he wonders about people’s holding on capacity for the incoming excitements. And such wondering happens with shear intensity whenever he compares his dramatic impatience with their amazing patience.

Ever since he arrived, he has had nearly no time for thoughts. His brain reaps one kind of creativity when he is alone in familiar but quite conditions. He’s fond of this creativity, but among crowd there’s always a part of him standing tall to the worldly PJs.

All these days he’s been spending time, spending time on absorbing unfamiliarity, some time goes on adjusting in the new apartment & remaining is for his dumbass laziness & leisure. Unfamiliarity includes Arabic style, food, attire & the rudeness towards Indians.

Adjusting in new apartment meant buying bed, bedding, fridge, Oven, Utensils, clothes, Grocery, and chocolates, cold drinks, drinks, Cheese, fries, juices & everything that is potentially a ‘Calorie Bomb’. Calories Glorify the moments they land on your tongue.

Dumbass Laziness & Leisure is standing in the scenic balcony watching cars zip pass, girls’ cat walk on the public ramp called footpath, eating good food, reading whatever and lying on the bed until urgency is forcefully brought in & doing everything that can be termed as ‘Nothing’. It’s fun.

Grocery shopping is his new found passion. And he wonders how can an ash tray have more shades of lipstick than the ones stocked at a up market cosmetics brand store??

The quest continues...

Friday, February 4, 2011

For a while stories went will be heard from the arab land

It's been long since I posted. I did not posted I do not know why...though I wanted to flood my blog with posts. There's been lot happening around. From leaving the job, getting farewell, getting atleast some acknowledgements from colleagues to moving off from Mumbai to Delhi. Spending time with family, Desert Safari in Jaisalmer with 3 lovely fellas in my life...mumy, papa & guddu (my sis). And than taking off to Dubai to work for yet another retailer. Retailer in middle east. The culture difference, the wide roads, cars speeding at 140-160 kmph to getting a temporary plush hotel appartment from company. I am in Dubai. And there are few things I have realised here & many more are coming up. One of the prominent things is if the girls in our part of world are called 'patakha' or at times 'the bomb' than the ones here are surely 'Nuclear Bomb' ...LOLZzzzz... jokes apart, Dubai looks like a nice place, atleast till the time summers arrive. The life here is so different that I had been missing creative me for a while but have no intention to live like this any further. I want to start again with atleast normal blog post, lots of magzines, newspapers & the basketball :)

There are stories, intresting as well as boring ones building up every moment... Like the story of sleeping in bath tub with popcorn & Cola in hand to intentionaly getting lost on Dubai roads which were deadly quiet & deserted. All I could see were arrays of cars which were unseen in my part of the planet. Every few minutes after a chic volkswagon, Bentley or Toyota were rushing from one end of nowhere to other end of somewhere. Finally after walking for around 2 hours I reached a known place, not before asking directions from a huge man riding mini bicylcle.

Stories also got created everytime I hired a taxi... nice Toyota Camry's these people have as taxi unlike our antique Ambassodars n Fiats. It was a small thing to notice before I realised that I have been driven by people of different nationalities Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc. etc. Visit to Burj Khalifa was a wonder in itself. Filipino & Canadian superiors at job have been intermittently intresting too.

There's lot to come up but not before I adjust settings of my brain to get used to these unfamiliar surroundings & specially the norm of crossing road through Zebras only, which can be fun in itself coz you get to see a line of 8 cars halting, just coz on Zebra on footers have first right to cross.

So with a can of Diet coke in my hand, I say CHEERS TO DUBAI.

Above pic is a real time image clicked from Canon 1000D, 18-55 lens

Good Times


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Few hours from New Land

December gone... new year started & now even it is getting old...
Life's been pacey or may be I have been championing worthless time passing tricks. Have been complete vela since more than a month. In between I had an awesome time with family at Jaisalmer. Desert, most decent people around, soothing weather & cuddled around with parents & sis, it really felt gooood. Ka se nayi naukri, nayi duniya, nayi country... Within few hours it'll be few seas away I can be found. Hum chale...ab maarta hu kalti... tata-bye-bye India....

Dear Bloggy will keep you posted, as of now I am eagerly waiting to sip something at Starbucks :)

Good Times


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sheela & my Bravery in Winter season

Sheela, Sheela ki jawani..... ab kisi aur ki jawani ko leke itna shor kyon nahi machaya. Sheela, Teena, Meena, Geeta, Reeta koi bhi... but this song's got something which makes people to sing it loud or murmur, I really really don't know what's that all about. 7AM is atleast 3 hours before I wake up these days. But at 7 in morning, yesterday, I got upto noises from street facing window. 8 year old kids were playing cricket & loudly singing 'Sheela Ki Jawani'. You are allowed to talk about ageing Indian cricket team with Sachin, Sehwag, Dravid & Laxman in late 30s but I wonder what the hell cricket got to do with 'Sheela ki Jawani'? Wierd Kids instead of singing 'Sachin ka budhapa' sung 'Sheela ki Jawani'. I had a prompt reply 'beta, pehle khud to jawaan ho jaao'. And the kids ran away laughing & singing even louder 'Sheela Ki Jawani'. Anyways, sheela is in real big trouble. Chahe wo uski jawani ho, ya tamatar-aalu-pyaaj ke roz badte daam.

I am in Mumbai, away from bone chilling Delhi cold. Heard it was 3.7 degrees yesterday, colder than Shimla. I am now worried about coping with the cold when I arrive in Delhi. It's been 30+ months since I saw sweater on my skin & the early morning fog. Not close to delhi by any standards but these days Mumbai is having it's own share of cold weather. But why am I even talking about this...???

Thanks to amazing channel MOVIES NOW, lately, I have been watching a lot of Hollywood, from 'Die Hard' to 'Alien vs Predator', from 'The Negotiator' to 'Phantom', 'Enemy of the state', 'Big Momma' etc. etc. The picture clarity of this channel is as amazing as it's sound quality, all looks real life. And as a result my dreams sometimes take me to the 'New year celebrations by Aliens' & other times I am hunting some giant predator while riding on Big Anaconda in a river flowing through the middle of the dense Amazon forests. At times, I find myself running with a news channel camera team, reporting Commandoes competing with heavily armed criminals. I report all that live on TV while ducking to the missile fired from one end. If not all this, I am saving hostages from a building bombed by terrorists. I am super human in my dreams. And if it comes to reality, I really wonder if it would be 'susu in my pants' or I'll still be as brave as in my dreams. I end this post here with these thoughts, I am seriously wondering about, will it be bravery or susu.......???

Susu times...oh sorry... I mean Good Times :)


Monday, January 3, 2011

Twenty Ten - Twenty Eleven

Ooops, I missed year end post :( And I missed New year post also.

For me New Year arrived li’l late. I was confused about how to celebrate arrival of Twenty Eleven & finally it was Surat & Daman with a friend was on my radar. But the radar failed, I was bed ridden. And was confined in four walls & was made to fall in love with the bed. Malaria seems to be catching me time & again. Female Mosquitoes look like fallen in deep love with me. I might not be popular among Human Females but I am definitely popular among their mosquito counterparts. They have been kissing me all this while. ;)

Even if it’s late, I must wish you all a very happy new year. Wish you the rocking year, with lots of passion & the following success. But above all wish you all get good relationships. Somehow that’s what I think is important & leads to other successes in life.

2010 was pretty good till July but there on life went in topsy turvy state. At times I was not feeling like ‘being me’. I was in a relation which lasted for precisely 5 months, 23rd July to 22nd November. Why the hell it went that long either???? A confused, discouraged, demotivated, loser was a girl I fell for. The one who gave me troubles; heavy times & to top it all wanted me to move away from my existing family. God, I always thought such things are true only in Saas-Bahu soaps. But this was for real. She felt like a serpent with so much venom… :). Naah, let’s not put it this way. It goes like this… She liked me, I liked her. We made our parents to work it out for us. Things started. We went on. Marriage was on cards. But I liked bright sun & she loved days without sun. When the differences started from such basic thing, it seemed nothing will fall on place. And her parents for whom some religious sect was everything in life, made things worse.

Thank God to pull me out of all that mess. And barring this black patch, with success in career, winning trust of friends, acquaintances & developed relations with business partners; 2010 ended on a good note. 2010 prepared a good ground for 2011…. I shall fly abroad.

Good Times