Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3 months 3 days old

Oh wow... It's been 3 mnths & 3 days since I landed on this Arab Land. And the time flew past like zip zap zoom. Touchwood. All these days' have had their own stories to be pondered with joy & at times slight brooding over. The amazing ones go like this:

* I have a Kiddish, lively & energetic Canadian Female Colleague (CFC) & there have been stupidly funny times i had with her. One was when I called CFC...

Me: Hello CFC, where are you?

CFC: Hi Roeet (thats how i am pronounced by CFC), I am in Loo. Do you want to join in :P.
Crazy she is & giggling all the way I disconnected the call. Gosh, what is this :P

* I was in CFC's cabin & few of my internal forces were trying to erupt out of somewhere. I had to find out a way to avoid any unwanted humiliation by this firang lady.. :P. seconds later I cracked a intentional PJ & laughed loudly myself, she joined in, I stomped my foot on the wooden floor of the cabin. The two sounds perfectly merged proving how amazingly talented I can be :P. And I saved myself though she might have detected foreign particles in her cabin's air using her ultra sensitive nose. But than who cared further on.

Beyond the fun things, the challenges have there own stories. But the one I am persuing right now is to dress with atleast some perfection. The day you dress the best you can think of with the options available & suddenly someone calls, politely tells you to be more tidy & attractive. After such incident you are bound to ponder when you had set high standards in the other country. How you smell, you carry & how you dress mattered earlier also but that's the thing which is mattered a lot more here. Formal wear had never been lucrative for me but now the thought that keeping me high is to dress well & dress powerful. And definitely i have added something to my life through that.

Bingo!! :) Thats the word I am holding on & spreading as my impression :)

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