Monday, March 10, 2008

'stones poking ass experience'

Sitting on the rough floor of 'under construction' building in ma school, I have spent hours and hours. Not many students were more familiar with the ruggedness and the 'stones poking ass experience' of those wonderful stony roughest surface.

Sitting on floor, doing home assignments while cherishing closeness to mother earth was never a new experience to me. After all I was the one who was frequently rather too frequently punished for incomplete home assignments. Whenever work exceeded a limit, I preferred to take a nap and forget all that useless burden thrown upon by over educated teachers tyring to ruin my life by pouring hell lotta home assignments. Sleeping always looked such a nice thing... closing eyes meant shutting the channels of incoming work and closing notebooks from where home work assignments could peek out.

And the 3 out of those 6 hours in school I used to be poked by those stones coming out of unfinished, poorly cemented floors... batchmats did smiled at times, but all that never humiliated on me. I was my own king....doin work my own way...

Aaj bhi bohot kaam hai, aur fir kuchh waisa sa man shut my eyes and Sleep....all incoming work can be blocked that way. And floor is there, to sit upon and to complete work tomorrow. Easy does it.... :)