Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Altercation & The Juice Juntion

An altercation followed some shopping. Issue was as always 'total senseless', still it happened. This followed silence between me & my roommate. We dint talk on the way back home & we dint talk at home. No gossip means there was time to explore something about yourself & something about the world around. So happened an after dinner lonely walk for a juice. Sometimes buying chocolates & candies for yourself feels so good & it did felt same this time also. The simplicity of the night looked so awesome and I might plan a fight with the roomie tomorrow also :) .

The lady at juice junction fighting with her husband looked so real in the artificially paced world. Although the husband managed to prove his superiority in the end but they looked like each other's very own possesion, bundeled in love, low on ego. Three steps behind were elderly uncle & aunty of around 70+ remembering their youth full days & the joys of those times. Believe me they still seemed to have enough romance in their lives. 10 mtrs ahead some guard served juices & eatables to three Sardarji's in their Ford Ikon. Sardarjis in Bangalore is a synonym of Joy for me. All this while I have constantly searched for turbened people in Bangy. A family of eight people were sipping thick fruit pulp from a thinnest possible pipe. Thick pulp moving through straw had exactly the same situation as my auto moving on MG Road at any hour of the day.

Five steps ahead were standing two labourers in front of Shanthi Sagar. Their clothes were torn like shit, faces spoiled with mud. Bet, under normal circumstances their own children will struggle to identify them. Whole body had brick powder & the signs of hard work. They looked like non Kannada people, people who reached Bangalore from some 2476 km far village to earn Rs. 50 a day. The distance and earnings are for sure have no relation. Today they'll return to their shelter with Rs. 44.50, coz I can still recall the mud hidden face, having spade and a basket in one hand and "The Fanta" in other hand. Throughout my life, to me fanta has never felt so refreshing. But this one, from a distance, felt more than the elixir. They had amazing time in finishing that Fanta from the bottle. I dint move from the corner, I gazed them from there, until they sucked out the last drop, overpowering all sciences of surface tension in glass bottle.

And I walked back home while nibbling, licking ma chocolate. The song on m Ipod was "Meri Kahani" by Atif Aslam. The weather of bangy was as innerving as it has always been. My roomie too had his own good time watching an animated movie on his macintosh. He had always bugged me with his illogical (some times very logical) gossip. So many times, I have desired to be on my own. But I failed, failed and failed until I fought with him.......Beta, hum kal fir ladenge aur bohot ladenge :P

Love ya roomie, my people, my world & the life
Muaah Muaah :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bangy!!....once more

...& the masti of the city never fades away....
Don't know, its character of the weather, crowd or the whole combination. I am also suspicious about the new age marketers' sophisticated chemical attack on the city to take the real estate prices at the highest peak... Whatever!!! The city does make you feel like running hard, stopping and than screaming.... "Man, the place rocks". Those who don't scream do wilder things. Things don't stop here.... Next you again want to run, try reaching a hypermarket to pick a can of beer. You end up searching a place, either very calm or with rock music to gulp down that can, which generally washes down all sins you acquired till the moment. It also kills the accumulating boredom. Than you dream to sit for a coffee & chat with a girl. A/The girl, either a complete stranger or if and only if you are among those lucky assholes, you end up with the one you have crush on ;) (the girl comes & luck runs out). Now you feel like gossiping or simply staring till the comfort level takes a hit, hit by like someone disturbing in between or like occurrence of the cyclonic turbulence which is happening in my stomach at this hour, this happens when you end up eating outside junk every next day.

In Bangalore, either you feel like reading good books & mags while being on a cozy sofa/bed or you feel like roaming destination less with your friends and doing all the things termed "DON"T DO IT". Here you want to go to 'Barista' for a coffee or 'Pecos' for a Draught. Its a city where you build upon your dreams & wants.... Its a city which makes you feel that urge to do what you want to or have been wanting to. It's a true cosmopolitan, with so many expatriates, with people from the southern, northern, eastern, western & central parts of the country, if these are the all possible parts. It is a place where freedom is in the air. Bangalore is a place...where at other times the urge is even stronger, in these times you don't feel like doing anything but dreaming or illogically blogging ;) . Whatever it is, it feels so good, feels so very me.... that's truly Bangy at its best :)

Bloggy, its ma last week in Bangy. If and only if I don't come here again :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008


24 days & m back....

Despite getting despo to put up a new blog, circumstances kept me away from it. And it felt as if missing ma girl like hell. It wasn't easy to be away from you, my dearest Bloggy.

Past month & a half have not been easiest but somehow the people around and their giggling faces made things little better. Every moment was struggle to keep concentration in control. Every moment was struggle with time, as it always seemed to be racing away. Every moment I wanted to lie on some one's lap (even mum was away in Delhi). It felt so child like and I had no option but to pose like the father of the universe. That illness made things so dull, so low, so dumb that despite wanting to jump & laugh there was a big struggle to reach even nearby. It was a time beyond my understanding. It was a time which made most of things difficult but sleep & idleness. It was a time I don't want to recall for any other reason but just to remind myself that I have wasted quite a time in all that dumbness & it's time to do some catching up. So, stand tall & run.... coz there's so much to carry, gather and rebuild.... & than winners don't lag far behind.

And now I carry only one feeling.... "When low times make you feel like a looser & it hurts like hell. But there on the created desperation for success brings BIG TIME."

Love ya Bloggy

Muaah Muaah