Sunday, November 15, 2009

ohhh dear's been so long!!!

Completed first Half Marathon of my life, a long pending dream!! Been to Delhi 3 times within a span of 25 days!! Diwali with family!! 4 days of heavy working & awesome food in Kolkata!! An awesome date after some 3 months!! An initiation on a start up!! .....along with awesome routine life which at times slip off the track, is all what I have had all this while.

And after this, I feel, we all, all of us have the masala in our lives, enough of it to write a book or inspire a movie n if not, than at least to boast around among friend and do those tit bit of self admiration. :)

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on 1st Nov 2009 was a great feeling, the only thing that I missed was a little more effort & to an extent a running partner. By the time I finished, I had rashes, I was bruised & bleeded a li'l. It was worth all that & I was little more proud of myself :) 2.43 minutes for 21+ Kilometers.

Back home, discussions for getting me married have picked up, specially coz the first cousin who is of same age got engaged recently. Why do we Indians have so much predictability & monotonous behaviour towards such issues of life??

Kolkata trip was too good, worked till 2:00 AM & had dinner at 3:00 AM, slept at 4:00 Pm only to get back with vendors by 8:00 AM. I had my share of fun while working when I jogged around the LAKE PARK & lost my colleague their, while finding each other we never realized that unintentionally we made our boss to get mad at us. He had to wait for us & he had to...what not....funny creature he is!! Beyond that the 5 places I dined this time in Kolkata were too good.. 'Amber', 'The Barbeque', 'Sigdi', 'The HHI' & 'Mainland China' of Kolkata. I am sure that I added at least a Kilo in 4 days. Had fun.

Why I like her?? Coz she is sweet, or may be coz she is true, or because she is with roots, or may be because she's the best option at present or may be because she is OK to look at......ha ha..... I do not know but I do like her a little more. I do adore her.

Why I do not like her?? May be Coz she is li'l arrogant at times, or may be because she is not what she wants to be, or may be she is lost in conventionalism & modernity, or may be because she does not loves me as much as I love her, or becauoz she is in hunt for someone better......LOL...I shouldn't care about anything!!!

Among the better things, I dated her after a long time & it was a lovely date, worth cherishing. It was one 'being together experience'. My learning out of it: Guys have to act mature & girls have the liberty to act like a new born. This is the rule for guys who just started dating should follow :P

Whatever whatever work for a dream 'start up' begun today.... Beyond my predictable procrastination & lethargic attitude, I have practically started jotting down things on a big sheet. This time around I really want to see this thing happening & with some good success.