Friday, December 28, 2007

"The Late Night Walks"

No assignments and no piled up pending work!
The cool wind at a winter night, rustling though the trees!
The peace of the late hour, the free flowing thought process!
Lesser disturbances and all the agreements with mother nature!
Makes the long relaxing walk at late hours more soothing than the cozy sleep in a warm blanket after a tired day!!

That's what I am relishing on these days... :)
"The Late Night Walks"

He was never ready to accept her proposals....
May be he did wrong, may be he was right...

But while parting, she gifted him a book titled "Anything for you...." by Tushar Raheja.

In return he also gifted him a book which goes by the name of "Almost Single" by Advaita Kala.

After a month during a casual talk on phone, they realized, coincidentally the title of books matched exactly to their responses for each other and the respective thoughts.

Friday, December 21, 2007

GIRLS ??????

Nelly Furtando is playing in the background n m not able to understand the wordings clearly... the brain's diverted...

My friend's girl friend calls him "mohabbat man"... how sweet that is or how wierd is it? U can ask youself anything. But what when some friend asks you "koi GF bani teri??"
Whatever u may reply... I simply said "naa, mere bas ka nahi hai"
The female friend of mine continued "Arey yaar pata koi"
and i instantly rubisshed her questions + thoughts..

A junior met, asked "kya yaar, koi Girl friend to banao"
And I along with all ma single friends laughed, giggled and rubbished his thoughts too...

Day Before..
something similar

Two days before...
One of my friend's friend wanted me to introduce to few girls in college
Oh my God, now thats real crazy thing...

Weeks before..
A close friend--- "kya kiya tune ab tak NIFT mein?? Koi GF nahi??"
me "bas yaar...koi mili nahi or say not ma cup of tea, may be not smart enough"

uuffffff....... If having a girl adjacent to you is so important than why did God made them in scarce and than fitted them with high headedness.... If this was not enough, further he created so many of them who are Homosexuals...aaawwwwhhh...

If God had to do all that, than atleast he must provide us (single men) with an answer to cope with these kind of rubbish questions. Now, being shot down by such questions every next moment is somethng thats difficult to take or cope with

Girls...ummmm... they look beautifull but what beyond that....????
Me purely a straight guy, do love fairer sex. but thats not on my mind always. The world's going wierd as if thats the last thing left on the crust of earth.... but there's lot more ;)

Life's awesome to be a single too. Not trying to figure out till how long..... but m loving it (minus the times when posed with these difficult questions)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Simplying the complexities :)

Inertia has gone... Smile is on :)
Decision making delima still persists in life...
Have been sleeping very late and getting up late too ;)
Supposedly last vacations before corporate world sucks me in....
So, have many things to do...., have to, have to do max...
Have been having fun since last 30 hours and it will contiue till good number of days........touchwood
Desperately need friends for a cozy winter afternoon CP walk and light, lighter, lightest coffee talks :)

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) good mood

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hard Work Over...Inertia Continues..sleepy me...sleepy mind

After slogging out eldless days...
After doing all those submissions and completing projects..
Despite meeting neerly all deadlines... it feels as if m still in the inertia of those heavily loaded, overloaded, buisy days. Those sleepless nights seem to have taken a toll, body doesnt want to sleep... but mind is so sleepy and non reactive.... it feels a bit irritating!! Feels like a dried bunch of leaves hanging on tree, ready to fall coz hanging seems so energy consuming.

these are some more strange moments of life.... The hard work did pay off. Project, presentations, submissions all went good, strong and strangely I met all the deadlines this time. But whats bothering me, am trying to figure out.

College is nearly over now, last sem includes just an internship.... A month long break I have, may be the last one; so, so, soooo.... dear to me.... need evolve a lot... Feel like lazing around a lot... also feel like doing so much... feel like learning, doing, mutating for every aspect of life... Feel like making this one month long vacations as big as possible...

But before everything else, feel like sitting with frnz in a coffee launge and enjoying the coziness of those plush seatings :) , friendship's warmth and ofcourse creamy frothy strong hot coffee..... li'l looking around will be added benefit ;) (yup, u got it right).... ha ha ha... strangely, too inactive to laugh even

Saturday, December 8, 2007


My two wives :)
I was all over them, riding them like no one ever did

Married 'Thunderbird' in year 'A' while having an affair with 'Harley FXDF'...
trust me this second girl has got the ability to turn you on any moment ;)
She is a wild..... can make u go nuts all over...
You can't resist touching it when it passes by you

And, with time the affair went stronger, and we got touchy feely ;)
and the wifey despite fights became understanding ;)
than proposed 'harley FXDF FAT BOB', she accepted :)
'Wifey Enfield' agreed for polygami :P
Married 'Harley FXDF FAT BOB' and I had two beauties...

Happy I was and happy were two babes,
till the time papa came and told me to get up and get ready for college
he shouted "exam nahi dena kya aaj??? Uth aur college ja, bike dhyaan se chalana"

Happy ending to a happy dream...
Reverse Countdown for first wife starts today....
bet it baby, will own u by end 2008 :))))
Till than lemme fantacize uninterruptedly :)))))

Trust me and click the pics, u'll be turned on the way I am... do that and feel the heat....aaaaaaahhhhh..... ha ha ha :D

Two gravities

there's so much to do in life
and i am unable to catch all that..
at times i compare my life with others'
at times i try to catch up with them
at times i project myself to match them
i strive and struggle to reach near them..
and in all that i tend to forget my own identity
my own individuality in search of others's excellence getting lost
too much looking at them... too much.....

and the individuality struggles to find 'my very own...'
I pause, sit aside, do nothing and try to catch up with the world...
trying to get all what i want, while keeping ma bum stable on the bed

it feels as if it's a fight between two forces, two gravities
the force of reality and the force of dream....
but all m able to do is "to do nothing"

Tooooooooo muchhhhh it is

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Crazy Buncha people

Friends... Doston... Mitron...

This awesome, amazing, terrific, stupendous and ma all time favourite song only for you all...

You r cherished :)

Abhinav Chugh
Anamika Kalsi
Ankur Saxena
Anup Rajaiah R.
Apoorva Jaiswal
Bolisetti Srilakshmi (you too)
Bhushan Vijay Gawai
Damandeep Singh
Deepa Hegadal
Ettishri B. Rajput
Garima Singla
Harsha Makode
Himanshu Jain
Ishu Agrawal
Mohammed Gofran
Mohit Khurana
Navanendra Singh
Naveen Kr. Jindal
Nikhil Chowdhary
Prerna Khamesra [u were not here still somehow miss u...ha ha. They call it crazyness ;) ]
Rajath Rajaratnam R.
Richa Jain
Rohit Khatri (mere liye bhi please)
Rohit Kumar
Sakshi Khurana
Satish Jindal
Shubhika Khandelwal
Shyam Bahadur (tu bhi dost)
Supriya Eknath Bhandare
Tanushree Mitra
Tarun Chaudhary
Teresa Padu
and few more (not mentioned)

ab to botol shotal kholo yaar :)
will miss ya all......

Muaah Muaah ;)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

GET DROWNED into this.....

Now this is amazing track.....
Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar

Awefuckingsome :)

Just watched this movie and it's 4:00 AM

(kal SCM ka exam....ooops....)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Joke of the life that was........ :)

Few things make u feel so heavy.......
Few things keep the ease at bay........
they dont deserve to be here for any more day........ :)

And so that heavy, heavy.....very heavy blog is gone :)
to make me feel lighter, lighter n virtually very lighter which I have tried since long :P