Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hufff.....!!! Tired I am!
Li'l Overworked! Li'l Overspoilt! Li'l Overexploited! Li'l Overstressed! Somehow Overenjoying! Somehow Overrocking! Aaaaaahhhhh..... M alive n Living!!! And deffinitely not dead!!!

My laptop went 'zoooooop', i mean it went bad & I had to get it repaired at a heavy price. Plus had to stay away from it for long. It wasn't easy.

It was an eventfull day & I got drenched in season's first rain. Despite rain pouring over, it was my motionless, laziness, cheering presence at marine drive that was worth living. For those, minutes converted into hours, I worried less about the clothes getting wet & cheered my soulful sea facing existence!

It was lovely eave & equally lovely company!! And than, Lovely people like me deserve such small goodies time to time....LOL!!! It was a day when once again I relished my thick coffee in a big mug!

If this wasn't enough; than the book vendor/hawker at Bandra station delighted my soul a bit more!!

I asked ' Boss, Economic times hai'
He replied : Khatam
I asked: Mint
He said: Rs 2. Sir, how did stock market behaved today!c(he picked me from the things i read)
I: No idea boss! Will get to know only after reaching home!
He: I expected it to rise. It went up after election results, market had to be closed. Yesterday it went up by 400 points & than slid, net gain 14 poins! I belive it'll go further up!
I: Ohh (totally amused) Do you invest in stocks?
He: Yes!

He conversed in an english far superior to mine!! I was literally spellbound! Man these Mumbaikars are 'Freak' when it comes to stocks, markets & shares!! You just cant beat them. truely amazing..... These days, I am also pulled into some stock trading by a co owner of one big brokerage house!! Though unwanted entry, I am keeping fingers crossed!!!

In this monsoon, 'Rohit' again wants to fall, no-not fall; rather, wants to rise in love!!!

May the LOVE be on myside!!!

Catch Ya!!
Good Times!!