Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Random Shit!!!

(Title's been borrowed from somewhere)

I have been doing....... Ya have been doing....keeping buisy..
When they ask "what all you did the whole day?"
A sudden answer pops up "Newspapers + jogging + Idiot box + virual world+ classes + cellphone + Magzines" ......as if life's been starngled into these few things.

And the outcome... just that am older by a day or two.... Life's moving good, but it's just moving good.... n u get bored coz of predictability too.... Aaaaah, as if m searching for a reason to yell.....

Shit apart, two days back marathon thingy was awesome...half of the country was running. The 80 year chap from a nearby village was running with a dhoti tied and stick in his hand. Mod autny was trying to keep Gucci propelry placed on her eyes, sweat was bothering her a lot, make up should stay atleast till she crosss finish line. The orthodox one was trying to keep her dupatta in position. Uncle was getting flirty with his neighbour. Airforce men found a 'mem' to talk to, and she happily chatted while jogging. Notorious ones were treated well by thullas spread all over. And me... was running with dreams of ma own :) It was as if everyone found a new mantra of fitness . It took me 36 minutes 35 seconds to cover 7 plus kilometers and the goosebumps stayed a bit longer. This twist in normal lifestyle was amazing.... but now the marathon fever's gone... what next???

Presentation on Minor project went good. Madura din't find me suitable and dropped me... "Ramp Cricket Cup" din't considered us worthy to posses it, we lost finals. But the pat on the back even by unknown girls proved that I din't played that bad :) "Jab We Met" was so so.... Sunday's coffee with that new 'so called frnd' was rubbish experience.

What now...... this 'frame of 80 plus kg enclosing a skeleton' needs something new every moment, every second... It feels that if the passion is not leaked out time to time, than m gonna blast... wtever... the current issue bothering is "Leadership Woes"

"Leadership" the over hyped word is sucking ma head. Last few days have realised me a new dimension of this word n m wondering, pondering, thinking a lot about it.... the way I think about any other trivial issue... but this time the issue looks worth thinking over.... Can I get something out of it for maself....???

N the things on ma mind is "Leadership Woes" & "Where am I heading"....

and I end coz we'll have more of random very soon......

Monday, October 22, 2007

Feel like........ :P

n she said "Y u always bother so much about past?"
n he felt, It's not that easy to take on..said nothing.....kept mum
but felt the pain. Wished, he could get a time machine to take him back
n take him to that table tennis match...

Whatever...... despite his forcefull thoughts she was li'l true
Coz, past is no more than sticky messy glue
It can stick your feet, n u get no meat!
man, but not easy to let go over those thoughts......
whatever....he can't stay fucked up all the time...can u??

Well, n thats what was the funda today.....
again college after a week, feel that work load will get steep
those frustated teachers n their menaces
and the pretty girls with those lovely faces!!
Ouch....above line was unintentional,
still popped out as if thats the truth very universal!!

Whatever, long list of classes and the illogical scheduling is back
Faculty's upset stomach, duel with husband and a recent road rash
in class schedule, traces of all these can be tracked
His logics are shaken by the illogical Logic of those very logical logic makers
His frnd was back from Bangalore, and the sitting together was due,
Ansal Plaza was glowing and so they made that brighter with a new hue!
Everything was good, but the 15 rupees for bike parking was undigestible,
Money wasn't problem but his bike have no more than two wheels,
And than presence of crazy frnz around him, always make him crazier!


He aalong with his frnd picked barricade from Ansal Plaza's gate and ran on bike lik anything.........they went mad....did that crazy funny mad stuff. The idea popped up when they had to give 15 rupees for a bike parking, but the bike had no more than 2 wheels.... Whatever the prank was tooooooo good for them to digest easily :D

He feels like becoming a Dream of his own, feels like being a child on the roll.
Hes feel like doing big crazy stuff, feels like touching infinity of the wits.
Feels like walking hand in hand, singing a song all day long,
He feels like kissing his mum, hugging dad and carrying sis all along!!
He feels like jogging 22 Km, Cycling 100 KM, smashing the shuttle till it ruptures,
Feels like spinning the ball till oponent walks out and the ball fractures!!
He feels like Yelling, Shouting, Screaming and playing all day long and all night strong
Coz "HE" cudn't play the TT match, which will be missed for long, long, long.....

"HIS"feelings not that bad.......deffinately enjoying and having fun,
that's Y maddy is doing this blog till 2:30, working on since one!!

exactly the way she said "Sprite Bujhaaye only pyaas, Upar ka sab bakwaas......"
Feel Like Sleeping..... not before making everyone smile
Love U all

Muaah Muaah

Saturday, October 20, 2007


A sudden thought popped up in ma mind....

Whats the uniqueness of "CRUSHES"...... U can even have ten at a time :)
and thats y crush is far better than Love.....

Some say that crush is for 'FOSLAs'......ohhh sorry, i dint tell u the meaning of 'FOSLA'.... Its "Frustated One Sided Lovers Association"....

But crushes are the real things to be cherished....the positives over love include

1) Saving lots of moolah, as u spend less on the bitchy addiction of your life :P
2) Than you save some hair, as indulgence in fights with girl friend or girl friend's secondary and tertiary lovers skews down to nill.
3) You can enjoy many together (crushes). You can have unadulterated or can gulp down a cocktail
4) You stay attentive whereas the Love makes you dull....the boring romanticism takes toll on your wit, humour, health and wealth...... you stay no more agile....
5) You don't become Lazy....comfort of love makes you lazy bum...In love you search for your lover even for lifting your ass from a bed. And thoughts for bigger tasks are too big deal to handle
6) You stay alert to hunt a new animal. Coz until you fall for someone and get a realization of rude realities, you desperately stay on with your search ... All this while, you develop an armour of knowledge, wit and physique that lovers can never posses
7) You become more vulnerable to attacks by wild sexy crazy animals in this human jungle called cosmopolitan world. And in your dreams you all admire that. "We all like to be liked"
8) You can flirt anytime, anywhere with anyone and don't get hurt even if you are cought wrong footed in any situation ;)
9) You don't need to give reasons for every shit you do... Independence is great like no other thing

I have more reasons but those might not bring that li'l giggle on your face. And I pause, advice you to see movie "Dil Dosti Etc." If you are young, than its worth watching, stay away if you an oldie

Today morning saw "Dil Dosti Etc." at Fun Cinema, V3S mall, East Delhi. Few called me 'boring' and the girl at ticket counter too wanted to say smthing similar but she stopped at raised eyebrows and asked me twice "Just one ticket sir?". I felt like sweetly taunting "two back row, corner seats if you are coming with me". All that happened coz I saw it alone. But, I had no time and wasnt that much adjustable to wait for others to watch it with me. I alone enjoyed it to fullest, it's a movie that deserves more than pity ratings given to it in reviews. A stroll in the mall with the thoughts abt the instances in movie made ma day awesome..... and on the top of it, back home mummas stomach full of Gobhi paranthas is a Luxury thats worth flaunting anytime :P

I enjoyed my singledom, simply cherished it, I was in my own tunes. Even ma walk was so arrogantly independent.... I simply enjoyed it. It does feel like having someone for u and with you always, but being single isn't that boring. And I know, I love myself more than anyone else. And so do we all. Thats y m pampering myself these days ;)

And at last India fucked Australia in every position...... Chaps, m talking about 20-20 cricket :P

Feel like smooching someone, it's no one else but ma bloggy ;)
Muaaaah Muaaaah bloggy ..........Smack
Love you all

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Should I do this or that.....??????

M sitting at 2 in the night, writing a blog and struggling to get what should I write about...
Should I write about, the 100 plus kilometer bike ride that I had today and the strange things that kept happening all the way... Should I write about papa's return from official tour and all the goodies he brought with him... or should I write about argument with mama which I had yesterday and wasn't easy to get over with... Should I write about the old frnz whom I met today... or should I write about people's raised eyebrows on ma new project on Carbon Credits in Apaarel Manufacturing???
Should I write about Manufacturing unit I visited today or should I write about the '1st India Market Week of exporters', I'll be visiting this morning. Should I write about ma frankness with teachers or should I write about never ending disturbance with few of ma real good frnz.... Should I write about the tens of frnds that are becoming part of ma life every month or should I write about those with whom distances are always expanding???

I am struggling from inside to choose what to do and what not to do...... It's obviously not ma hunt for being a perfectionist but it's deffinately a struggle to get to know what I really need????????????????????????????????????????????????? This time these many question marks are more intentional than the lines I have jotted above.......

Should I Read "Freakonomics" or Should I read "Lance Armstrong's biography", should I complete leftover articles in this weeks newspapers or should I pick up new business world??? Should I meet him or should I meet her?? Should I think this way or that way......write a blog about this or that..........

Dear Bloggy, trust me...m doing so much that was not imagined by neither me nor people around me, even if they ever imagined than that must have been a hollow pipe dream. Still, man still m lacking something.....m lacking that quick decision making power, m lacking that confidence which I need at every moment to be agile.... I know that m putting in lotta effort but I seriously don't know where is that heading?????????

Don't know what I am searching for. But the search is deffinately not worth going forward with. This search for a someone/ something external in ma life must end, right now, right here. In past I have been hypocrytic with similar decisions but this time............hopefully....

Even the efforts can go in vain, let that not happen. Am on a new high let it help in climbing further n not assist in stumbling. C'mmon Rohit........

And than I have always known..... "Winners are those who confide in themselves"!!! Ameen.....

Atleast somewhere the clarity prevails, am dam sleepy and have to get up early. So the only option is to sleep. And the confusion is clear...... m not gonna create so much trouble. Am gonna sleep on ma spongy bed while kissing and hugging ma pillow for a sweet night minus all the rubbish thoughts :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kuch kuchh to yahaan bhi hota hai ;)

So much is happening in life that i can write thousands of words on that, i can write tonnes of blogs on that. It's been a good time analyzing situations, people and being analyzed by people too. It's been a good time overall.

From college we went to see Nizam's jwellery worth 25000,0000000 .......I know it's difficult to count zeroes.... It's '25 thousand crore'. The biggest wardrobe in the world, the 1Kg gold coin, one of the biggest diamond called 'Jacob' and those prettiest wives ;) .Nizam possesed all. Now he needs no more appoval of being rich. The other day Manish Arora, yup famous designer Manish Arora took our class, a guest lecture from him. He showed us all the wierdest collections of his....ha ha....kidding, he showed us his recent collection which was on ramp in recently concluded Paris Fashion week. I still wonder how can one think of doing such crazy garments......a garment weighing 45Kg. Now u judge, that's a work to be done by blacksmith or a fashion designer??? A 45 Kg Dress on that girl, she's li'l broader than a bamboo stick... Anyone else does it or not but all ma sympathy is with her for that herculien effort.
And we have been learning all this in a subject, part of our course curriculum. Isn't it amazing?? Well Life in NIFT has been like this only......

I have seen it all, I have learnt it all....
The girls' visible thongs and those rock songs...
I have seen it all and I have learnt it all....
The minis, the micros and the cleaveges beneath those super deep necklines,
On any other day I wud have wondered on such existences,
On any other day I wud have raised my eyebrows on such instances!
but here I have seen it all and I have learnt it all....

The Gays and the lesbo's
Earlier, could only relate it to Television or Western countries,
Now it's very regular as it's happening in ma own neighbourhood boundaries!!
The grass, the dope and the feeling of 'no one will suffer',
The speed of life is approaching from fast to blur!!
It's speedy and pacey out here, one needs lotta grit to pause and breathe!!!
I have learned it all and I have seen it here....

I have seen it all and I have learnt it all....
Benevolent attitude is nearly tramelled,
Girls and glamour rule the world here ;)
Galmour is irresistable, sacrosanct and all fused in the air!!
Even Morons and Nerds get their share of fame...
And so do I....... It's so artificial even when telling a name!!
I am Learning it all, I am seeing it all....

Sometimes I doubt it is girl or a boy...
Sometimes it feels strange to be next to them with all the confusing thots in mind,
Sometimes it feels amazing to see such existence,
People like that exist here, and that existence is cherished
It initially looks like a salvos, but freedom is nicely inundated

Not only indulgence with fun and wierd glamour
but many people do fall in love everyday,
many go on for long run and few stumble on a very first day,
They ponder, they brood and they do cry like others,
they are arrogant confident but they do shy like others!!
Emotions here look very wierd but they do exit like anywhere,
people do look laidbak, but something, somwhere exists which even they tend to care ;)

Ooops.... Did I tell you about the Live in Relationships which are not uncommon.....
Ohhh, I din't, never mind there's much to be revealed about this adopted pet culture here....This story might be put in dedicated blog some other time. coz, even u need time to gulp down so much.....take ur time to digest...

It looks as everything is zooming
and if not zooming than flying
And if not flying than jumping or rocking or stomping...
but the world here is very different from the world that was in ma engineering college
All this was anticipated but much of it went beyond
Whatever it is, it's being loved and enjoyed
This odyssey will not continue for long but I am still left with enough time
Till than, I am Learning it all, I am seeing it all and I am lovin it all....

Above mentioned is just a part of what happens in n around this place...
A lot more is still shrouded in ma words n in ma heart!!
Most become frivolous backed by anecdotes of their lives...
Few go on and do much more serious things.....
I am seeing it all and am loving it all....

Feel like writing till my thoughts cease to exist but than.... In terse "Lot's happening in and around me"

Muaah Muaah zindagi.....


Fuck....Fuck....Fuck....Fuck....Fuck....Fuck....Fuck....Fuck.... shout it ten times and u'll unload many frustations knocking you from inside.....that's what 'baba shri Shri Rohit Khatri' said :D

Ma mood is not like this one liner..... Am hating maself for not being able to go to Mumbai for that inter NIFT sports meet. How can I miss something like this, sports have been ma second life. Sports is something on which I have survived. It's the only thing that I loved even when all the chips were down. It's something that always took me out of . Pending work is something that stopped me from going :( ....

Man, m missing it.... I could have played there, took out all ma frustation.......wel although m still taking out ma frustation but m missing not a trip to mumbai but deffinately all the sports and games I always loved to play....

Sports ma love.......muaah muaah..... m incomplete without u!!!

This blog is dedicated to all the sports and games I adore!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Crazy Thingy....."Gay Bomb", "Cow Dung Vannila Ice Cream"

If there's a will, than there is a way too!!!

My bad mood is being treated nicely....... so somthing new....funnier side of research...

There's nothing like nerd humor to keep the world's problems in perspective. Harvard University once again played host to the Ig Nobel awards. A parody of the Nobel prizes awarding people for scientific inventions that "first make people laugh, and then make them think."

I never thought that there can be a bomb whih will explode only to make opponents 'gay', yes this bomb explodes and activates desire for the fellow fighters........what an amazing trick to counter the aggression of oponents....simple, make them induldge with each other :P

Another one goes like this......... a special vanilla flavour ice cream made from cow dung..........i can never belive this but thats y these people have received big recognition.

For further info on above mentioned, check out Friday, 5th November's MINT Newspaper.
click http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9792113-7.html?tag=nefd.blgs

The Loo Thingy.... :P

Now this one is Important.......
Coz, I can't suffocate myself for long time in this rubbish mood.......
Achha nahi lag raha to kya, achha lagawana padega.... "Rohit, U have no choice of complaining, all you can do is to compete"

So here I go with a strange post, which might suck but might feel nice too.... Kinda trying ma hands on Humour...... So pals, please bear with me ;)

You might survive without other things but 'this' is a bare minimum necessity and the irony is no one talks about it. And if someone tries to do that, than people simply discard that attempt (hope m left this time)

Idea popped up in ma mind when someone commented on a pic in ma orkut profile. Well my hounerable frnz, today's topic is "LOO"!!

We need it, we survive on it, still we hate it.......can there be bigger Irony of life!!!
People in one of the leading retail brand have accepted the truth and the glamour of their lives starts from Loo. In their(a brand operating from bangalore) office, they have used brilliant art work. The doors and everything else is of glass and to keep li'l privacy glasses are painted with sexy girls running around......oops......what soching?.......it's no joke, m true (pics attached, above). If that's not enough than take this....every morning they keep copper tray filled with water dipped flower petals, they keep it in front of the loo..... now they do that intentionally or whatever....they do it (sachi muchi).

The beauty of Loo Only starts from here.... It's a place where you feel so relieved, so relaxed. "Do whatever, no one's gonna disturb me" feeling can be associated with it anytime. When ma Life takes a roller coaster form, when it moves with a blur speed. To be true, than I spend a li'l longer time there, it gives a time to slow down and uninterrupted place to calm and relax.

I remember my last job.... the Loo there was awesome, it had anything and everything. May be they did it to impress buyers, who frequently visited the office. But even I had the luxury to visit that 'peice de art' anytime :)
My boss always kept bitching behind me, she always kept screaming at me......"Rohit, ye kardo", "Rohit, do that", "Rohit, you haven't completed this", "Rohit, go home only after this", "Rohit, go there and get this done"......."Rohit, this......""......Rohit, that.....". Trust me that bitch had lots of energy, she never stopped barking, not even in ma dreams. I could never escape her eyes, I could never escape the work given by her, I could never escape anything. It was terrible......... but.......yes........for my rescue.......their was this awesome LOO. Despite having a loo on second floor(where i had ma seat), i used to go down on first floor of our office, and the reason was simple, to see that "peice de art". There I used to spend good time, icluding taking those long breathes, washing ma face in the basin (obviously) and than again taking deep breaths while looking inside the mirror till I was again ready to bear that barking bitch once again. Those 4-5 minutes of "escape de bitch" moments used to give me enough energy so that I could take on her barkings once more...... May be that was an HR tactic to counter attrition rate

Aaaaahhhh........ It's really nice to have a clean, cool and nice loo around you.......the way I have in ma home, had in ma office and one during ma summer internship. And let's not show sarcasm, the way a person deleted my comment from her community the moment she saw a word "loo" posted by me.......ha ha......

Keep the LOOs around you as clean as possible. Who knows u might need it anytime for whatever reason. From escaping a bicth to get a calm moment, from easing that tensed mood to...............*%^#$& (naaaaahhhh)

"Enjoy maadi" :P

When the chips are Down....

Five days, yes since five days I have been thinking to post a very positive post... Something that can only inspire to move ahead and climb higher....

But before that I have something funny to write about.....

And now, even that's gone coz of the kinda mood swing m having.
Obviously, not the best of the mood.
U fly, u enjoy, u give a damn to back biters...... U work hard, U do whatever...
But sometimes, those whom you consider your friend suddenly pose a strange question.
Your so called friend will pop up a hurting statement.....

It's a disturbance, and a big one. Everytime I think that I have learnt something big about managing people, i get a reality check......and it shouts "U still have miles to go".....
It's Ironical that you wake up with the best mood and the all the positive feelings just to realize that it takes few seconds to spoil all that.....

Magzines, Newspapers, Music, Excercise, Jogging, TV, Virtual World and the cellphone happen everyday, and today had a plan to do something different. Now that has been put back by the mood swing.......It doesnt hurt directly.....but it bothers a lot, it disturbs...its a big blockage in working smoothly....
Bache bade ho jaao.........n learn to stay above all this.

man thoda udaas hai aaj......
Kaam bohot pada hai fir bhi kuchh nahi hai karne ko
Achha types nahi lag raha....... Kya karu???
Kabhi Kabhi hota hai ki aapka man karta hai kisi se baat karne ka...lekin koi milta nahi hai baat karne ko.... kuchh waisa types lag raha hai

Till now I used to think that blaming and cursing those who hurt can help in bringing down the issues of life.....but naaaaahhh........kuchh nahi hota....
So, no use of that.......
All good done to them is past, which was forgotten long ago.....
Do good n throw in a pit............shit, shit, shit........

Dost, ye duniya apne hi rang mein rehti hai......
Chal tu bhi lag ja.....
Crib n you'll keep cribbing, smile and you'll be having fun!!!

I had a big faith on these words.....
"The good you do will be forgotten tomorrow, Do good Anyways"
Now, in my mind I have a question mark regarding this.....
Feel exhausted...& a bit too low...but "I have to chose to compete and I can't complain"
Jeck Welch recently quoted in an article.....
"The most creative people can be intellectually complex and emotionaly delicate."

I buy his words and consider myself creative person for now ;) LOL
(Afterall good mood ko to waapas lana hi hai na. Uske bina to kuchh nahi hoga yaar)

Bloggy promise me, that atleast you will not do like this and will stay by my side!!!
Thank you dearest bloggy!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dedicated to weapon called Patience....

And M too tired, but physically. All ma thoughts are in the freshest state......

It was planned this time, I had to acheive more than 7 Km, last eave it wasn't achieved because of those gasses leaking out from ma body :P

But i did run 3.5 km yesterday and all that was tough running to build stamina, and it did tricks today.

I ran till my body felt like it's standing on no frame, till I felt boneless, My body was in unimaginable state. I ran till all people were gone, till the ground was empty, I ran till their was scary silence. I ran till ma heart was pounding, till ma lungs were finding it difficult to take more. I ran till that starnge current starting from ma feet took shelter in ma lower body. I ran hard with desperation and with very few things in my mind. All I knew was that
1) M getting late, mum must be waiting
2) Have to do many assignments
3) and I have to.. have to complete atleast 7.5 Km today

It's one of the greatest sense of acheivement, it's too good when you stand 5.9 feet and weigh 80+ kg still manage to run 8.5 kilometers. Last 300 km was a sprint for my life that was pure muscle power, the man thing. It was pure display of feary passion.I am proud because I ran till I collapsed.

I learned patience and Passion today. All ma physical strength was nothing in front of the patience and passion I could gather for todays jog. Passion I always carried but today, I pledge to add Patience in my armoury. Without patience I could have never achieved it, it needed all the patience to strive all alone and to surpass boredome of going around same place for 17times.

I can say that after effects of running combined with sense of achievement are second best feeling u can have, just next to a human orgasm (ha ha........dont be sarcastic, u know the truth).

So, wait for the best feeling, till than u can do with the second best.......

It was lovely lovely :)

I ran for 8.5 km in 50.4 minutes i.e. 17 rounds of that ground.