Friday, April 9, 2010

Mad Race

I have always been sure about the fact that Mumbai is one of those dam cruel cities where the man's worth usually lags far behind materialistic arrogance. Here every breathing creature ends up in the mad race for 'nothing'.

The other day, we had fun time at Colaba. I was in my own tunes while coming back. I always prefer to stand near the train's door & feel the lovely mumbai breeze. While getting down I pushed the person in front of me as he took too much time, he took nearly billion nano seconds to get down at platform. Few seconds later I had one of the biggest regrets in recent times. The person whom I pushed was a blind man, he stumbled before managing to balance himself on his weak legs. And there I was...showed my cruel behaviour in the cruel city & still standing strong & tall. To my regretful senses it didn't matter if I did that unknowingly. It is not by man's instinct that he becomes cruel here, it's just the city where everything by default gets cruel. The catch can't survive the mad rush without being cruel to yourself & others. The world boasts it as 'NEVER STOPPING' attitude. We all hate it & still we all flaunt it. The NEVER STOPPING ATTITUDE.

And since than I have taken total non aggressive mode & pledged to show no aggression for a week, even if I am pushed, pulled, bashed, kicked or even thrown out. That's compensation for a pinching regret....

Rohit MAD RACE Khatri