Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kismat ka luck!!!

Pic 1) My Fate ......LOL......missed train ticket & flight ki ticket ka fatkaa

Pic 1) View of 'The Great India Place', Noida; clicked from Wave Cinemas, Centerstage Mall; Sometime in early 2008!

Pic 2) Sipping Cappuccino on a footpath outside Barista, South Campus, New Delh!! Ganju is an awesome pal rarely called by the name "Abhey Mehta', the guitarist :)

I missed my train, yeah I missed it!! Another conspiracy against me from the hidden powers!! I left home on time (though my masi never accepts the so very true fact). It was all jam packed, Matunga, Gandhi Market, Dadar, Mahim, Dharavi, Sion, Bandra all routes were packed. And I reached after the train had left.

Half the way I told taxi wala, 'Boss, aaj koi scene nahi lagta, sala apni kismat ka luck kharaab hai! Sahi bolu to aaj din hi galat shuru hua tha!

Taxi wala: Sir, kya hua!!!
Me: Kuchh nahi yaar, bas faaltu ki chik chik!!
Taxi wala: Aisa kya hua saab!! Ladki ki chik chik kya!!!
Me: Ha ha..... Brotherhood, are u a tarrot card reader or a Crystal ball gazer!!
(Man they know it all, next thing he'll tell me.....might be my past, my future or may be the colour of my undie :P .... i went a li'l back & tucked myself li'l down!!!)
Me: Yaar, tu bas train pakadwa de, baaki sab main nipat lunga!!
Taxiwala: Sir, mushkil hai, lekin try maarte hain.
Me: Kismat ne maar li ab aap try maar lo, isiliye main aapki taxi mein hu dost!!

& he zip-zapped everywhere, by god ki kasam, the way he overtook that humongous truck just ahead of Mahim, was a better stunt than schumi's F1 overtake!!!

Taxiwala: Circle tak hi jaam hoga sir!
Me: Yaar mujhe bhi yehi lagta hai! Arey ruk ruk, main utar ke dekta hu!

I ran till half a kilometer ahead, it was all jam packed!

Me: Huff huff....., boss ghuma le, take me to Mahim station, I'll catch local till Borivili n my delhi train from there!

Taxiwala: saab, Sion se le lu!
Me: Yaar kismat ne to le hi li, ab tu kahin se bhi lele, do that!!

n he miniatured few more trucks by his overtaking skills, we met jams after jams & finaly I gave up, lied on my luggage!

Me: Boss, kismat ki watt lag gayi aaj, kitna hua!
Taxiwala: Rs. 85
Me: Le dost, Thank you!!

hufff..., n before I could blink I was surrounded coolies.
Coolie: sir aapki train mil jaayegi. Kismat pe Bharosa rakho!
Me: Kismat pe nahi tu jo karega wo bata!!
Coolie: aap aaiye (taking my luggage & keeping into taxi)
Me: Kahaan-kahaan ??? Nowhere out of my, I could imagine catching up a super duper express train by taxi, it wasn't a movie shoot!

A man popped out of that dinky taxi!!

Man: Saab, meri gaurantee, agar train mili to hajaar rupe, nahi to jitna aapka man ho!!
Me: kitne? Hazaar?? Tousand???
Man: Sir, life jokhim mein daal ke chalaunga, super fast!
Me: Bhai, aur meri jaan??? Wo bottle mein daal ke chalaoge ???

I crossed road & took other taxi back, home & since than I have been laughing off!! May be the day wasn't good!

Back home, I went out, played pranks with every possible person & have been freaking crazily, these days life gives unplanned, unaccounted time rarely!! Just came from a late night walk at Worli Sea Face & a nice conversation!!

Though am losing good amount in unplanned expenditure!! I booked flight ticket & made sure that it must make me touch Delhi's soil before train, this time I so desperately want to be there!!!

mum-papa-sis-dost log, I am on time :)
hopefully, kismat ka luck ab apni side hoga!!!

Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli!!!!!!
Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli!!!!!!
Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli!!!!!!

I know you gonna say, I write nice poetry!!! This was my best one!!! ha haDilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli Dilli...... Love you all!! love me, you all!!!

A few more smiles!!!

Its 3, flight is at 5.50!! Abhi repack karna hai as per flight baggage!!!
Gosh not this one....... man, this is scary!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Delhi!!! I am coming, get ready, together we'll Rock!!!

For sure, we gonna rock. It's gonna be time (4-5 days) full of drives, frienz, coffee, parents, sis, freaking out, being freak, being crazy & being mad!!! It's (these days) been my longest stay away from 'Dil walon ki Dill'. People in Bombay generaly don't have good words for Delhi & Delhi walas but trust me for my geniuneness, Delhi has got lot more heart than Bombay, anyday. Bombay is lovely but a li'l too artificial!!

In any case I enjoyed & m enjoying life both ways at both places!!! As of now I am really eager to kiss Delhi's soil, hug it, love it & have fun on it!!!

Delhi!!!! I am coming!!!! :)

(Mumbai, you'll be missed too)
(Bloggy will be back soon, you'll be missed a lot)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clicks & Feels :)

It is that kinda time when you have so much inside your heart but you still keep mum!! I will be mum but can't be expressionless! Above clicks are my current expressions.... Expression of love, care, creativity, sensuality, empathy, passion & youthfullness!

Those were wonderfull 3hours 40 minutes spent with her at a lovely sea side cafe with a smooth hot experimental coffee!! It was a lovely stroll in a cool sea breeze!! It was good to be her chauffeur, unforgettable drive for sure!! Summary: bad day turned into an awesome story!!! The pics above are:

1) Dude is alone & li'l low, a girl declined him..... phew....!!!
2) Dudes & Babes having party, a weekend feast!!!
3) Flowers I bought for myself. I deserve to pamper myself!!
4) The bud/butt & the swoosh!!!
5) My Mug!!!
6) Her Mug!!!
7) Dono ke mugs. And a lovely conversation over Coffee!!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Paagalpan :)

koi to set karo is 'Zindagi ki rataar ki Speed Limit'!!!

Life's on a roller coaster once again. Neither it's pissing me off nor it's getting on my nerves, just that so many times I have loved 'slowness' over 'speed'! The charm of slowness is far long lasting than the thrill of the speed exactly the way beauty of cruiser is better than the sportsbike ;)

This sunday, I want to sip a coffee while sitting on a super fluffy couch, while doing nothing at all!! I want to invent the ways by which i can sip the coffee at a slowest possible rate, so that it lasts longer, longer, longest! This weekend I want to sit on the beach & do nothing at all. I'll just track the movement of the sea waves!! This sunday, I want to be travel in a local, not in a hurry to reach my station, my destination. Rather I wan't to get down on the last station. I won't mind if train takes it's own time, I won't mind if it lazes around, aakhir train ki bhi apni life hai! This sunday, I wan't to take a stroll on marine drive, a stroll that takes me to nowhere, at the max brings me back to the point where I started! This sunday I want to talk less & listen more, I won't mind if someone eats my head out by his/ her chatter. This sunday I want to travel in a bus, while sitting in a last window seat. I won't mind if it gets stuck in a traffic jam, I'll have more life! This sunday I wan't to read something good, I wan't to sip coconut water. This sunday I wan't to keep lying on the sofa while tracking the path sun traces while rising & want to snoar by the time it sinks back!!!

This sunday I want to talk to the older people in my life, my Dada, my nani & my current crush... ha ha... yeah, she's elder, a total buddhi :P..... kidding, she's sweet charming & young as just born.... again kidding....!!! Whatever, it would be lovely to talk to older people, listening what their heart speaks out & succumbing yourself to the slowness of the past!!

Hum us gali ja rahe the, jahaan koi paraya na tha,
Hum us gali ja rahe the, jahaan sab apna sa tha!
Hum us gali ja rahe the, jahaan apna raaj chalta tha,
Hum us gali ja rahe the, jahaan sapno ka mela sa tha!!
Hum 'Alice in Wonderland' ja rahe the,
apni gali ka kutta bhaunka aur cell screen pe Boss ka SMS sa tha...
'Reach early, I am out on business trip, have a task for you'!!

Aur zindagi ne fir pakad li wohi wihthout speed limit ki raftaar!!!
Us sust sunday ka aaj bhi hai mujhe intzaar...................

We all try to find out our own space in this speedy life. At times, I do it by doing li'l paagalpan, like cracking the near no wit PJs. And I wonder how on earth people laugh at the most pathetic joke ever cracked! For sure, the world is short of wit, short of smiles & short of some much needed laugh!!!

Dedicate this post to the girl who wanted a post by this (Paagalpan) title, who is elder to me (buddhi), who is sweeter than me (rarely :P), smarter than me (Courtsey: Revlon), and who is lovable for me (God knows how long)!! But, I am wierder than her (any day, anytime)!!!

Girly, You get a Bow!!!
Good Times

......A few more smiles!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Calvin & Hobbes & Smiles :)

Calvin & Hobbes & Smiles :)

Even the sleeping soul will smile to know the latest synonym for French Fries!!
'Alloo Dandi' that's what my cousin's daughter calls it ..... Phew :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

F&%$#@G Helplessness!!!!

A dream in the night! 10 thieves in your home. You want to kill them, throw them out of your house but you feel helpless & cover your face with the sheet/blanket, with the feeling of doing everything but you ending up with the 'helplessness'.

Every time you wanted to do something big & fell ill. Can't do anything but rest on bed. It irritates the soul out of you! That's helplessness.

Somebody's ill, somebody's dying & you want him/her to get fit/ stand & walk but that doesn't happen. You pray, you wish, you do everything right! You haven't done anything wrong still things are not in favour. PITY!! It's helpless you.

The car-the house-the clothes-the wishes, you wanted but couldn't put your hand on; gives you that bad feeling of helplessness!

A smooth drive, car at 90 km/hr, a speed breaker ahead, than you face a 8 ways crossing... where to go is the question???? You take a pause of your life & decide to follow one way, one route. Suddenly realizing that you are out of fuel!!!
Helpless you!!! Struggle with yourself!!! You made no mistake, and the car you were following is gone!!! The one you were following is gone!!!

Dreams now are hollow!
The one you wanted for life will be no more yours!!!
You deserved it/her/him/whatever but you can't get it/her/him simply for no reason!!!

It hits you! It kills you! It gives you the pain!!!

Sometimes what you want, you don't get it!! And all you get it is bloody helplessness!!
Helplessness is that bloody feeling which erodes the joy!!!

Helplessness is a feeling that no struggler would ever like to have!!!
Losing is a 'fuck all' thing, but helplessness is even worst!!!

I am feeling bloody helpless at present!

Turn down gives you same helpless feeling!! Turn down isn't a new thing for me but still why to me only?
Why you when you got it everything right from your end?? everything you could do, you did. But.....

Helplessness is a dead end you face, when you still haven't reached the destination!!! Helplessness is a struggle you can not fight!!! Helplessness is a midway of no conclusion!!!

With a feeling of helplessness, I pledge to make coming days better. I plan to watch 'Litle Zizou'! I plan to watch stand up comedy by Vir Das. I plan to tell my heart that it is nothing but 'Blessing in Disguise'! I'll put a fake cover of happiness till the real one arrives!!

With a mild headache in my ass.... :) ....I switch off. I kiss myself & fall down to sleep, to wake up to the new day's new sunshine!!! I don't want to run out of wit but headache's real!!

Rehne de aasma, zameen ki talaash kar!
Sab kuchh yahin hai, kahin aur talaash na kar!!!
Har Aarzu puri ho to jeene ka kya maza!
Jeene ke liye bas ek kami ki talaash kar!!! ......... Perfect

May you never face helplessness!!! (Unintentional sarcasm) Keep Giggling!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Holi & My Randomness!!!

Happy Holi to you all!!!

This one (post) is to retch off all heavy feelings from heart. I have done some big injustices with my hard earned money in past few weeks. It never pained me as Money stands quite low in my wish list. Don't know why, but even if not last, it is definitely not the top priority of life. Today, I felt immature, exactly the way my this post may sound. Thoughts on immaturity came up after I had a money matter discussion with mum. Not into splurging but I have definitely done injustice with my hard earned. Anyways, chucking it for now....

Sweet is still that very sweet!! Though I know probability of: 'No' = 10 x Yes, in plain terms, chances of 'no' are quite high. But than this is no reason to stop being myself. And I repeat, 'Sweet is still very sweet'.

It's been more than a quarter century, since I was separated from her body, since the time I came out of her womb. Still, the touch of her words make me the same kid, who asks for mum's care & affection all the time. Mum, my progenitor, you still rule my life. I Bow you and I am sorry, I am apologetic for the way I talked to you today!! You are the loveliest, bested & sweetest female in my life. Mum, you are even sweeter than the 'sweet'. I bow again!

It was Holi today. We went to 'Haveli', a plush motel on Ahemdabad road, just outside Mumbai. We played with colours, did rain dance, had good food too but I din't enjoy all that much. It all looked so artificial to be at a motel & do high figh stuff that I missed to be on my own, I missed 'natural me'. Today, I missed my home & I missed my pe0ple.

7 and a half years back, I was made to switch off the bulb by blasting it off using the artilary of swear words. My seniors ragged me, kept kicking my ass for completing the task. 'Itni gaaliyaan de ki bulb boojh jaaye' is what they told me. I was new at using swear words, but seniors' guidance made me to blast off the bulb :P. There on, I halted moving fans, made tubelights to blush. I did everything stupid, they asked me to do using swear. For survival, I had to d that.

I started using vocab of swear words only when I reached 7th sem of my engineering. And I realized than, how much tension it eases off. Later, I also realized that this thing triggered my break off with my GF :(. She hated it, when I called someone 'CH*%&$A', while we chatted on phone. Today, also someone important to me, told not to use these words with her. And, yeah, I won't! Will not use it ever while talking to her! Not putting further brains in this shitty topic, I halt.

It has been a life running around with too many jobs at hand & not cherishing them all the way, coz there's preoccupation of the next job in mind, coz there's hell lotta multitasking going around. Chasing things always is surely not a good feeling. Let the multitasking & chasing up take back seat for next 3-4 days. Me & my brain's li'l sleepy. So with below lines I wind up while wishing you all a colorful life.

Rah gujar ki aakhon mein chamak chod jaayenge,

Khamoshiyon ki maut gawara nahi humko!

Pahachaan apni dur talak chod jayenge,

Sheesha hain toot kar bhi khanak chod jaayeinge!

A few more smiles.....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blissfull Topsy Turvy!!!

"Ofcourse, I love you......
till I find someone better"

Naah naah..... not the lines I told or thought for a girl & not that someone told me but it's a book I picked recently... beyond that I don't have any idea why I am starting with these lines today.

While I jot down few more words, below mentioned points are on my mind:
* Mumbai & it's people
* Entrepreneurship
* Singleton & 'the girl'
* My awesome collection of new clothes (SS09), touchwood
* Coffee & Ciggs
* People around & Lessons of life

Screaming continuously for 2 and half days puppy lost the power it had in its throat. A new born pupy in the office's vicinity got its neck broken accidently & struggled madly for survival till the time I saw it last, a day back. He did not want to die but was finding dificult to survive either, beyond the hollowness of human thoughts & words.... he struggled & struggled.... God knows he is alive or not!!!

May the God be with those who struggle for their needs/wishes/ rights...
May the God be with those who put in the effort...
may the God be with all of us!!!

Feeling li'l lonely, I decided for a coffee at Colaba & had it at Wich Latte'. It was lovely feeling after I bought two nice Shirts. My SS09 stuff is turning up as an awesome collection. These good clothes in recent days have not only eased out things in my mind but have also earned me few worthwhile appreciations. For me Rust - Black & White - Grey are 'in' colors.

I told you, Mumbai is a a crazy city. People here look exactly like the way they are, i.e. far different from what Delhites or Bangloreans look like. Mumbaites pose less and are the way they are! This sometimes gives you a freaky feeling. Autowallahs & shopkeepers return your 50 paisa, if they owe you that. Black marketers are very clear on face for their up charge. And the pimps don't fear to ask for the kind of girl you want!!! Literally, it happened to me and once my friend encountered it too. While today's walk down in a Colaba's bustling Lane, a crippled man barged in from somewhere, without hesitation asked me 'saab ladki chahiye, ekdum mast - chikni?'. Not stunned but without a reply and a giggle on face, I moved ahead totaly ignoring him. I ignored him but the instance did provoked few thoughts.

Today after a long time, I cooked the fusion food i.e. Tomato Mint Veggie Pasta and it was a successful fusion.

It's been a lovely hardworking week! It's been a week of gaining support & trust from others, the bosses-the colleagues, friends & relatives. All showed enough trust in me & it all happend suddenly this week itself, as if a part of a conspiracy for my good. It felt good to see people putting in trust, people opening up in front of you, the way they never behave with you.

And the lovely lines I picked from an unknown zone give a sweet feeling, it goes like this.....

Thinking about you through a collage of blissful moments, stumbling over those that make me fall... over and over again, in love with you and floating in those that swept me off my feet with your inundating love. You're beautiful, and so is life with you. :)

Love you bloggy, you still retain the award of 'My Best Friend'!!!

It's again going to be a beautiful hardworking week with enough fun!!! & I look ahead for it.

Good Times!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

View of Life, from the top of my Coffee Mug

"You are sweet, very sweet, dam sweet, so so sooo very sweet!!!..... but only at times...ha ha ha!!"
Thats how she started her last conversation. She, the girl who loves me & I badly fall short in reciprocating these feelings. Not to miss on these lines, "she is highly respected. I know you'll be reading it n yes you are highly respected!!"

It's been a buisy week as any other I spent in Mumbai all this while. Sometimes it's office workload, sometimes it's heavy situations at home coz of Nani's illness & masi's tensions; and for the remaining times I am just buisy being buisy!!

Its been 8 good months in retail industry but politics stuff have just started to spill over me! One hour they bog me down, on other moment they charge me up, posing as a new challenge in realistic life. It had been real hard working time & i have been on spending spree with equal enthusiasm. Coffees, beaches, cig brands, locals and lovely solidarity still rule my world!!! Have had enough of Colaba, Marine Drive & Juhu all this while!! And the feelig's good only when I don't look at my savings :P

The girl I have recently fallen for is lovely (trust me for this even if you have never tried trusting me). 4 years elder, she still sounds kiddo to me(hey u, don't take it otherwise). Whatever, if the yes doesn't turn up, than there's another standing in the next lane of my life's journey! But I really feel like holding on to her!! Spoken my heart out, afterall life's a bliss when you come out with the truths, the purest form of our lives had have always been lovely!

I look forward to my good ol fren's Mumbai visit. I look forward to spending time with other one on reaching Delhi. I look forward to take my best friend & his fiancee out for a lovely drive n dinner! I look forward to hug my mum & dad, take them out, gift them the precious gifts I have bought for them! I look forward to gift something lovely to my sis and kiss her on her cheeks! I look forward to bring 'A Few More Smiles' into people's life! I look forward to move ahead n climb up!

There are turn downs & there are acceptances!!
God only knows wts in the store for me!
But as of now, life's a bliss!!!
Hey, m off to find a wood n do my touchwood tricks!!!

Love ya all!!!

Last but not least, lines I don't remember where I picked from.....

Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. You just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, b a flirt, & smile until yr face hurts. Don't b afraid 2 take chances or fall in love & most of all, live in d moment because every second u spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.

"You are sweet, sweetest, dam sweet, so so sooo very sweet but rarely......ha ha ha...!!"
Thats how she ended her last conversation with me & we smiled before phone disconnected!!!