Sunday, November 23, 2008

In search of a big win!!!

Pacey life, lethargic me, clouds of procrastination, career thoughts & bank balance plus etc. have created li'l dull patch among awesome jovial times.

Yesterday elder relative said, 'now get married, you are losing hairs, don't wait till baldness. It will get difficult to find a girl'... For me it was funny but definitely with some serious ironies.

Someone rightly said 'Winning is a habit'. When you win, you feel hungry for more. But when you don't, you feel no uneasiness because of a loss. For winners losing is the most uneasy thing to accept. For others loss is just another event.

I want to forget the days when I started accepting loss. Desperately wan't to win Big Time. Just finding how to make things happen for that big win. A 'Big Win' is what I need for now. Its been long since I had last time.

Monday, November 17, 2008

HOLD ON to it!!!!

I saw her, she was walking slowly... in few minutes she picked up speed & now she was walking faster. She was a bit too fair. In sneakers, she was squinting through her burqa clad face. She ran, yeah suddenly she ran, she ran in a burqa. Among all other joggers, she couldn't resist n neither her burqa was able to stop her from jogging. An early morning hilarious scene of a burqa clad women jogging finaly made me to write something today n here I am.

A tinge of unsettled feeling are back after a long time. I am hating myself for 'NOT HOLDING ON', not holding on to so many decisions, challenges. I am hating myself to not carve out way for success, I am hating myself for accepting whatever I am offered. I keep leaving, keep quitting only to return & hold it again. My jogging schedule, my weightl loss programme, my 'no' to junk food (though it only happened in thoughts), my firm decision to win everyday challenges at job. My promises made to myself die a slow death, they succumb to 'chalta hai' attitude. Books I have to read are piling on shelves n I am not able to take out even 15 minutes a day. I owe all this to my laziness, procastination & other similar vocabulary.

Still the triple shot late' last night, near beach, at Shivaji Park, in Barista gave birth to a new hope. A hope to survive a li'l longer, a hope to keep holding on, a hope to atleast give a li'l fight. I immediately succeeded, I held my mug till the time I finished my coffee. I decide to replicate such move in my life. I decide to 'HOLD ON'.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Peace in pacey life

No post from my end never mean that I dont come to this zone. It's just that I view, read other's, smile, feel good and walk out. My dormancy doesn't mean life is not happening, at present it means it's all going good. Mumbai is lovely & so is my job. Touchwood!!!

Mumbai has given me a chance to offload many of my bothering emotions. I feel lighter despite gaining weight, thats the feel you get when your heart is lightened.

Dear Bloggy, not forgetting you in good times, I still remind myself that you are one of those awesome friends who'll be cherished irrespective of the turn life takes.