Thursday, August 7, 2008

My undies & the pacey life

This is no porn or the begining of any. It's a truth, a small looking but impacting truth of my life. In last one & a half month I have increased my assortment of undies dramatically. Their are more Frenchies & Henes in my almirah than before.

Mad speed of Mumbai make you do that also. It was very obvious choice to buy few more than to wash them. Washing anyday consumes more time than buying one. I don't know where this post came from but its plain truth converted into self generated blog post.

Life in Mumbai is pacey, the mad pace at times make you to write mad posts & other times you don't write at all. Pace gets under your skin. It made me mad two days back but barring few occasions I have been enjoying it, touchwood. Please pray that I hold on to this goody goody feelings :)

With the intentions of not quadrupling my undy collection, I end my post & get up to wash my undies this time atleast.

Never in my life buying Undies ever impacted my monthly budget.

With Love
Rohit :)