Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Customer Satisfaction"

Holy shit

Lady Custmer: Is this a sizzler or a bastard's shit???

Is this what you boast as a sizzler?? Sara jala hua hai, it's little better than coal.

Steward: Ma'm, thats the way we serve sizzlers, they are.... (and he is interrupted in between)

Lady Customer: Who the hell u r to tell me about sizzlers, i have eaten these before..

Steward: (completing his last sentence).....they are served real hot and the sizzling dish does makes lower layer a bit like that.

Lady Customer: (fuming) Look at this chap, this new born kid is teaching me...... U %$&#@

Second Customer was listening evrything and was staring in the eyes of this lady customer, he said "arey, agar itna hi bura tha to khane ke baad kyon complain kar rahi ho"

I couldn't hide my giggle, but lady still replied out of her shame, "ismein quantity hi kitni hoti hai, sawa so rupe mein jara sa"

Ha ha...... before steward could reply back manager intervened and made steward to keep mum.
Battle over......

Naaaaaahh, that was my perception......

here comes another uncle ji aka dissatisfied customer number 2. And he sees nothing but his plate and shouts, "ye sizzler hai, ekdum thanda, ismein sizzling kya hai"

Before pity steward could reply, a thought popped up in ma mind, uncle sizzling to aapke peeche line mein khadi hai..... oooops........wrong timing of ma prank.....the conversation was heating up

Steward: Sir aapke saamne banaya hai, thodi der mein thanda ho hi jaata hai.
And he turns bak to call cook, Joy, yaar ismein thodi sizzler sauce aur daal....
Arey, what was that, to my amazement there was a sudden sizzle in that silent assortment of veggies.......

I can not forget the name "Sizzler Sauce", can it be used with dull and boring humans too, specially girls ;)

Thank God, a hot, sassy and tall girl came, was excited to see this dish for the first time in her life (her reaction was like: may be they are making sizzlers the way people make on mars, never seen before). She asked the name and ordred one, with a big smile on her face.. God, she's gonna have good time...yummy yummy....hopefully better than the time spent with her boy friend. After terrible 10 minutes even the steward and manager had something to smile and cherish. They were not at the receiving end this time.

Ooops..... this pleasure was short lived for the people working in Sizzlers, food joint in Spoons, the food court, Great India Place.

They had another big fella standing with a frowning face and the stupidest beared in world, if not in world than atleast in the mall.

The fella said, mera sizzler kahaan hai (spoke exactly the way, those psycho draculas in english movies speak, slow and with terror filled voice, just that "ha ha ha......" was missing)

Steward: Sir, ye raha (pointing to a sizzler which was lying lifeless on the counter, waiting to be picked)
The big fella: (with the same style of speaking)...... ye, thanda sizzler. Agar aisa kuchh khana hota to saamne se ice cream kha leta, mujhe garam chahiye.

Steward: (collecting all his courage) Sir, ye aapke liye hi banaya tha, aap late aaye ho.

And the big fella was fuming, and the hidden moster was about to unleash but here comes the sneaze......... chhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaankhhh............... it was an earthquack that measured "0" on ritcher scale but was very visible in nature. Sizzler sizzled out and was sizzling on the counter and on the floor.

Steward: (Emerging from nowhere in the scene) Very Sorry sir, we'll give you another!!

Aaaaahhhh....... thats what we call customer service, afterall it was a big fault of the food chain :P, they shouldn't give sizzler to customers just before a sneaze

After a long wait, rather a long long wait (although i never realized), came my sizsler, with a fancy name 'Paneer Shashlik Sizzler'. But......... "Where's the paneer?", I asked the steward.

Steward: Sir, waise wo neeche chala gaya hai, fir bhi main aapke liye aur daal deta hu.

He was smiling, no denying the fact was feeling pity about his job also.

Me: Dear, thodi vegetables bhi (Even I deserve some "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION")

And he puts some more veggies in ma sizzler and to my amazement offers me a free cold drink too.

In the mall and food court, I had a good time with my parents. I went there for a weekend outing, and to have some refreshment after a long and tough week with enough work. And we might plan for next week also, may be next to next week also, with my cousin also, with my sister too, with my friends, with my relative and with all........I'll love to be there......but the thought thats in ma mind is that, those stewards, cooks and manager go there everyday. They spend whole day in the same ambience and same surroundings where we want to be, still they mess their life in the issues and terms which we tag as "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION"

So, from next time if you see a steward or a salesman in a store, be nice to them, smile and remember......."THEY TOO WAN"T TO LIVE LIFE BEYOND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION"

and I take long breathe, release myself from all shackles, and tension touches me no more, heading towards the ultimate route to nirvana.........

Love You All

When u look outward for help......

"Loneliness is the human condition. Cultivate it. The way it tunnels into you allows your soul room to grow. Never expect to outgrow loneliness. Never hope to find people who will understand you, someone to fill that space. An intelligent, sensitive person is the exception, the very great exception. If you expect to find people who will understand you, you will grow murderous with disappointment. The best you'll ever do is to understand yourself, know what it is that you want, and not let the cattle stand in your way. Moo."

-Janet Fitch

Thought worth more than just reading....

Now that's something amazing i took recently from someone while our conversation.......

I cannot handle emotional people, who refuse to understand any logic, any reasoning wat so ever..
for as much as i ve lived..i ve realised there wud b ppl in n out of ur life.. n tht its important to not tk things to heart..priorities change with time.. people do fall out of love.. and wen things and times move on..u need to learn to move on.. i ve learnt tht.. no one is important enuf to shake ur the end ur all u have..i wudnt want to change tht attitude.. wen people decide to move on..its btr to let thm go..holding on wud just delay the process.. it wudnt really stop it..

Isn't it great??? Well depends on your perception. I always opposed such thoughts but now is the time i must imbibe all this. I'll give it a try, a good one...

RUN.... Run Hard

1, 2, 3..... first three were ok, was breathing from nose. 4th was difficult, had to start breathing from mouth also.... Knee had some pain but thot of completing atleast 6.
4,5,6..... now suddenly it came across my mind that the target was to achieve 10 rounds aka 5 km by September end. So, after completing 6th i thot its not very far, its close. So I mst give it a try, so did I.
7,8,9..... by 8th round, all that happened in the afternoon was in ma mind and than it was disturbing, so running more than 10 was worthwhile to leak out those disturbing thots.
Completed 9th n it was a feeling of acheivement despite trembling legs, than completed 10th n started running hard, sprinting ahead for 11th round cmpleted it while fucking all the frustations of ma life......... heart was pumping hard, not even a single part of ma body was untouched with sweat....... old age people out there for eavening walk, uncles n aunties, guys from gym, few hotties and all the people present there were amazed by the fact that a heavy man is running this much........ few tried to compete also but no one could move beyond 3-4 rounds and I was way ahead for 12th round.

I was alone, desperate to run..... could have managed more than 7 KM. But continuously running for 34 minutes aka 5.9 KM or 12 rounds of the same ground that too all alone became boring and had to stop. Stopped, n had all the goosebumbs, was breathing very heavily, it was pounding...but the sense of satisfaction was overwhelming..

How it feels after running 5.9 Km is nearly same as u feel after doping :) and the feeling stays for a longer time, till the time the blood flow stays on higher end. And after 20-25 minutes it starts cooling but the inner happiness stays intact. All ur hunger for food goes away.

It felt great, such a good feeling, a feeling of acheivement.
M too happy for all this.......

Hurray......Y DON'T U ALL RUN :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How m i doing :)

I realized that I went quite good with ma words while replying to an ol friend when she asked "how r u doing n how's aunty?"

My reply...........

i have been doing "balle balle"
....m doing good to great n nothing less
Teachers running after with me with assignments n projects n presentations n m running hard to create never ending distance inbetween those mad chaps n myself.........

M bunking all those never ending classes. M relieved, m relaxed still m li'l vexed n thats the mystery.....
M running hard still vexed's dam buisy, no time for bird watching n thats ma biggest worry...... all girls miss being teased by me....they talk about my inconsistency in this chapter of life.....
Life's good....mum's good, papa's even better, starwberry (my sis) is getting crazier. Also mum papa's kiddish fights on trivial issues is still going strong(Touchwood)......
World's conspiring against me............they all went after me on ma birthday, atleast 3000 people called me that day, but not you :P . Everything in ma house was ringing as a wierd cellphone........ Never mind I can accept delayed gifts n can forget the issue.......

Bas kuchh is types ki hai meri life abhi
Mast hai na???

N I enjoyed reading it again n agian :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Winning without competing...


Got it, the idea of relaxation, the idea of luxury.......

It's been tough out there, continuous competetion sometimes frustates a lot.

What about "Winning Without competing"???? Bet, thats not a bad idea... Idea worth million, na na....... billion dollar.... So here's a billion dollar Idea....

My Idea of Luxury.....

When they all will be attending boring/ interesting lectures (boring or interesting is their own perception). At one corner of the classroom I'll be sitting on a couch with a cup of coffee.... That's what I Call luxury.........and thats winning.......

When they all will be running fast, strangled in gadgets and all the hype. I'll still be sipping that chilled coffee on the couch. Seeing them competing hard and giving there all, I'll be enjoying evrey sip. When competing gets over, I'll be the one who'll decide the winner. No one else but I'll be deciding the winner. That's what I call Luxury.

That's "winning without competing".

Complete FREAK......... Controled madness

I WONDER, I wonder how come i have been so silent all this while.
How come i have been accepting losses all this while,
that too with this big heart n that great patience.

I WONDER, I wonder from where did I get this amazing patience,
I wonder how long I will continue to loose????
I wonder where was the old real "me" all this while????
I wonder will he come back????

YUP, He will n he has to be back..... after 2-3 years of silence and absorbing/ sustaining/ compromising/ bearing all those shitty things I have to be back... the passion seems to be climbing bit more, as if m getting younger and not older. The heart is again beating as fast as it ever did and it's screaming "WIN" "WIN" "Victory" "Success" .... And brain replies... we will........

Wierd.... as wierd as it could get, isnt it? It's the thought anyone will pass through after going through above lines. But yes, thats what ma heart is yelling out, it's telling me to hook and pull every bouncer bowled at you, its telling me to fire back every bullet aimed at you, its telling me to RUN HARD TO WIN.

India won today's match this happened after India stunned England yesterday. Today Indian team went hard on the hosts "South Africa", Indians not just won the match but threw out South Africa from the tournament. Well..........thats the SPIRIT man..... I know m sounding violently aggressive....ha ha.......Trust me, I wont get real violent......but I even can't control ma passion.

I have been running 4 to 4.6 Km since last 7-8 days and the way hurt pumps blood is perfect for this kind of passion. :) and the better thing is that m loving it, m enjoying it :) Hutch Half Marathon is a 35 days away n m eager to run..... m pumped up with my long distance running and the India's Win (even if they loose next game)

Going back, I can visualise all those years that brought so many changes in me, I used to be the one who never accepted failure. "Rohit", use to cry alone in his hostel room whenever he lost any game/ competetion, he used to fret n frown n brood over smallest loss. All those bets to win, I remember. I remember all those wins in different GD and debate Competetions, Table Tennis, cricket and Football matches. But I can not forget the failures too, it always looked as if my loss was a result of conspiracy, it felt as if i m being targetted by favourism, m being cheated. It gave pain, it hurted, n i was always bruised, used to cry for days till something better happend. I can not forget the days when I couldn't sit for Placements in final year of engineering (coz i couldn't clear one exam). I remember when every one was shocked after a company announced that I'll get 15-20k Stipend plus a chance of PPO (Pre Placement Offer). No one imagined that I'll be the one. But more than that I remember the PPO which I never got and my two other frnz succeeded in getting that. I remember when I was praised for all the good i was doing at job. But more than that I remember when my boss's boss warned me "either ship in or ship out", I remember when our MD warned me "you aren't doing good, concentrate on job and forget trivial issues that are bothering u".

I remember all ma failures more than my successes, coz my failures always bothered me and they still continue to do so.

Till 4-5 years back, i had no idea about how to accept a loss or a failure. All i had in me was that this was mine and i dint get it, there's a big conspiracy and unjustice happening around. And I always brooded over the thought for days n weeks and months. I could never accept when she walked out of ma life. But all these years I have learnt to accept defeats and losses. I have been a good looser. Good Looser: not the one who loves loosing but the one who know's that after loss, accept it, improve, performance and work on negatives. But still it hurts every time I loose. I hurts and it hurts more than the way it normaly does to other people.

I again wanna cry for all those losses which i accepted in these 4-5 years without dropping a tear for them. I wanna cry like mad, wanna brood over all that....... M feeling uneasy, m disturbed, m more passionate, COZ I AGAIN DON'T WANNA LOOSE ANYMORE without hurting myself. I just don't wanna loose every now and than. I wanna hurt myself everytime I loose, I wanna cry and brrod everytime I loose, I wanna get fearsome after every loss, I wanna be a complete WINNER after every loss. I want to come back Hard after any loss. I just dont want to accept any loss easily.

God, give me the power to adjust with realities and the power to win.
God give me Passion to move ahead, like a fiery freak.
God give me the fun thats an outcome of Win.
God after all "patience" which u have been teaching all this while, Give me the "WINS" and "VICTORIES" that I deserve.


Life might be about fretting and frowning,
It should be about having fun,
It may have bit of crying,
Life's certainly not about loosing all the time,
It's neither about complaining,

It's about competing, it's about surviving all the odds!!

That's what I call controled madness

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pardon my words but it was a big conspiracy against me

8:00 PM, 3rd september, Monday eavening, "tu apne birthday pe kya karne wala hai?", "dude, what r ur plans for the day?", "Hey, anything special for the day?"

11:50PM Monday Night, "dost 4th september aane waali hai", "hey, just 10 minutes to go", "so ready for the blast?"

11:58PM Monday Night..... first call --> "hey, wish you a Very Happy Birthday"
Mummy papa came and wished me, hugged me, kissed and cared as they always do.

second call --> "I dint forget this time, happy birthday dost"

third call --> " Happy Birthday sweet, May God Bless you, May all your wishes come true"

Fourth Call-->> "Bhaiyya Happy Birthday to you, kya kar rahe the? Fir kal to masti time......haina??"

5th call --> "Kya kar raha tha itni der se?? Hmmmmmm...... ladkiyon se baat kar raha hoga, haan haan ab hum to chhote log hain na, aap to NIFT mein chhokriyon ke beech mein ghire rehte ho....chal Enjoy kar, masti maar, Wish you a very happy Birthday"

6th Call --> "Hello sir, kaise ho...long time no updates, i tried to call u sveral times but got to know that u r in bangalore...aur batao?? ohhh......aur calls aa rahi hain beech mein. chalo I'll call you later.....Wish u a Very Happy Birthday"

7th Call -->>"Aur Rohit kaisa hai?? Happy Birthday dost?? Aur bata kya chal raha hai life mein..... ok ok, catch you later....again many many happy returns of the day"

Tell you....... I was receiving double the number of msgs in between.....

another call, 8th call ...... and the 9th call and the 10th.......11th.....12th, 13th, 14th call, 15th, 16th 17th... and the 18th followed by 19th call, than came the 20th..... the ol school pals, hostel lobby partners, the engineering batchmates, Engg. Serionrs, girlfriend ;) , Engg. Juniors, NIFT friends, chat friends, friends' friends, and friends' friends' friends...... cousins, cousin's friends, friends' cousins and what not......... How can i forget the maasi's, nana, nani, mama, mami, dada ji, Chacha ji, foofa ji, bua, Neighbours, Aunties, Neighbourhood friends, Teachers, ex boss, Mentors and who not....... received calls from all known living human beings on planet earth.

Trust me 4th september was just started and calls kept wringing ma head till 2:30, from most admired to most irritating person everyone called...........wierd world.......those night shifts of their jobs gave them full liberty to bug me at those odd hours :( , they really took ma breath away, jaan nikalti hai to saanse apne aap ruk jaati hain .... chaar baje soya tha main :(

Got up at nine, that too to attend a phone call, "haan yaar thank u very much. chal will get in touch later, i was sleeping. Ok, thanks again"......was about to sleep and here came another, followed by another followed by another, and another and another...........and than i switched off........... Now I was assured that whole world was conspiring against me..... 40 % people have decided to shoot me down by emails and SMSs and rest 60% were targetting my brain through my ears. They kept calling and calling. I know, I have irritated them a lot, have bugged them like anything and have never missed any chance to make fun of them but this was just too much.

GIVE ME A BREAK............. atleast lemme have a glass of water.......

Mum, m going to CROSSWORDS (a book shop in a nearby mall), hope can find some peace in books......Ufffff...... amidst that silence where people were screwing their heads by sinking their fucking souls in those sucking books, i also found a spongy couch in a corner and sunk ma ass in that. (ma words are simply a result of the shock treatment world was giving me)

The moment I put ma ass on the leather covered sponge, it again vibrated....."My ex boss, "kaisa hai Rohit?".
Me: "Achha hu, ap kaise ho"
Ex Boss: "m good too"
Me: "hey, m li'l buisy can we chat later"
Ex Boss: "ok no issues, u were asking about smthing that day, kuchh hua uska?"
Me: "What".... y the fuck she is poking ma head? Is she too irritated by her jerk ass Husband and asking me rescue her?
Ex: "About that assignment which you have to do in college"
Me: "Oh, that one. Ya I'll mail you about that"..... man, i need a break, kyon nahi rakh rahi ye phone.
Ex Boss: "hmmm..., arey i was out of town for few days so had enough work these days in office"
Me: "ohhh, kyon kya hua? kahaan gaye the".... M not asking you out for a date, u can screw your whole weekend by working extra for that pending work, but for God's sake don't spoil ma day

Me: "hey, i have another call, unknown number, person is trying since long, must attend it this time.....catch ya later".... ha ha, ma trick to save ma ass from unnecessary poking

Ex Boss: "ohh k, Birthday Wishes once again"...... ma trick's working
Me: "Thanks a lot, it always good to get wishes from you people"..... n she must have dialed someone else's number coz she was sounding despo ;) ..... ha ha

But even ma fate was targetted by big cospiracies..... Soon i had another call, i dodged that but in 5 minutes i had another and another......

God Dammit......... aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh........... please let me live for few more days

Came back.....slept for an hour while switching off ma cellphone........the time i got up, to be very precise i had 14 missed calls and 7 msgs. All from the gang of people who conspired big time agains me.

i replied to all msgs and moved on with ma day with compritvely lesser number of calls as it was already eavening and by now the conspirers must have been low on motivation after seeing ma solid stand to surrender. It was about 7:30, as planned, an awesome dinner along with fun time in a new shopping mall were waiting. I though I'll be a chauffer for ma mum n papa, will take them out but the moment i got into driver's they are......tringggggg, tringgggggg....... another call......somehow managed that and another......uffffffff......

Somehow, we moved, i was driving down to the mall....... on half way....yes u guessed it right.....Another, i got down from driver's seat, asked papa to drive and went on chatting with a friend who called after a long time. Lately she had been facing troubled times, so i had to be generous with her..... morover, she comes from the rare breed of those attractive green eyed girls ;) . i continued my talks despite crossing all frustation levels. (jokes apart, "A" is a friend who's company is always cheered)........over, one more conspirer knocked down...ha ha...

This was followed by just Mama-Mami's STD call when we were in a mall, than only Taya ji's call. Thank God, that coz of all the good i did in past, i dint had even a single call wen i was having ma awesome Dinner at "Punjabi by Nature". I took ma parents there and they were their for the first time. So, wanted them to enjoy the ambience, courtsey by staff along with the awesome Indian Delicasies and so did they. Won't tell abt maself, coz u all know m a big time foodie :)

N the day was wrapping itself back, we were about to get in our car and here it came......"Hello Rohit, How r u"

FUCK U, u fucking asshole, the biggest sucker of all time, nerd, jerk ass, I'll break your balls, u junkie, Will kick your ass, u'll dread calling me ever again. @!#$%%^#!%W^%^%^!#$#%
Pardon ma words but anyone would have done the same thing.

And I received no other gift but those phone calls and SMS's.........
It was tough time, dreadfull day but i never let the cospirers take control of my life

I Thank God for giving me enough energy to bear all those phone calls and those endless chats that came along with every ring of ma cellphone.

Jokes apart I thank all ma people for making me feel like king on 4th of september. Trust me, i haven't ever received these many calls and SMS's in one single day, forget single day, I haven't even received these many in one whole month.


Monday, September 10, 2007

STRANGEST.........COMPLICATED.....beyond understanding

It feels good........feels good to care for someone.
It feels good to give importance to someone!!
It feels good to be there, to be there when they need it!!
It feels good to do for someone.
It feels good to stay awake for someone!!

But it hurts when you loose.
And it hurts when u know you will loose,
Dont know what still keeps you going...
Losing teaches when its unanticipated
But loosing snatches a lot when u move ahead despite knowing that u gonna fall apart!!

Wtever it is... there are times when u are senseless and do the most stupid things and thats what I did.........ha ha CHUCK IT MAN!!

It's been lovely lovely time for me.........those difficult times look so small at times and the small good times bring big smile on ma face.

It was exhausting night, it took all out of ma mind and physique but still gave satisfaction. It was something very different I did n I just loved it........ Its something that m gonna remember for times to come, havent ever done it....n it just happened.

The only negative that happened to me all this while is that I am now a day behind my competitors, my target has been pushed day beyond my reach...but thats not all I want in my life....... I need a life beyond just winning..........

Thanks to u and Thanks to God

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The crap of VIPs and VVIPs....

Have been told by many, that I write a lot about food in ma blogs..... Generaly, I pause.....and then reply 'It's obvious that I'll write what I like".

After reading all those diet guides and the nutrition facts, I started my day with a breakfast of cheesy pizza...can u belive it?? I loved it more than the stated facts that breakfast should be least greasy..... Anyways, to burn it out m planning to start jogging....oops did I say that

I was out for something different. Could see few PCRs (Police Control Rooms) stationed near the venue. I asked them the shortcut for backdoor and they guided. There were more cars parked than yesterday. I parked my small bike in a corner, moved forward but was stopped by the security which was many levels up from the one I faced yesterday. Initially they even dint allow me to take small paperback book inside the hall, but somehow i managd(we Indians have been doing this since centuries, so no big deal). Morover I had to do this so that big crap of big people can be kept away from me.

There was tight security inside too, could see intelligent breeds of dogs, the sniffer dogs. After seeing all that I heard expected crap of all those people trying to prove themselves better than the rest that too in front of those who will decline to give recognition even to their forefathers. It looked as if people are banging there heads on the bureacratic walls of Indian Government just to show that their blood is more red then others. But I was more interested in the catering services, courtsey "The Ashoka". I had good lunch followed by even better ice cream, i liked corn salad and the steamed mix veg......yummm...!!

Some more crap had to follow. After that we were locked in this biggest govt. managed hall in NCR region for half an hour.

And than they entered, 3 comondos, their chest swelling like a big boobed blondy. Coz were simply wearing bullet proof jackets, and countless other gaurds were acattered inside the hall in few minutes and many more waiting outside. Despite presence of biggest people in Industry from all over the country cameras were focusing on the dice. And here he comes "The Prime Minister MMS, I mean Manmohan Singh".

It was the true showcase of power. The most powerful man in the country was standing in front of us. I saw what not, from gunmen brushing their cartridges to hybrid sniffer dogs. From most complicated detectors and detonaters to the most patriotic and dedicated team of Gaurds.

The TEXSUMMIT 2007, Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, ended with a beautifuly sung National Anthem by three ladies, one was playing sitar while standing on feet. Lovely feeling of patriotism it was. Among many VIPs, VVIPs and their big cars/bodygaurds I squirreled out on ma small bike. And it was a day of bogus things, big people and the bigger bag of 'geniune crap'.

Whatever, many things are done for that experience which you can not get without doing that, I exactly did that.

Muskmelon is currently reading "Almost Single", "It Happened in India" and "The Secret"
He enjoyed Pao Bhaji and Onion Jeera Bread.
Muskmelon had a tough day but its ending on pretty exciting note.....

Love U Life!!!

Fuckingly Frustating.......

Sometimes I feel as if I spit emotions in all ma blogs...... but I have no other option. All these years writing Diary and blogs have helped me in transforming from a santaap (synonym for sentimental given by ma frnz) to a comparitively stronger person by heart.

Since yesterday m again not having the best of the feelings. Wanna break this jinx and thats y writing this blog. There's no one but 'dearest bloggy' with whom I can share all these things happening to me. For anyone else these will be like any other trivial issue but I know how much this is taking out of me.

Aaj achha sa nahi lag raha, sala ek baat kal se bheja fry kar rahi hai. It's fuckingly frustating.

Uuuffffffffff.......... Its really difficult.

People influence moments of life like anything. Sometimes I feel I am dominated by people around. It gets difficult to take things out of ma mind and those things just eat everything outa ma body.

My trust on ma good friends is questioned by themselves. They couldnt take the fact that I gave importance to someone else.... or may be something else was cooking in their times m poor at interpreting their exact thoughts.

Wateva, to get out of all this m trying hard...

Thank you bloggy to hear all ma shit, to hear all ma crap which no one else in this world will bear. I am at ease after yelling out few things here.