Monday, December 25, 2006

No promise... but i do Expect

Reverse countdown for new year started days back n "resolutions" word was already on ma mind...... Every year they come and pass after spending some time on my diaries and may be in ma mind too but have never been long lasting.

This blog I m starting without any promises to myself..... a younger gal motivated me to get down n dedicate sometime to jot few of ma thoughts....... n here I m.

I hope, this blog will be my Girl Friend (As I so much miss one), my dude, my best friend and will always make me feel good whenever m knocked down..... yup!! This is the expectation m having from my bloggy, my buddy!!!

Long back, I was kicked on ma ass by ma Girl Friend (ex) and that was so very painful, it took me months to get back to normal. Somehow i came out of all that but not before hurting myself a lot..... I deffinately missed few things when i was spending hell lotta time with that gal, who since than never cared back for me. NEVER EVER, not in the lowest, toughest times caused by her absence n not in the best times. She is tronsformed to a "TOTAL STRANGER" from a "LOVELY SWEETHEART"....... it still pinches a bit (much beyond a bit) dude.

Never mind........... ha ha (sarcasm)!!!

This is being revealed here, for the first time I took out my heart coz can't keep these things burried as it's hurting real bad....

We had small fights n i was bogged down coz of all that. I told her to slow down or part away... We still proceeded as she made me melt coz of her tiny pearly tears. But later on fights continued n it was her turn.....

....And she never came back... there on she never gave me all that she used to....!!! :( I had a toughest time to follow that, ma job, my work profile never satisfied me, my concentration fell to lowest, my confidence touched its lowest..... life was never normal for those 12 months and beyond. I even spoilt impression on my employers...... but thank GOD, zeal to learn more and passion was was always there even in the drowning heart.... I had that pumping heart which always asked me to explore ma limits.... THANK GOD to that energy which suggested me to change the course of ma life n M in NIFT.

Guess not much but above mentioned bad phase was biggest force which took me to NIFT otherwise I always wanted to get into one of those most dreamt about MBA colleges.


There on after few more shocks...... life's been stable.... and that stability is again creating turbulance for something new!!

Thanks to that younger gal, who motivated me to start writing and exploring a bit more of myself.

HOPE it'll be a good time with u dear "BLOGGY"


"Passion"..... one of ma favourite word n I do wan't to start with this word!!