Thursday, January 31, 2008


Who said its good good and good all the times....

He had had comparitively happier times as compared to that of his pals, who were struggling to get settled with job offers and who were still searching for one. He was happy to be at a place where he wanted to be. And on a bonus, was pushed by the colleagues for the bigger and better things life could offer. But good times too ask for companion. With whom you laugh with, with whom to giggle with. And now with whom could he share all the big things he had done and if he din't do anything big than still he wanted to share all that small stuff. But it was all solitute in that single beautifully located room.

Two cellphones a laptop and so many other gadgets. However sophesticated they get, they never feel human.... Last night he felt so isolated despite being connected to the world that he popped up 5 choclates. 1 Munch, 1 kitkat, 2 Bar ones and one dairy milk. Choclates did killed isolation and loneliness. But all the physically tiring excercise he did for one weak was dissolved in cocoa and caramel of the choclates. Choclates accumulated back all the calories he burned while jogging hard. He had his sumptious heavy Punjabi dinner and slept like mad. And the mad kept sleeping till early morning, unaware of tens of phone calls which came from unexpected lot too. As if everything was planned to be so wrong. All waited to call me when Sleep was hugging me hardest, the way it never did in last one month atleast.

The madness is gone now, he is again feeling happy, the sunshine and the bright day is back. He is gearing up and prepairing to go for a jog. It will be a punishing regime of excercise for he had taken poisonous choclates last night and all that had to be burned by jogging an extra mile and skipping double.

May the good times flourish for everyone and all be far from haunting solitude. Amen

and the Good times will will go on>>>>>>
Fuck tough times

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Me @ Bangalore (Random thots)

Lake in front, City's most happening place about 1.5 Km, typical royal Kannada Landlord family. And lots of masti. That's how I can describe my week's stay at lake facing room.

On very arrival, I was informed about the cricket tournament in which our company will be participating, that's starting from next week...and all corporate giants of Bangalore will participate in this "CRY" organised tournament which asks for a participation fees of 35000 bucks per team...BINGO...this sounds too good, what better could I ask for? I love to play and they want me to play for their team (may be they consider me a good player :) , m happy). Yesterday only we had exhaustive practice nets and they were so exhaustive that I have been down with fever :(

Lake facing the room gives such a nice feel, that from the day I arrived, I have started jogging. This time, m gonna shed some of ma flab here.

Things look good in Bangalore, the crowd seems so young that the people who call city as a "pensioner's city" must be called fools.

This time my mentor @ VF seems to be lot cooler, and m having an awesome time with him. he is not only helping me out in my learning about professional life. He is also helping in saving moolah, acquiring goodies at a lot lower prices, he is helping me out in getting connected with people in the company. He has been a real support. Touch wood.

I am missing home, missing family and a lot. But have to be here for next few months or may be years and for that I need a companion, which cant be anything better than a GF ;) (add dher saare frnz also). And I definitely need some good moolah too, as Bangalore is not a cheap city to stay in and on the top of it outings ask for a good sum of money.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi-Bangalore-Hosh Posh-Ulta Pulta-Ye kya ho raha hai........

roko koi to roko...zindagi ki is raftaar ki speed limit set karo....

Anyways....another roller coster phase of life with happiness sprinkled, it is being enjoyed. TOUCHWOOD!
Lekin neend ki kurbani deni padti hai... maaa, m short of sleep!!!

Few notable things that happened recently...

I am jobbed :) not one but two offers :) and third one is lined up too
Getting marriage proposal ;) ha ha...crazy world
Masti@ Mumbai
Masti@ Bangalore
"VENKATADHALAMURTHY" first name of the auto driver who brought me from Bangalore station to my room. I was wondering about his second name :)

so many anecdotes, short of time and tiring day...
interesting things will follow on blogs and in real life too... :)


Monday, January 7, 2008

mooombayiii computer lab & my thoughts

Another year went past...
Number of blog posts crossed 100 mark...
Another semester ended, probably it wasn't on a high note..
Another degree will be mine...

but above all it's placements time...
Sitting here in NIFT, Mumbai's computer lab... All I need for now is good placement/ job and some mastii...

God be on ma side... Need your wishes...

Let the confidence, positivity Prevails
Let the success be mine...Amen