Sunday, June 27, 2010

Laziness & incapable old man!

Half an hour past's dripping..tip-tip, dint pour this time, it rained sweetly! It rained, may be to lighten that spark in thoughts, in minds n in hearts. The spark of love, passion, poetry or any other creativity. God keeps reminding us at times.....we all need to put in creativity else the boredom will kill the humanity! Who cares....I am lazed till the last electron, neutron of my body! When I am lazying, I am just lazying!! :) Rains bring that lovely laziness also...more people yawn & people yawn more. More people feel sleepy & people sleep more. The world slows down!! Lets pause, lets freeze!! Lets Dream slow!! Lets Lie down n do nothin, nothing at all!!! Coz tomorrow is monday!! You'll be sluggish, drained, battered, shattered & totally Ophizzed! Yes you'll be caged for the week....So Sleep like a king!

It was one of the days in the week, when nik was in real hurry, coz he wanted to catch up with his thoughts & that lovely Cafe Late'. He was running on platform, suddenly a blank faced, not blank but 'asking' face pulled him. The face had so much strength that Nik couldn't move a step ahead, there was magnetism. An old man, barely able to walk, having stick & umbrella in his hand was struggling to get down from stairs. It was a struggle of old man's natural strength with the God's gravity & the man made structures. It was too complicated for the old man to handle at that age but he had destination where he had to reach. He had to complete a journey, n he was not willing to not reach destination. Old man literally cried for help & Nik gave his hand somehow...leaving all his thoughts behind. Old man wasn't tidy, he looked shabby, people around din't bother about him & his helplesness..Nik grabbed his hand...made him step down from stairs smoothly...letting him take support of his shoulders. And the bystanders watched like frozen puppets. Now old man was confident like a Rockstar....Nick took him till handicap compartment. Old man boarded train n went for his destination.... Nick missed 3 trains all this while, he was late now....The thoughts he wanted to ponder were replaced by new ones. Coffee was out of scene!! He was happy!! He managed smiling!

That night Nick felt an unseen warmth, felt protected & felt complete! He cuddled his two pillows & slept hugging them tight!

hugs n kisses

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

'U have gained some weight', said my trainer!

'more than some', I replied

'No fried, no sweet, less carbs, no choclates', he barked!

I stepped back, took out choclate bar from my bag & bit it twice before offering him! Shot 'F' word twice & hopped on tread mill...

'M moving on with Cardio...Can we start', I said!
'Rohit....', he paused
I am a foodie....'F....'
WOW...& I rejoined Gym after 5 months!!

“They’re not empty calories if they’re full of AWESOMENESS!”
Let's take a pledge 'we'll not Diet until......whatever...whatever... " :P
Happy I am!!