Saturday, May 31, 2008


IPL aka Indian Premier League
The latest buzz word!!

Any popular thing which pulls admiration, pulls enough criticism also. And its a norm in todays media hyped world. Same happened/ happening with IPL. Imran Khan quoted 'IPL is the 'in' thing but I worry if it totally kicks out the test cricket'. I heard 2-3 senior international cricket players saying that true character of cricketer can only be gauged in a test cricket. Some wonder that it might provoke regionalism. Others wonder cheer leaders will hamper the country's ethics & values. Some say its spoiling cricket's reputation. Sometimes I wonder from which corner people pick up things, relate it to IPL & than debate over it, the debate heats up, and than the whole country sweats over it for nothing. Thank god, it ends there!! But naaaahhh....'the 24 hour news channels' get that 'masala' on which they can rely to shoot up their TRPs (Television Viewership Ratings), newspaper can add two more pages to create costly advertising space in between & we bloggers get topic for a post or two.

Hufffff.............All shit!!!

The bottom line is we are enjoying IPL. The whole country is enjoying IPL. People dont have enough time to track the match for bloody 7-8 hours, forget 5 days of a test match, even if they call it 'True Cricket'. We dont watch to measure the class of a batsmen, if that is visible only in test cricket. We watch it for entertainment, we watch it for enjoyment & for fun. That's what IPL has given to me, you & all others. There's so much moolah coming in. The pace of the game is awesome & now we can say that 'yeah!!! We have a sport to compete the popularity of soccer'. There's that ingredient in IPL which brings the fizz, which brings the thrill and that is 'speed'. And excuse me.... how the hell Cheerleaders gonna spoil ethics & culture of a country????? I am stunned by such ridiculous thoughts. Dear grown up Netajis/ Politicians, peek into the laptops of your culturarised & ethicised kids & u'll get the bibliography of the projects they have been doing on pornographic websites, far more capable of hampering your culture. But do that only if you youself don't like those short skirts & bikinis. C'mmon be a sport!!!

People are raking in awesome moolah, the kind of which they never even imagined in their most absurd thoughts. Franchisees will break even in first season itself (courtesy: Mint newspaper). Players will take the baggage full of notes, the luggage they cant gather even with 5 years of service for their respective national teams. Advertisers get the never before viewership. TV channels get the best deal from advertisers. I don't see any nuclear war being created by IPL.

It's a true win win situation. Rest all is CRAP!!

All in All I enjoy watching the game for 3 hours. And I simply love it. But..... Pity Delhi lost. And I am not that much happy. I was in all support for my home team.

IPL fever will definitely come down with time. Who cares. We all are enjoying IPL & so shall the world. After all it's an Indian Child. Let it grow & prosper. Let India bag some more unadulterated fame. Thumps Up for IPL. I give 10 out of 10!!

I am all geared up for Chennai Super Kings Vs Rajasthan Royals clash in the finals. What about u?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Eating, Sleeping, Reading, Blogging, Watching TV, spreading my resume in the circle are few countable things I have been doing all these days. But yesterday, I went for a long-long walk after a long-long time. All the while I enjoyed listening to Lisa Loeb & Ronan Keating. It's wonderfull that a homogeneous mixture of good music and fresh air can heal a lot. Despite not being single the songs made me to ponder a lot about the relationship of a girl & a boy & the various aspects of it. I am feeling quite creative now. I am finding new reasons to be happy.

I met ma ol friend today following a 100 km/hr bike ride to Golf Link. I played badminton too and I loved it. After all you do enjoy your victories & so did I, by winning 3 games straight. I have been a sports person :). Boasting isn't bad either. Following the sweat out shots, some one's suggestion of eating something good was the best possible thing to come up. And we went to a place which was very new to me, somewhere in the southern part of Delhi. A decent long roadside market with so many eateries, a continuous nearly endless lane. I zeroed upon the chinese "Chow Chow". We munched, nibbled, grabbed, ate, swallowed Momos- fried & steamed both. We springed upon spring rolls too & had 2 litre coke among 4 of us... & we were all full.... total tunnnnnn, not with spirit but with the roadside fast food :) & for sweets we had li'l laughter.

I came across many interesting blogs all the while & one post from Phoenix's blog I just felt like reading twice....

Let's build a new world
Let's think a fresh thought
Let's break another rule
Let's water an old drought
Let's smile a new smile
Let's wipe every tear
Let's fight a new fight
Let's bring someone near
Let's just give one more shot
Let's discover a new stream
Let's just start from scratch
Let's dream a new dream
Today, let's try.

I also realized that calvin & hobbes are witty yet so practical by reading so much of their stuff on so many blogs.... One that I can so easily relate is...

Calvin: Why did evolution give us something like a sense of humour? Because if we couldn’t laugh at things that didn’t make sense, we wouldn’t be able to react to most part of life.

Isn't that lovely.....?

bas yuhin hanse ja rahe kiye ja rahe hain....zindagi ke maje liye ja rahe hain!!
Koi fikar nahi....koi parwaah nahi....bas aish kiye ja rahe hain!!!

Perfect sign of 'good times approaching'....

Monday, May 26, 2008

the search is on...

He sits back, aggression & passion at a new low which is totally strange to him. Nights have been swapped by days & vice-versa. Coz he's liking it being alone, staying awake late nights & sleeping or watching TV during day. Because he has no answers to people's most obvious questions which come up at this point of life.

Leaning back, deep thoughts follow deep breaths & he stands & walks with lot less emotions. Things aren't bad but they aren't good either. He has surrendered to neutral mode. Still loving to read things, whatever he gets from newspapers to magazines to blogs, love for sleep has also increased exponentially. Patience has always stayed far, he tries to get closer to it, but simply can't hug it. He can't hug patience, he can't. Need things to be turned around, need that li'l good to neutralize all that has happened.

Thank God there's IPL to give him some time pass.
Match 53: Mumbai Indians lost to Jaipur Royals.
Outcome : We Delhi Daredevils are into semi's.

Plunges on a chilled Pepsi can at 1.30 in the night, sipping it gives him nice soothing sensation. And he free falls on bed while listening 'I am with you' by Avril... the search is on... the prayers are on...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life's li'l more happening now!!!


The party began... everyone, you, he, she they, all enjoyed. The reason for party itself wasn't the reason for enjoyment. But the enjoyment itself became the reason for partying. Who cares everyone partied hard & everyone enjoyed, so did Rohit.

8 big cans + 8 bottles of beer & I, my friend & his friends celebrated the moment which now, has swept off lot many things below my feet.

1st day of campus placements, among very first few offers that were made & the decent package is all that came with my Job letter from US's most successful apparel retailer in recent times. And my chest went bigger with proud of making my parents feel so happy. They still are...

I was in Bombay & was very confident about my life ahead after campus placement. We (frnz) partied frequently, we partied in Mumbai, we partied on landing in Delhi too. We partied in Bangalore, we partied in dreams & we partied in reality. After all it was one king size moment of my/their lives.

I am all set to leave for Mumbai, ticket is done, accommodation is done, half of the world has been informed that I am leaving for a job in Mumbai. All that high time is lot less dearer to me than my parents' happiness, who are still discussing with about my job & the proud moments they had/have coz of me.

Bloggy, how the hell should I tell them that we had a graduation show today, just after which my faculty shocked me politely. "Dear Rohit, Steve & Barry's have withdrawn all the offers they made at campus placement, 08" were her exact words.

Hufff.... It is feeling li'l heavy today, the first few reactions my heart & mind threw were. What about parents' high held heads?? What about the next book I was about to start reading from today? What about my tomorrow's plan for night out? And what about day after tomorrow's movie? The biggest of all "WHAT NEXT" ???

And I got so much of sympathy from batch mates....I hated it like hell..... the worst thing I got!! Than the so called friend's call & the mean talks & the sudden hanging up of phone coz I talked what I wanted to....!!! A punctured bike...!!!

When things go wrong they really go wrong...!!! that's proved again. nO mOrE I fEeL LikE usInG upper cases, lower cases & punctuations where they should be used. Now Fuck the norms.

There will be lesser time pass stuff in life, at least for the time being. All I know is that life's a li'l more happening now. Brain has to work li'l more. Laid back attitude can rest for some time now.

All in all, Life's li'l more happening :) & the real party has just started.........all are welcome :)

(No sarcasm please)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wicked asshole champ

"Today felt as if u were lost somewhere..hope everythng fine...nice meeting u...thanks for taking out time..u r still cared 4"

That's what you sent me. Your msg is cared the way you were/are. There are times when you gotta move on, forgetting many things. You gotta move on for the good & you gotta leave something for good. It was the message I wanted to deliver by showing all the pause I had in my body language.

The gift you brought for me from Chicago will be cheered. That one dollar & a cent will be kept as special gift. It's OK if you dint bring chocolates today. Keep them with you, coz by that you'll save me from adding few pounds :) into the tonnes that my body already posses .Chicago in pics looked amazing & so did the pics of 105 floor building + you.

There are few things that can't happen. There are few things that I wanted but I resisted & hence came resistance to your demand of bike ride. There are missions which must be accomplished . You gotta move on if the things around you don't. It's a lovely time in your life, it's a high time. Hewitt, Bank of America & what not. Carry on the good work & stay a good friend of mine. (Very heavy but so true)

Good friends don't talk the way you did today. When things go over, they sound crap. That's what happened today & I had to pause. Apologies if you are offended anywhere by any chance. But you know, it was simply a gesture of care for a friend, the way I have tried to be. And if you don't know recite this post all again.

I'll miss what I wanted, you'll miss what you wanted.

Don't forget to catch up to the golden fortune which is coming yo way in all this missing around!!We'll definitely get freaky, just crack IIMs, IITs, Harvard, Wharton or Kellogg, li'l lesser ones will also do. But don't spoil the party for not getting something worth a dime.

hufffff...... li'l heavy it was. Isn't it??? A bit unusual, so I need a li'l dose of laughter..... Get down to something better, you wicked asshole champ.....coz am leaving the arena in search of a buyer for your gifted dollar & a penny.

Wish you a sweet journey to success. Dare you forget to give me lift en route &.....


I opened my eyes, & so ended my dream as if I turned down a princess!!! But my final report submission will deffinately be turned down. 7 PM & it's still incomplete.

------------------fusssssssss - aur gubbara jameen pe----------------------

Friday, May 9, 2008

Universal Shloka


Pardon my words but few things don't move without using sacred Shlokas.... moreover Reuters have recetly declared above mentioned as the most used slang in India ;) & thats how I greeted Bangalore Autowallah's everyday.

If a person travelling in their auto is a North indian, it becomes their birth right to not return the change, to ask for tip or to escalate the fare in any other possible manner. And if you turn down their tricks on face, the words that pop out of their mouth are "Hindi log...." + some kannad. As if Hindi speaking people have been robbing them since their mother brought them on planet.

My travel in Autos & busses of made me an educated traveller. Obviously, we all travellers are fooled for initial few days when travelling in other cities, specially when the language spoken is alien. But after sometime the "Bhain&*%$" & similar slngs come to rescue. For all obvious reasons, using these words is no bad idea, coz somehow all over county these abusive words are understood in the language of their origin itself (Hindi). From Kashmir to Kanyakumari via Bangalore & chennai, people do understand the above mentioned word & get the sense speaker is in. Bingo!! Something we can communicate through, without having an interpreter. Communication at its best.

Even while sitting all alone I cant stop my laughter, on recalling the encounters that I had with Bangalore Autowallahs. I cant forget the time when I had to beg for my own money..... I was not well & was low on energy levels. Lack of change made me to give autowallah Rs. 100 note, the smallest currency note I had. I was literally robbed of all the change I had to recieve back. Autowallah never returned my money & the justification from was "who'll bring you at this crowded place in this much money & I shall keep it". My illness affored only few greetings for him by saying "Move on you Fu#$*&^ AS$@#*&" & the last was grand one "Bhen&^*% - Bhe&^%$@ - Bhe&^%$@", (they say its good if you recite thrice). But my money was gone :(

My knowledge about the autowallah community throughout country's metros have also escalated to a new level. Mumbaiwallah's are among the best & the Bangalore wallah's the worst, Chennai aint that good too. In Bangalore, elderly autowallah's are dedicated to their work & are comparitively more genuine than others. But no one minds extra money. BEWARE!!!

If you are a North Indian in Bangalore, travel by public transport & somehow escaped autowallahs. Than trust me, Bus conductors will deffinately suck your wallet atleast penny by penny (will explain sometime later). Don't fret, coz in return you add up to the knowledge & you get ready for bigger tours around the world.

did someone say lighter wallets are better for back & backpain ;)

people who are offended by the word used in blog must feel apologetic :P
Happy Travelling!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008


I feel like feeling this feeling without revealing....coz on revealing the feeling might not be felt anymore.

I am touched!!!

It happens. At times it happens.

You are taken off, swept off of your feet and you realize that later. Someone's something touches you, without actually touching you. That's the part the physical touch hardly happened still the touch that happened, happened so strongly, which is like....Ohhh Goshh....

And that's what I am trying to tell you "I am touched"!!! It happens, it may happen for few moments, if not for hours or minutes. Than you become an owner of a touched soul.

But, the conscious soul comes out of sleep & tries to warn you of the consequences (whatever they may be). The fight between conscious soul & the touched soul continues. Between all this, you are forced to think. That's what happened & still is happening.

Sleepy me with Trembling legs is touched. Its 2 at night again. I dint sleep properly for past 3 days and this "touch" is still keeping me awake. The fight between Mr. Conscious & Mr. Touched is still onnnnnnnn...., forcing me to ponder a lot.

Dear Bloggy, whatever it is, it is sweet. At times you enjoy new feelings & you feel like continuing with feeling those feelings. It was & it is special.

And I am still touched.....

Dear bloggy
2 for you
Muaah Muaah ;)