Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lil late to realize.....

Have I ever been in a normal state of mind??? ....A big question m asking myself...

Agian recalling the old times...... cursing myself, to let ma own things get out of my hands :( I know regrets wont help but than they are deffinately teaching something. Those lovely things you possesed were never taken care by you. Now when u have lost them, it feels as if those were the only things worth taking care of..... pathetic!!!

She was on my side, always trying to pamper me, always trying to woo me and "me ???" as if I was a jerk ass :( Can't remember many people who took care as she did. This one is difficult to forget...when we were at India Gate, a beggar came and started begging. Beggar gave endless wishes to us and said "I'll pray that you both stay together for times to come" on this she instantly took out 50 bucks from her wallet and gave it to the beggar. At that time I found it a mere stupidity but today such memories pinch me like anything. C'mmon you stupid ass, she loved you so much and you took her for granted for so many days and weeks and months and years till she left to never come nack.

I remember our dates in CP, where we always had a fight on "who'll decide where to go next". I remember the way she celebrated my 21st birthday.....I still carry those bills.... C'mmon dear, why u did u leave me???? I still remember when she took me to places where i never went earlier...."Garden of 5 senses" it was among our last few dates... It was raining and we were getting romantic (wt i felt at that time), but there was a lot going through her mind that day (this I realized later). And last date was worst, don't know should I even call it a was just my fate. We went to Gurgaon mall, and I think watched "chocolate" in PVR. I never realized that our differences will rise to such level silently. We couldn't manage to watch movie even till half time. That was a messy time, she stayed mum for the maximum time, she kept hiding things....... She went back early that day, I dropped her to her place. She went back and since than never came back for any other date.....never ever. We never watched that movie despite buying those costly tickets, we never enjoyed that cozy theatre environment for which we went there...... I spoiled a lot but she did the rest and the painful patch made my life standstill for months.......

......Sudden invitation for her birthday party popped up. It was surprisingly shocking. But than she cleared a lot.... She introduced me to her friends "meet Rohit, the one I loved, my ex", not even my soul can forget these words. When we were together she always asked me for a dance and going to discs. On her b'day we had a chance but she Din't even came close to me....she pretended and pretended everything...... It was so awkward for me to be a part of that party, still I was looking like the happiest guy out there.........height of pretending...... but my thoughts were continuously taking me to a traumatic stage. And my nerve wrecking accident while coming back from East Of Kailash venue of her party was the obvious result of disturbing thots. I bleeded that day not only from knee, ankle and elbow but also from heart. My heart bleeded more than any other organ. I still remember I gifed her that special chocolate box from Nirula's, Big Tedyy bear, A greeting card, and Lovely roses. They were worth more than any of my previous gifts I ever presented to anyone.

When we were together I hardly took care of her. I never realized that she can walk out too and if even if in dire thoughtsI realized it than I never worried about the fact.......... suddenly she left, at last. She proved a lot, she taught me thousands of management theories...... and made me realize my fault which I never realized when she was with me...........

There are countlless unforgettable moments...... moments when she cried or even i cried.....but.....

Recently I heard that she'll be marrying in next 10 months............
I wish that she stays happy and I become stronger.......

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

For others..........

My life's taking a toll...... Doing work for smeone else do ask a lot....and sacrifising your own too :( But than the happiness you get after seeing others is just amazing man.

Well, anyways....... have been honing ma skills too. Will have to be more efficient from now on.....

Dear bloggy, Aj k liyeitna hi. hopefully will get down with you soon as ma schedule is stuffed these days.


Thursday, March 22, 2007


We poor humans are connected to our past n future more than to our present..... and we even love it this way......Pathetic....

It's 4:40 AM and in about 2-3 hrs I have to get up so that I can be ontime for college...lekin uthunga to tab na jab sounga.........and poor me still struggling with the thots of past and plannings of future...

Recalling last 2 days of my hostel life...... jaane ki tayaari thi, it was such a senti scene out there. And we all were doing the best things we ever thot of doing in Bhiwani, "all night basketball", "Morning badminton sessions", "the long chats n walks"......"daaru partys", "Dinner @best places", "Long chats on cellphones", Halla gulla, football-cricket, masti n all..... How can I forget packing our luggage for the last time.....

Abhey's Guitar, room walls with the posters of hottest gals, the graffiti on walls, the coolest lobby in the hostel, those robbed drums (roobed from college....dont tell anyone), music systems.........n the V7 group.....cmmon man, it was so sentimental setup...and all these things kept reminding of all the good n bad days we spent together.....

I was the last one to leave hostel.... afterall I was the most sentimental types...however m much more elevated now...he he... one by one they started day, 4.30 in the morning.... Train to Karnal n Panipat.... With ma basketball and all ma sentiments I went to station to finally wave goodbye n off they gone to Panipat and Karnal.... at 6:50 Train to Rohtak n Delhi.... Ganju (Abhey) one of ma closest.....(baby i miss u even today)....while helping him with his luggage, his guitar got broken.....shit.... flood of tears....that guitar was an integral part of our hostel lives....

Than chhoti (Duggal) in a combinedly hired car went off....... few more tears
(Sikri) in his own car with parents too waved good bye....
Now it was me and Sabu (Bhatia) we went with our parents.....

And scattered were V7 in their respective cities :(

Those nostalgic moments still make me shiver.....lovely were those days.....

I still remember the last two days
when we 5 slept together outside our rooms on those two wooden beds.....
when we together wiped each other's tears......
when we cared most of each other....
when we went to station for tea at 4:00 in the morning....
when we discussed all that we never discussed which each other...
When we hugged, kissed and cared for each other like no other day....
When we cried for each other, when we were most sentimental......

miss u Chameli (lizard) and Tinku (tataiyya)....both lived with me in ma room!!!

God give me those days once again.....they were as lovely as they could be.....far from Delhi's pace with those lovely friends and the prettiest single occupancy rooms, where freedom always walked hand in hand.....

TIT&S Boy's hostel miss u like anything....

Was lazy today, still managed to do few good things.... m done with some more passport work, it was a good reason to bunk boring classes. Stupid movie was all I managed in the afternoon, with friends :( what on the earth made director to make such a stupid movie like "JUST MARRIED".... poor occupancy in hall had its very obvious reasons.....still having regrets that i went for that movie.

Back home, managed to lie on bed silently for sometime....When life is in its own pace, soooo good it feels when u lie on bed silently...

Well well dont ask what all I ate today....

Caution: even reading this will make u gain some calories...

Bun Butter, Burgers, popcorns, cold drinks, mango juice, Pakoras, Oranges, above all self made mocktail........yumm......maja aa gaya......and than m trying to b in shape......wtever it may be Round or square!!!

World Cup fever is on its own high this week, let's c who wins it today.......Pray for India.......a must win!!!

Good Night bloggy....

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sleepless nights are not odd thing now........

Dear bloggy, m back......struggling with time, wrapped up with endless tasks, screwd up with multi tasking and fucked up by pending work, still m back..... no frowns and dear lovely friend bloggy m here for u again smiling like an angel, dancing like Shakira m back.

I know its been a while since m running to complete everything i want, i know m maself screwing ma life by getting into hell lotta things. Its so unsatisfying to do multitasking but still for the sake of doing m stuffing ma day like anything. Long sleepless nights are not a odd thing now, they happen to me everyday. Sleeping hours have fallen to 3 to 5 now (leave weekend).

Am being told by batchmates that m too silent in this semester, yup i know. But again for completing all these hell lotta things i have packed for maself i need to be silent. But something's making me to ponder is it the right way to move on????? Its a big question encapsulating me these days.... Few things are in front of me, ma dismal result in class. Marks never mattered to me but than it had a limit too, my results are falling freely under the gravity :( I dint intend to be this bad too :(

The biggest thing is am still enjoying without any big regrets.... m wondering why so?????

Whatever, one thing I have decided that i need to sort out things, choose few and work out on few....... I cant be the one doing all the things......its for sure i'll have to make tough choices!!!

It was a slow day in college today but had its own content to teach me life's lessons as any other day. I decided to go slow on excercise in gym as its eating hell lotta time out of the stiff schedule, that too unnecessarily. Why the hell should i wait for machines/weights.......those always gymming sexy hot figured gals are not the only bonafied members of that smallish but fun gym. Whatever, coz i cant protest i took better wayout.... fitness regime will continue but in a different manner. For the time, m concentrating a bit more on ma language and yup, might enroll for some classes. Afterall gotta use this time to maximum. So communication classes are on ma radar .....searching......searching......

Ha ha.... this all was philosophy to myself...... and it is important, as reminded by Sai Baba (Mr. Chandrashekhar) today. He was a bit toophilosophical but dear o dear he had content in his talk.

Today i relished on roadside burger apart from awesome sandwiches in college. Mum's fasting days bring with them that good food too......i had "variant of kuttu pakodas" too, mango juice and pomogranate, oranges again helped me to feel refreshed. Frappe is a daily energizer now, it fills up for my 3-4 hours short sleep.
In taste that roadside Rs. 5-6 wala burger can never be matched by firangi Mc Donlad's burger.

"People around us matter, learn from them, make them your strength!!!"

"Rohit, a big foodi says byeeeeeeeee "

Sunday, March 18, 2007

To my past I promise......

It's about 3 at night and he is still as wierd as he was at 10 in the morning!!! Reasons are still unknown.... and the case has been handed over to no one.

Today he wanted to go for "300, a movie", was longing to watch it since few days. He tried to ask number of friends, all declined, they were buisy with their respective lives. But this din't stopped him from watching this Violent movie. He went alone. And enjoyed it like anything. As he expected it was Fabulously made movie. Last few days, all witnessed controversies about the movie in newspaper. People from Iran and few other communities are agitated over the theme of the movie. He has mixed reactions for people's comments.........whatever, its not such a big debate that he'll stop for it and do all that bakwaas!!! All in all movie was good and he appreciated it. He learned a strong message from "300". The last scenes told him about the greatness of the leaders, and he did pledged to imbibe maximum of those positives.

As expected his friend cancelled the long promised meeting, he's happy as he too needed some time for himself to slow down. In the eavening he went to meet this freaky friend, who was again with his girl friend. How boring she is, thats a world known fact.......whatever.....they enjoyed and he too felt similar. It was wonderfull for him to explore New Friends Colony market in the eavening. And that Girl watching his friend peeing on road side was equally wonderful...he he... But he did missed one of his good friend with whom he explored many other places in Delhi. He did missed that friend.....Went back home on his "Black Beauty".

By the time he reached home it was 9.30 and he knew that he's going to stay awake for long today to share things with "Lovely Bloggy".

His mum was waiting and he hugged her mum coz he know he's been too mean and not able to give her mum enough time..... But this time he shared nice and sweet talk about his and his family's past with mum. And both got nostalgic. But those were nice small moments for him to recall tough but still good days of their lives. "LOVELY LOVELY" he said. And promised himself to write a blog on those thots soon, very soon.

Now as the clock's hand moves beyond 12 while other sticks at three, he is being reminded of that strict but respectable teacher who wont allow him to be in class if he get's late even by a minute.

He had Pizzas, Brownie, Pasta, Vegetables, Mango Juice and few other goodies.... he enjoyed all and also the strawberries and oranges which he is still having.

"Sweet Nini"
I promised to my past that Dear, I'll learn from you and will use those teachings to rise a bit higher. Dear Past, I'll learn, I PROMISE!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Black Beauty is back, mid sems over!!!

Waking up in the morning is the most difficult task, that too when u slept for just three hours. So after a bit of mathematical calculations, it came out that Rohit slept for 8-9 hrs in last 4 days. aaaahhh...... result of all this.. back pain, legs paining, headache, itchy eyes, dizzy me ut still was ready to stay awake for few more hours....anyways.....

Day started with this thought "it will be really good after 4pm, as these mid sem exmas will be over".

My girl friend is back after spending 17 days and 16 nights at mechanics workshop, my "BLACK BEAUTY" is back. All this while I really missed her.... anyways, she took me to college and waited in the parking lot till i was riding her again. Meanwhile, we were in examination hall and 'smsing' all the answers to all the people who needed them, and trust me I had biggest inventory of answers in my "SENT ITEM" box...ha ha..... We copied to our best....and last two exams went good....and much better than earlier ones.... big credit goes to few good friends in ma life.

It was dam difficult to resist amphi cricket after 4 days of virtual hibernation we had to pretend just for proving our worth to faculty. My bad day on feild, had many sixes on my bowling, than my batting was equally bad.... i told u my eyes are itchy n m dizzy (I carry excuses with me).....wtever it was, still i won maximum matches :D ......again courtsey few good friends in ma life.

What better can could I expect, than a cozy eavening chat with a good friend at "The Tanhai Point" and than lovely coffee at CCD with another friend. Now am home, missing some one and am dam tired.... resisting ma sleep is taking hell lotta out of me........ still dear bloggy in last few days I missed a lot to tell you and cant miss it anymore.

Few other good things that happened to me are:

SPECIAL FRAPPE after first exam (lovely)
So many sms in the eavening
England Vs New Zealand match (still continuing)

"300" is released today, couldn't watch it..kal subah relatives aa rahe hain....
what the hell is prompting them to come 7-8 am in the morning, are they mad??
Don't they know that i m short of sleep??
Don't they know that I want to see morning show of "300" at PVR, EDM.
Bullshit kal fir jaldi uthna padega aur jabardasti smile karna padega when I'll be hating all that.............. aaahhh.......... kya karu......well it happens at times, all things go wrong when you desperately need them to be as per your choice. Can't help!!!

Cut Down Anger, Put in your Trust you'll go places.

Do watch tomorrow's WORLD CUP MATCH b/w India and Bangladesh!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

here I m.......poor "ME"

Dear 'o' dear!!!

That stare really make ma heart melt, after a long time, tormented by one more today......

he he, apart from normal rubbish.....this is different!! I dint sleep more than 5 hours in last 3 days. Its not that I studied hard for these exams but just that I chatted and surfed net real hard..... about exams, m sure gonna flunk in few this time...... silly me :D .......laughing just coz will have a chance to make up otherwise i would have been "subak subak" sad !!!

Well..... my eyes still blinking more than usual, have that itch coz i haven't slept. Although the reason is foolish as mentioned above but still I found a beautiful excuse...


It's our dream/ dreams for which we all live, survive, struggle and keep running for.....
Some call it by the name of Ambition, some call it fantasy, some call it Life and I CALL IT "PASSION"!!!

I was born with a dream
to chase that dream became my ambition
to struggle for that dream became my life

that dream still makes me to run for it....
....and the destiny i write myself...!!!

What About u????

The conclusion of this lovely story is that in these mid terms m gonna flunk in one or two subjects....poor me :(

hey, the way you stare is seriously injurious to my health, please lemme not get ill!!!

Dear life and the people JUST LOVE U ALL!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

No more classes, no more classes please!!!

It's 9AM of a friday morning, classes will be starting in 15-20 minutes not here, but some 18-20KMs away in ma college. I am enjyoing cozy feeling, m being nostalgic about the good times I spent with ma friens...he he.......can I stop time is what m trying to think..."NO" pops up before I start.

College life in Delhi has been hectic but fun... Its so different from the days I spent in Bhiwani (engg./ hostel), we used to be ultimate vellas in those days. Here, u simply can't be vella as you have hell lotta things to waste your time with. Perfect example is yesterday's cricket game while 22-23 students were tortured by boring lecture in classroom, we 8 made a wise decision of playing few games of cricket. Not just played we enjoyed so much that others were envious about the fun we had. But we deserve to pamper ourselves most :D, we do n hence we did.

Hope m not spoiling maself by still being on bed when teachers and students must be in class by now..... man nahi hai yaar......koi proxy maar dena please....

Sluggish surrounding, gossiping aunts and frivolous me;
Economic times, I wan't to read,
but not classes, no more classes please;
Delicious sandwichs I want to eat,
For some more time I want to sleep.
but not classes, no more classes please!!!

College I'll go, but only for nescafe frappe
and for a time killing chat sessions,
but not classes, no more classes please;
Beautiful gals must be waiting to be watched
they won't wait for much time,they have to attend their class,
hence i must lift ma butt from the bed and move on,
Else before I reach college, those pretty faces will be gone;
but not classes, no more classes please!!!

Might get attendance by fluke,
but won't be a renegade for batchmates, trust that dude
regular classes and constant boring lectures,
will only tramle ma remaining creative adventure;
but not classes, no more classes please;
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no more classes, no more classes please!!!

koi to sun lo..... need a break!!!

aazaadi do hamein........chain se jeene do yaar....... lectures hi lene hain to kam se kam intresting, creative tarike se lo. Watt to mat lagao pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Screaming for fresh air and interesting lectures!!!!

rohit khatri
pg tech, (somehow) 2nd semester

Pray for his leg, pray for his well being!!!

'The time' takes over the control so quickly and it completely stuns u.....

Happy was Rohit, as he got clear (not choked) roads, morover reaching home at 5PM is a rare thing to happen for him. Home was just 3Km away n here comes the JAM. At the end of it were people asking for help, for a person whose leg was freely hanging below knee. Neither the skin nor the bone could provide the needed support... everything was thrashed badly and so were the dreams of that 45 or so aged man. He had a furious accident. In ma car he was kept like a bag of costly rubble. Police still creatd trouble as they never cease to stop that shit!!!!.......HUH...... still comparitively cool they were this time may be coz the person was still alive.

The man was in full conciousness, but was crying like a 3month child.... "I'll lose ma job, Ma family, God Help" is all he could cry for... CAN U IMAGINE HOW PAINFUL IT IS WHEN YOUR LEG IS broken, tore apart, fractured and freely hanging.......aaaaaaaahhhhh.....GOD!!

His words -> "aaah..., thank you dear, take right and than left, my Family will be reaching hospital, I have called them, Thanks a lot, what is your name. I was very tired, nearly sleepy, that caused lapse in concentration and that resulted this ill fated accident" and than started weeping for his fate :( He continued " Amma.... aah.....straight, left.. slowly there's speedbraker....amma, left, here's hospital, stop here" He guided me to emergency enterance of that hospital. And that worthy rubble was looked upon by 5 hospital men till they could bring their antique leg supporting unit...they wouldn't have been so sluggish for their brothers n fathers... meanwhile man's wife and daughter reached and started crying while cursing their fate...... Wife was horrified on seeing that leg......!!!

Somehow, I gave a hand to take out that 95KG man and we tried to put him on the stretcher, but couldn't do without giving him some more pain and unease..... He reached their in the ward.... and the talks and gossips of his relatives went on, but not for her wife n daughter, who were still horrified and making their own interpretations of the situation.

I was along with two other people who came later on their vehicles, we left after doing some formalities. And the man is still lying in the hospital, cursing his fate and what not......

I learned something from the incident, rather I learned a lot. Whatever.....

God save his leg and I'll be the happiest person, save his leg......
People reading this blog just bend once in front of THE GOD for his leg....


Country of more than a Billion Dogs

Ma Apologies, even before I begin ma blog!!!

We are a country of more than a billion Humans or Dogs?????? Please solve this for me......

This blog is purely intended to hurt everyone. Not because something went wrong with me but coz something's happening wrong in our culture, in our society.......

It happened many times before too, but this time I feel like screaming and shouting to bring down the hell........

Hey man, your parents never taught you to run away whenever someone is in the dire need of help from you...... If they taught you the same thing than on top right corner their is a cross, click that n wind up; else continue....

How the hell can we run from a sight of an accident where a helpless man is crying for your shoulder, your shoulder can keep his daughter's father alive and his wife will not be a widow, his leg is broken...nearly gone....might be permanently... a 45 year old Vishwanath Nayar, from Mayur Vihar phase 1 lying on a Nizammudin Bridge, near Akshardham temple at 4.45 PM. It wasn't the tyre of his two wheeler but he rolled at a speed of 60KM/hr, he just survived, that bad was an accident :(

No one stopped to lift him and take him to the hospital, m still unable to belive how can people race away with their flashy cars from such a tragic sight?? Forget a sight of sympathy, they accelerated when were pleaded for help by tresspassers?? PITY........ I cease to see that shine n glow in "INDIA SHINING" Tag.... Gone are the days of humanity, gone are the days of social values.

And everything is taken over by GDPs, Top n Bottom lines of financial reports, the flashy cars, the gizmos, aka "THE MONEY".

Dear, who knows whats next for us... an accident or a surprize party#$%!#$&*.....
May be we youth can make India a better place to live n give our helping hands to needy people. May all Vishwanath's be given a helping hand and be taken to the hospital for on time treatment so that his child does not become a parentless child.

May we all create a social environment for a happy living!!!


Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Life has been a topsy turvy for past few days, procastination is hunting ma day today work. My mid term exams are sittng on the door and still m sluggish about my assignments and submissions. Sleeping is one of the mostly done activity for me these days :( , I am hating it still struggling to keep it at bay. Hope I get into ma tune very soon.......

Dear bloggy and friends, my blogs are truth about my experiences. These blogs are never meant to hurt anyone. They are here simply to remind me of few things that touched few moments of my life. They are the incidents that happen to me, these are my own way of interpreting those. I might be wrong in interpreting something or might be exact for others. But never intended to hurt anyone around me...... It's simply being true to myself and to my friends. I belive in truth and so should we all.

Good Day to you all!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Learning is a continuous process!!!

Dear bloggy, u know m sleepy as hell..... but this post is something i can not afford to wait for.... Ma frnd is not having the best time... But than his/her own analysis is all he/she can do.

Am I being too egoistic???
Am I giving due importance to all the members???
Am I putting equal efforts as much as others???
Do I give/spend enough time with them or with someone else???
Do I involve them during fun time or just run alone???
Do I give them what they are willing to???

Ask all these questions to urself, n be true to yourself. How on earth can we expect something when we are not ready to put in efforts??? Something can come on ur doorstep one but not everytime.

Yup, I am one of the biggest admirer of "Passion" and "Energy" but than we gotta use our brain too. Just being egoist won't take us anywhere but in a pit. "I will do maself" won't help everytime. Humans are social animal, wtever we may say, we do need company.

I know you wont listen to me, wont trust me and might shout out loud that "I am what I am" and if not this than "I'll help out myself" or whatever.

But again, I'll calmly reply, ma baby, cool, calm down n just analyze urself slowly. Hug maturity and learn, be a team member, if u need something than give other things too.

Dear, there are hell lotta points to explain but than... its u n only u who can help out urself... learn to bend for ur mistakes...... I have no intrest in your personal life but if m able to help u out than will be happy maself..... its ma blog for ma satisfaction.... If u trust than "BUY" it else "KICK" it. I know this is the most boring blog on ma site but its only for me n ma frnz, hope they can bear me.

Learning is a continuous process, we all learn a lot from many people around us... Learning is a lovely experience!!!
Your admirer

"May we all be trusted"

Two days n havent wrote anything, despite facing few different things. So much to do and somehow 'procastination' does conquer few of ma things.

Its Holi time.... played in college last friday and today with frnz...
Played it like any other crazy person on the planet's surface!!!! Danced n Danced... had a good time with frnz......

Meanwhile, dear bloggy I have something important to tell u. Do I seriously love her....??? Naaah, how can I give all ma to someone who isnt ready to trust me..he he..??? no no no not love but yes i do like her n willing to do a lot for her but the thing is if she ever speaks positive. Unconditional love is something I wont buy, m not here just to keep hurting maself...... but yes, I m ready to commit n to commit strongly.

My rating in her friend's list is also among the bottom few, i guess...although hardly matters... Morover I never got "TRUST" in return whenever I presented her the same. Yup, but if I say that she is among few most admired people than it'll be appropriate thing.

Anyways...... move on....

Coz ma last experience still makes me dull..... it still reminds me the kinda embarasement I faced, how broken I was at that time..... I learned from that......

My heart knows how much I m ready to devote to that sacred lady in ma life.... but yes, I'll expect one thing from her before anything proceeds......"HER TRUST", it is something I'll ask for.

Won't, tag it with "LOVE".

Trust is what I need, what we all need... Trust is something without which no relation can move on.....

"May we all be trusted"

Thursday, March 1, 2007

That influencing smile

Well Well....... Rohit keep your emotions in your control, else you gonna get a big kick on your ass..... ha ha.... advice to maself!!!

Had to read about budget and all but ab is time to senti types mood hai, and brain ceases to think beyond blog at this time. Afterall She was giggling n crossed a silence of three days. GR8!!!

Anyways..... Mr. Gora African must have already started packing his luggage, are baba, he'll be taking his last lecture tomorrow.....stupid ab samajh aaya?? His one liners are getting better n better as his classes are approaching an end. He did gave few good lessons in past 2-3 weeks. Mr. Roger you'll be remembered for all the goods you did. But mind it, try to avoid keeping hand on gal's shoulder in India and if can't control yourself than atleast dont put that on her shoulder....nahi to khoon kharaba ho jaayega......ha ha.

Life's fun, you just need to take few things lightly and gotta enjoy moments. In short lovely time I had in recent days. The teachings people gave me, the lessons of life being taught are too good. Thank God that lost affection of one friend is always compensated by other. And now am realising that the roots of ma emotional building are getting stronger. My being too buisy might be another reason of attaining the capability to handle tough things easily. Whatever, am happy..may be coz ma friends are happy.

I deliberately went late to college, was too tired afterall have been continuously bearing all the lectures by all breeds of faculty....huh..... hence procastination was the but obvious thing today. Sorry Mr. Roger. He made me sit in last row for being late, nothing was visible from there but just few pretty gals... M I BECOMING A NEW AGE FLIRT??? ha ha......naah....Impossible!!!
On serious notes, what could I do in last row apart from playing pranks and solving strangest riddles.... I did everything but never tried studying. Lectures ended inbetween had a usual lunch of "chhole kulche".

Its not that I always enjoy Gym but whenever I wrote about gym by chance all days wher when I really enjoyed and pumped hard in Gym. Today also it was good to lift some extra weight, although I did felt that ma hands are no more mine still the end result was nothing but GOODY GOODY FEELING!!!

After another very usual horrible traffic I managed to reached home but only at 9.00 PM. And trust me I wasn't paid for overtime too as they pay to ma father when he comes late. Took mum and bought the best dhaba delicacies available in our area. Yum, we had healthy n tasty food today. To end the day chatting with a nice person/ a cute but fool friend was as relishing as chocobar on a hot summer afternoon.

Dear Bloggy I know few of those whom I really adore will not be standing by ma side in near future, despite every effort I put from ma side they'll move on their own paths.......thats y Bloogy atleast you stay with me, so that I can leak out all ma emotions on you.

Mr. Bloggy, Thank you for being ma nice friend till now. Love you too but not more than her ;)

"Mast Raho"