Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ufff...ufff....ufff......!! (for those who'll understand SAP transaction codes for retail buying)

Dear ME23N,
In week 32 AW09, I was playing scrabble with my sweetheart, she loves me so much & that is why she gave me inbound to proceed....
I picked 'A'
she picked 'Z'
I picked 'T'
She picked 'D'
I picked B''
She Picked 'R'
I also picked 'R'
Bingo...I made a word 'ZBRDART'. She had doubts over my vocab.
"No, there's no word like this in whole universe", she said.
"Cmmon baby, it's the most frequently used word in my life'. It is there & I made it & I earn points & I am leading....", I emphasised as I always do.
She started screaming at me & than cried...
I tried to console her, "sweetu, if you can not understand the word around which my daily life revolves than how are you going to understand me". I also cried.... I thought she's the one who always understood me, but i was wrong... She din't even knew ZBRDART, with which I muddle, cuddle, shuddle & do whatever whole day long....
We fought, we fought & our lives got delisted from each other's...Afterall it was 'ZBRDART', the command/ the transaction of my life. She got listed to someone else. Her STO was executed & is happily married near Hasangarh RDC.
I made a RPO out of her HUB & since than I have ME21'nd with a new girl. We often go for dates to Bhiwandi HUB.
ZPDF done, story over.... Mind you, I have not been taken on portal. Keep sending ASNs so that these PJs keep getting inbounds into your HUBs & RDCs.
Rohit B1G1 Khatri
Bhiwandi HUB

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'?' Question Mark

It isn't all that difficult to trust someone. Is it??

Scattered thoughts, a coffee mug, those old aspirations, a few more dreams, sleepless Night & that few hours back fight.

Life is beyond obvious.