Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Black nail paints, Loud Music, good boss!!

Why do girls wear black nail paint???
and the flashy green, yellow, purple and whatever they get??? Is it that they have lost brains ?? Or is it that they never had.... whatever I don't care about that. But yeah these wierd flashy colours do look hot at times.

Life's been hectic, there's been some small adjustment s I have to do all this while. Have been not going out as much as I used to. Nani is not keeping well...... :(

Job is rocking at the moment.....touchwood!! There's been achievements, over achievements, there's been appreciation & the boss himself brought choclates.... Ferraro Roscher & the Hershey's add to it a 'Quicksilver denim'. C'mon give me a break.... can the bosses be like this?? Too good feeling it is. Thanks Boss!! My category is grossing more than 1.40 crores a week since last two weeks. And my chest is little swollen coz of that.

It's gonna be a break for 5-6 days.... aur hum ghar (Dilli) ja rahe hain!!!

Mumbai is a freaky city, people here celebrate loud, they love their music loud. The city is all the time more 'happening' than any other in the country. But tomorrow same time, I'll be in Delhi :)

Chuddy Buddy's marriage & I am off for Delhi :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

sweet random thoughts...!!!

Lying on the floor, I was into my sweet little thoughts. Could listen dandiya beats coming from some 3 KM far... there are million things happening at one time & I am aware of at least few. one my nani is not well.... two I had a lovely professional achievement today. Little tiered after doing a Run-Walk of 8 km & gymming for 2 hours yesterday, now I need a good night's sleep, a lovely weather in the morning to wake up for & a mum's kiss on forehead. :)

Boys will be boys :)

Coffee is my best companion!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Monday started some two hours back. Within few hours, It'll my journey 'to office' & 'from office'. Life will revolve around 'the work'. There will be vendors, meetings, e mails (some females), reports, costings, phone calls, buying & bookings, boss, boss's boss & the colleagues. It'll be a busy week like any other. It will be longer week coz the coming Saturday will be working Saturday. It'll be a week when I'll be training, hopefully hard & strong for running. It'll be a week when I'll again have dreams to sleep over & will wake up with them. It'll be a week when I'll again cherish for a longer weekend. It'll be a week when I'll miss someone, when I might kick someone & when I'll hug someone else. It'll be a week when I'll again see the fresh pretty early morning lovely faces on the way to office. It'll be a week when I'll do gymming with a thought of slimming. It'll be a week when I'll be a die hard Foodie, the same foodie I have been since the time traceable by my memory. There will be shopping, hopping & gossiping. There will be chats, discussions & obsessions. I'll be pondering, while peeking out of Mumbai Locals. There will be dreams, sleeps, walks & talks. It'll be another day, another beginning.... It'll be a Monday. The day I am not afraid of, the day I am ready for......

Thank God I love my Job!

This Monday will start with my pet dialogue 'Aaj fir late ho gaya' & I'll run with my Backpack for I don't want to miss 3 locals in a row.... It'll be a good week!! It'll be a lot of fun!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I know, I don't know why....

No I don't know why?
Why the light is dimmer when the sun is shining bright!!
Why is life so dam good, when it looks so unfair??
Why am I not a billionaire & not a famous star??
Why do I want to hate the person I love so far??
No I don't know why? No I don't know why!.... (twice in chorus....literally LOL)

No I don't know why!
The one who yesterday eavening enjoyed every hour,
turned her back to me, as if I am a rowdy stranger!
God, who conspired for my happiness,
is making things li'l tough for me every passing hour!
No I don't know why!
Everybody was tensed, but the man with no hands was the happiest!
No I don't know why, No I don't know why??

No I don't know why! No I don't know why??
I don't have a limousine & a Harley!
When I was on time, why I missed the train?
When I was so happy, why did the tear rolled out?
When I wanted to yell, why did I smile?
ohh ahh I know something, I do know why....

I do know why...
Life's again a li'l unfair, but is pretty sweet
My nani is Alzheimer's patient, her condition is getting worst since last one week!
Life's again li'l unfair to me, things got screwed once again but getting better. Li'l patch of tough times are these, but taking nani's care asks too much out of emotional me! I end up putting all the things behind!! I end up being a part of her 'reasonless concern' & not of my 'meaningful trivial issues'!! I end up forgetting the one I always wanted to remember. I end up for another start. I start a new journey with the one I never accepted to be. I am calm & still a li'l agitated!! I don't know why??? But that's real me, the one scrutinizing, examining, exploring a li'l more, with a li'l more concentration from my gut & heart.

I know why, I am still smiling. I am a little more myself now!!
I know why, I know la....I know why!!

He again started exploring himself more than the girl who once occupied his thoughts!
:) :) :) He sighed his relief when he found himself!! :) :) :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

03th-04th sep, 09

naaahh... Rohit, you can't do this...!!
And Rohit, still did it.

Sometimes, we all do that cheap shitty things, that, we ourselves define as 'not doable'. Still we end up doing it. And so did Rohit. But if it is once in a while, you forgive yourself for that. And so did Rohit. Though I would have told the whole story, which I belive is so dam intresting, but if I do, you'll hate me at least for a moment. And I don't mind being hated but I do mind not being loved :) So, please continue loving me (yeah...even you can love me).

He was on the way to office with the thoughts of following big crowd for Ganpati Visarjan. He really wanted to enjoy Mumbai madness for a day . But there was office to be attended. Following his inner call, half way to office, called boss to tell he's not coming, for he wanted to taste Mumbai Madness... There on, he took a nap & rest whole day danced, jumped, ran with crowds & Ganpati Idols. Yes, he bunked office & went on the road & beaches!! He was rich by the feelings, he added lovely moments!!

I turn 26 today. No big deal! But still, coz I can pin point the day from the diary of my life, I wanted it to start in a different way & it luckily did.... I wildly danced with friend on roads near Girgaon Chaowpaty. We danced with Firangs & we danced with roadside romeos & we danced till 1:00 AM & we danced wildly & we danced, danced & danced in the rains which were truely mumbaiyya!

At one moment he compared himself with others & thought he is too behind, lacks a lot.
Suddenly he was dancing with the crowd only to realize, he is way ahead & there's no comparisons, no one even comes closer! He is a champ, he is a dude, he is a rockstar in his own world!! He is happy & confident!! May his confidence sustains long period. Touchwood!

Good Times!!!