Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bombay Diaries - II

I proudly work for the company that confidently hires deaf & dumb people who are equally capable as any ordinary man. I interact with them evryday & it feels good to be a part of 'more human' world.

They come-they go! They take away thousands with them, they bring back lakhs on them. They are as important as peoples' jobs, wives, children & the Gods. Mumbai Locals are lives of Mumbaikars & the Mumbai itself. Still not all the commuters enjoy the ride. Their reasons vary from the predictability of life, uncontrolable croud, sweaty underarms, baseless arguments to whatever. For me, journey of a local while returning from office is among the best part of my routine life. The breeze while standing on door is always so true & soul refreshing. The speed & acceleration of the train is always the one we all aspire for, it simply brings adrenaline rush. I feel so complete while my journey back home in a local, that I won't mind calling it the 'Joy of Life'.

There's nothing better than facing sea & getting sweetly slapped on face by the cool breeze. There's nothing better than sipping a hot frothy exotic coffee after kiddishly enjoying the rain thats pouring down since 3 days, waiting for you to get drenched in it. What better than playing in rain water, jumping, hopping in it, splashing it. There's nothing better than unlocking your thoughts. There's nothing better than silently appreciating the fairer sex who are terrificly beautified by unstoppable Mumbai rains & the western world's cosmetic manufacturing giants. There's nothing better than having a butter dripping pav bhaji at Juhu Beach.
Other goodies include.....

Destinationless Auto Ride!
Mocha @ Juhu!
Giant Exotic Coffee mug nicotising whole body!
Rare chance of being all alone in whole compartment of Local Train!
Babe Gazing!
Sea Waves!
Staring at couples holding hands, kissing, at times smooching, hugging, coochy cooing!
Crossing the road before fast running skoda runs over!
Getting drenched in Mumbai Rains!
Company of a good ol friend!
Linkin Park & Avril screaming through ear plugs!
There are better things on the shelf waiting to be picked....

There are Guccis & Armanis, Levis & Lees, Bennetons & Reeboks, Loius Vittons & Pradas, Arrows & Tommys.... all around. But bigger things happen at BB..... gear up for 13th-17th september 'Big Day' sale by Big Bazaar (BB), coz I have been working hard for it & so many others have been working for these best offers a brand can put in front of their customers. TRUELY INDIAN!!!

It's been a lovely time....Touchwood!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bombay Diaries....

2 weeks & a day, and time has gone by in moving from 'ye baju' to 'wo baju', it's been a tiring but lovely experience.

While standing on footpath & talking to a friend on phone, it felt so odd to be standing still in a crowd which hardly halted. It felt so odd to pause that now I smile when I see people stopping to talk on phones, but rarely I get such smiles. Truely, mobiles were invented for Mumbai. No one stops in the city, they crawl, they drag, they do whatever but stopping is a sin. "Mumbai goes on", "Mumbai never stops" is not at all hollow talk. Attitude of the city rocks.

Local Trains are as good as deccan flights, just that in locals, beauties stay in a seperate compartment. In both you struggle for leg room but the feel in local is so dam realistic. In CST-Andheri local of 9.05 AM, just when you think there's no space left, a voice comes from the trian "Dude, jump in it's half empty".

The only struggle here is to find empty spaces, please show me the vacant land. Every single inch is efficiently sky scraped or will carry the architechtural marvel, yeah architechtural marvel thats what you say when you see a dangling chall/hut supporting two more over it. Winds & storms never seem to take them away.

It was a welcoming rain which took more than 24 hours to stop & the struggle to reach for induction programme was all the more fun. Locals stopped but not the spirited people of the city. I also tried hands on 'no stopping' attitude. My auto got broken in knee high waters & I lended my hanky to autowallah to clean spark plug with that. Drenched I was but held my umbrella over him so that he mends the fault. Loved doing that. My formals were oozing water, leather shoes were crying. But it was lovely to take hand of a old man & help him to cross the road having knee high water. A blessing he gave :) . School going children were jumping & hopping in water as if they were in Alice's Wonderland.

The city, thats the benchmark of efficiencies (be it local trains, commuting people or the land space), instead of stopping & worrying about rain creates 1000 business opportunities from it. To know that you have to be in Mumbai......

Week:3, Day:2
@1st Floor, Kidswear Buying Team, Knowledge House/Head Office, Future Group.