Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thats how I've been since years... 'Confused'

It's amazing that even at PG level I constantly get such comments from ma faculty on answer sheet.... check out last pic.....
Ma'm, apologies but m a confused soul......... "Flummoxed".... ha ha
Comment by faculty was worth making whole class laugh on it :)
Dear Bloggy
Keep smiling
Love you
Muaaah Muaaaah :)

Cool snaps & Cool company

Cool snaps taken while being with cool people, worth remembering :)

1) Strangely amazing day and the cup of coffee I don't want to forget. Coffee @ Costa CP, 18/11/2007

2) Fiery Brandy Gulab Jamun @ Punjabi by Nature with one of the most trustable frnd, 3/11/2007

'fuckchik day'

"Cool Dude Hunk Funk Punk Dunk...eventually Sunk" is a kind of tone that's happening in ma terribly distorted brains.

Life has gone strangely wrong in last few days..... putting ur ass on a bed and surfing net illogically for maximum hours in four days will realise how a pretty decent brain can get terribly distorted.

Anyhow... "We celebrated 'fuckhik day' last Saturday.... ha ha...
now whats this new shit called 'fuckchik'....
that's a question in your mind and so did a gal asked me.... 'Boy, wts this fuckchik'....
followed by another question from her 'what do we do on this day?' and me along with ma frnz burst out laughing and replied 'we deal it the way we deal with Roseday, chocolateday and all other days'....... she blushed, giggled, turned and walked away smiling with thots filled inside her.

Real situation before that wasn't so interesting it was a day when the things went awfully wrong that too very early in the morning. It was the WORST presentation ever delivered by me :(
Nothing better to name a day as 'fuckchik day' when it starts on a fucked up note.

But the day ended with a soothing light dinner along with similar light chats with two frnz @ Choko La, Khan Market. The only thing which wasn't soothing but tantalizingly hot were those two pretty girls sitting right across our table in open terrace restaurant. The American sweet corn spoiled with chutney and masala @ Lajpat Nagar was also amazing as always.

....... Zoom.... the day's another highlight was speedy biking @ 95-100 kmph and the fastest journey from home to college in straight 17-18 minutes.............awesummmm :)

hmmmm...... see 'fuckchik' day dint go that bad

Monday, November 26, 2007


'Nandu', .........yes, Nandu will be fictious HERO of ma blog.

It's a geniune effort to make blogs a li'l more generic, and more close to all those lovely friends who sparkle ma life.

Nandu's birth was necessary to make people realize that what all I have written or m gonna write have orwill have fiction. So, keep quizzing..... coz even m not sure that ma past blogs were reality or fictious....$%^&@#$>?*<

Nandu is a person who thinks a lot, and his thoughts.............gosh lets not even talk about them. He's the one frequently flummoxed and jinxed in his own thots. But he has always tried to benchmark the best and thats been his life, always trying to be "someone". He is a good achiever and a good looser too. Enjoys smallest achievements and gets bogged down by any loss and still accepts it but not without pondering over that for years :P. He is sometimes a super lazy, who creates laziness around and make things to crawl, than shouts "Who cares... I enjoy sluggishness". Other times he runs around as if his life has been mechanised to slog.

A God fearing Nandu loves to be a modern 21st century dude and at the same time enjoys his own culture and traditions. Nandu loves to hang around with friends, he loves to explore the world, the new eating out places..... At times he also adores loneliness. He is crazy for sports. He loves to win like anyone else. Nandu loves so many things which we all do and he hates all that we don't like. Nandu is similar to me at times and other times he is your reflection.

Coz he's a my child, he'll definitely imitate ma life in several ways but not always.... He'll be a blend of fiction and reality..... He might imitate all what we fantasize, he might be the hero or villain of your dreams. Nandu when having modern touch will become "Nendy"

Here starts "the journey of Nandu".... u never kissed me good luck but can always kiss this baby to start with enough luck that will outlast all tough times.... YO!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

"The Story" Continues and "The Gyaan"

And before leaving she continued to impose one last thing she wanted. But he was too rigid to accept what she wanted, may be too selfish he was or whatever. They debated over the issue, exchanged countless messages before praising each other like they never did. And than she left, she left the city.....she left it because he really disturbed her thoughts and that bothered her every now and than. Other side he regretted that he couldn't talk to her nicely before she left. They just said "good bye and take care" nothing beyond it. He was left with a strange feeling, a feeling of emptiness, hollowness, a feeling that will keep questioning him "Can someone give so much importance and trust? Can someone put so much faith? Did you do right to her and to yourself". He was left with feeling of something's missing..... Obviously it's not love but yes all that happened was and will be cherished by the guy. And lastly he shouted "Will Miss You - Stay Strong and Stay Good"!!!


Hufffffff....Heavy stuff that was...need a bottle of gyaan or gin....Gyaan is here but the gin is missing :(

However much we have to do, we don't have to be in a hurry. Our whole way of life militates against this today. Our civilization has developed a mania for speed, careening out of control in the fast lane of life -- a race with no prize and no way of winning. One sure sign is that no one has enough time. Another is how many of us are always hurrying to be late. Everyone seems to be trying to fit more and more into the same 24 hours. That is the paradox: we hurry faster and faster only to find we have less and less time. Have you noticed that when you try to fit more into a day, you're likely to go through the whole day late?

It's a time I must get down, dream, woolgather, fantacize and finally sleep to wake up again :)


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Story continues.....

And than he met her... fulfilled were many desires of both the people... "No one was wrong but both were the culprits". Even magicians get troubled when it comes to clapping with a single hand. No one was hurt but both brooded and continued. The "one who loved" will deffinately feel the pinch but the "one who was loved" also taken shaken... Hats of to the "one who loved"...

Twice the guy was ridiculus in past. He did talk rubbish stuff but never had guts to do that. The girl simply loved him despite the fact that she called him 'Lusty'. I am troubled to understand Y she called him lusty when he never even touched her... Even the guy brooded over the fact that he cared for her as a good friend and guided him, still was named lusty. Just talking about the shit doesnt mean that all such things are the only things that he can think of???? He's not crippled with horns and sex in his mind. Guys have been like this since long, they'll stay like this, we all know this, don't we?...but they are also sensitive to countless issues of life.... I SCREAM and YELL, hey u all girls out there "GUYs at times are more sensitive than u all" ....huh..

The guy and the girl meet and spend good time for the first time, they pack up fast food and eat that while sitting between the dogs and bitches in a strangest park in the town. The passing by time feels cozy to both of them, leave apart the off guarded stance when posed with awkward questions from each other. Weather creates a magic, they are off gaurded and get touchy. They talk a lot on all the issues.... lighten up the mood and shed the burden of botherations in career. They talk every possible shit, sit in every possible pose...hug and kiss to sign off.

Naaaaahhh...... before girl goes out of his life they spend an hour over a Posh cuppa coffee and the philosophies, pranks, jokes cuddle those li'l tears falling off her eyes. They exchange (gift each other) a book and wish each other luck...... Relationship which never started ends there but the diffrences still sustain.... The guy's guilty and he accepts that (may be coz the girl thinks so...ha ha..)...

The one who loved will be flying out of the life of "the one who was loved"......... gr8

In the world where we all are struggling, striving and hunting for that li'l attention and importance, guy consider's himself lucky to have all that. In return all he could gift her was the care and few boundaryless hours and the crap philosophies for that much needed strength when she felt low... oops did I told his non veg SMSes sent to her???

Hats off to people who dare to dive in to love someone and stay dedicated........ Hats Off

"Above all is a blend of fiction and reality".... and it's meant to hurt no one...

Life has taken a toll on me...coz I have been sensitive to issues of relationships be it friendship or anything beyond that. To an extent I have evolved with that and still trying to do so. Hope we all do that for the good :) Coz this gift by God called 'LIFE' deserves a lot more than philosophical shit... It deserves to be taken lightly at times and still not surrendering urself to the worst situations. Philosophy kisses the dustbin and the fun prevails... "FUCK TOUGH TIMES"

The fun must go on >>>>>>>>>

Keep off, If u don't like the stuff...

This thing's difficult to get rid of..... Man, u think a lot..... Enough of brooding... Now, gulp that down

Life was going good.... Y the hell it took another turn? And than y a person is bothered by my blog? Whatever I write, I write for maself..... Whatever I write is by me, for me and never targeted to hurt anyone. People out there, do whatever but please don't try to influence what I do with ma blogs. Its very personal and stays with me in ma good and bad times.... Let me be what I want to be, atleast here. Let me breathe freely coz at times the real world sucks... Let me fly, drive and ride ma blog in a manner I wan't to..... It's a humble request. My blog does not scream, yell and shout.... It's not for the whole world... not hundreads or thousands of people read it, and those who read it, they do forget it as soon as ma new blog comes up.... It's just an arena for me to shout whatever I want, be it fiction, reality or fantacy..... My life is ruled by different people at different times. At times m forced to do what I dont want... Its influenced smtimes by teacher, faculty, friends, parents, mob, society, traffic... other times by the rules, regulations, prohibitions, values, emotions and anything else. Lemme speak ma heart here.....don't bound me.... I deserve few easy, untangled, unbounded, free, least troubled breaths......

Saturday, November 17, 2007

...and the life moves on....

hufffff...... My mum calls it my wife :)
She (Wife) was ill and out of order for last 16 days or so... I stayed away but the bigger thing is that I din't mis her. I had enough time to do so many other things. And I literally enjoyed slow pace of life without wifey. Now when she is back but in irregular shape, slowed down a bit..... n m talking about this "Tata Indicom broadand connection" which is back and so is maah bloggy. It deefinately took a toll on me to get her back in the real shape. Those endless calls to customer care people and than verbally torturing those chaps.... Wifey.... itne nakhre mat dikhaya kar yaar.

Love, Infatuation, Crush and similar things.... Have no idea why do these things keep haunting our lives. Sometimes feel all this is shit other times feel deprived of these emotions...STRANGE..
Those whom we love never accept us and those who love us never get acceptance from us and the vicious circle keeps revolving.....

This blog is dedicated to a girl who's been loving 'him' since long and still does. So much she loves that she's ready for.... Naah, God forbid 'he' shouldnt even think of all that.... God the guy needs strength, strength for her and his own good. God keep them away from evil...

She's been always there, her SMS or call pop up in his cell at anytime. Even he has relied on the girl to share few not common things of his life..... But He does not love her, neither commited her any such thing.

The real crazy to real senti stuff all has been shown to him by her. The Wierdest defination of love, the craziest way to spell it and the sentimentalest defination too. She's been jotting and sending him all.

He has always taken her lightly but never taken "for granted". Neither used nor exploited her for any selfish ulterior motive. All this coz he has been through daunting failure of a relationship, hence values human emotions and the girl's too. The boy knows that she always needed a support to survive and move in this jungle of wild animals. The girl is in Delhi far from her parents in another dinstant town... She's struggled a lot as does everyone else but she has done it all alone.

Now her expectation from him is that, he be her boyfriend for one day rather for 4-5 hours....coz the very next day she'll move back to other city, as this city might haunt her coz she couldn't get him or something else. The Babe wants to write a new confident story in the other metro of the country... She's confident today, appearing for CAT tommorow. Talked to him very confidently (not a usual scene since last one year), want's to hug him and before retiring on her bed she sends him a message "I Wan't you to love me for sometime.. I need it" and it left him in a delima of all sorts.....

Confused and a bit fucked up he is.... coz her struggle of life for years and dedicated love of more than 500 days will shift out of this city to other Metro. He can't commit and he won't but than he wants her to be happy the way he has kept all those who ever gave him importance...... Confused and fucked up he moves into his blanket to take deep breaths...

.....and the life moves on....

Monday, November 5, 2007

Life's Crazy n so m I.....;match=23380

Trust me that was fun, elation, pain, sense of Acheivement, "Did It" Attitude

Day before, Golguppa shots (flavoured vodka filled golguppas) were awesome fun.... Flaming Brandy Gulab Jamuns (Gulabjamuns with flaming Brandy+Sugar Syrup) were too good too... everything was "Yo" just that bill made ma pocket bit too lighter....

Strawberry is back n we have already started measuring Delhi's roads on Bike..... Zap... n we were in Lajpat just for a boiled corn and 8 Pieces of momos :) Me n ma sis always cook unusual crazy stuff...exactly the way we did all morning n mum couldn't do anything apart from yelling, shouting and screaming....we were still on with our crap...... Yo sissy, we make a great combo :) Love YU!!!

Now "Musky" (me) is working hard for mum's cause too... she wanted him too do 'that' n zap he was in Chandni Chowk. Just that for his fun he did a lot more than wt was asked. He scrolled n explored Diwali delights in Big Crowdy, n Small still crowdy lanes of Chandni Chowk n Ol Delhi...

Chat with Madmon (Someone's hunting for a guy..ha ha) was stangely refreshing, exactly the way he's been chatting with Mri since last few days....

He admired Nice, sweet, beautiful pics of a frnd, He admired his own Marathon Pics....He loved n cared his sis... He made his sis read his secrets....He chatted crazy stuff with a junior over a cup of coffee, Junior's father is a sub inspector. So they chatted unusual crazy stuff too ;) Probably they gonna watch a free movie in PVR (Coutsey: Police Wala's).

After Leadership Woes n Team Spirit Trouble, he is again Woolgathering (see the real meaning)....He's back to fun, courtsey:good ol frnz, and dearest strawberry sissy...not to forget mum's been always pulling him out from dull n lul moments....

All is fun......
Not doing college assignments
Movies while bunking college.
Watching Less watched Movies that too all alone [with those who also come all alone ;) , strangely it was a girl this time...LOL]
n the foodie is back on exploring the food be it on streets or on the bestest restaurants.... He's back :)

Life's Crazy n so m I
It's 4 in d morning n he's wondering abt the important lecture at 9:15, just 3 hours to sleep.... Obvious thot popped: hide ur ass in d blanket n sleep u Wild Crazy Animal
As Ani once said....... "Shine On U Crazy Diamond" :)