Friday, February 20, 2009

Mumbai Diaries!!!

Creative me is having its another orgasm!!
Yup, though sleepy I feel like writing something fantabulous!! But the irony of life is that it needs effort which i can't put in in my sleepy state :)

Mumbai is crazy & this craziness has been induced into me too! I am addicted to the locals, the mad rush of people & the beaches (though li'l dirty). I have been away from bloggy for past 49 days & thats the time I have spent looking babes...kidding....the new year has brought some significant opportunities coated with challenges in professional life.

Not being over complicated, jotting in simple terms... I have been working hard n have been buisy. I have been liking some one & want to love her. I have been loving the place & I have been loving myself. life's been Good. I must do my touch wood tricks so that these goods sustain for long may be forever!

Everyday I come across Lovely morning faces at platforms, the lady with blond hair who catches 10:22 Local from kings circle, the other one with sexy black shades on the opposite platform, the one with best dressing at Vile Parle & the one with unusually hot eye shadow at Jogeshwari. Than why the hell I describe men...ha ha. The enthu continues till the time I reach back home & we have been running out for a late night stroll at sea face!! My words fall desperately short of explaining my real feeling! But I don't wanna fall short of letting this one flow out, I really like her!!!

I am enjoying my singlehood but at times its sarcastic!

God keep me Crazy, it feels good when people call me crazy, freek, wierd.... It feels as if yes, there's still that kiddish passion alive inside me!!!

Love ya!!
A few more smiles.....