Monday, September 13, 2010

The only High you have is 'I'

Woooohooo.... this is roller coaster.... this is hell lika crazy... many months n the time flew past faster than F16 supersonic. Sleepless nights made him realize he can stay up for 22 hours a day, can work like a robot.this definitely took some toll but it was worth it.

Those lights just outside his room are twinkling like a Crazy sparkle in the sky, he's lost into the blinking sparkle spilling all around. lost in the time & in thoughts, in toughts that surpass any normality. thoughts that make him strong & soft together, thoughts that confuse him, shudder him & also bring admiration, love, eternity, maturity & understanding. He is lost in the thoughts of his life. He is Living it up. He is alive & kicking. he is high on Life. This is abundance of his life.