Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Investments ka funda

It all started with a thought of Tax saving instruments. Equity based Mutual Funds have been my favourite may be because of my hidden gambling instinct or may be because of the glamour they bring with their seductive names :P Take for instance ABCD Top 100 Benchmark Balanced dividend 96' scheme. Wooooooohhhhfff, I never even learned this big formulas or definitions in class 9th, I used just skip such terminologies. The terminologies & the complexities have always bogged me down. How many of you really get into the depth while investing in a MF? And Even if you get into it, will you ever be sure, satisfied & be aware where your money is being invested. MF is a pure bluff, it is all luck & overall market performance dependent.

Than there is Debt instruments, PPF, FD etc. . Why the hell should one deposit in Debts?? For that 6-7% annual returns on FD? But yes may be for safety& security they bring with them.

Invest in property if you have that much money, or buy gold if tax saving isn't on your list....

But the best of all is buy onions, dry them & store them for future use. Buy Garlic, dry them or make a paste & bottle it for future use. Make tomato pures. Deep Freeze potatoes, Peas & other veggies. Biggest thing is nearly all of us know the business of veggies & it might fetch annual returns of 400% - 800%. My mum did that, not with a thought of savings but to make things easy for her. The benefit she is reaping goes like this...
Onions - avg. consumption .250kg/day - sun dried about 3 months back - Benefit of Rs. 15/day i.e Rs. 450/ mnth & Rs. 5400/ year. Similar goes the story of Garlic, Tomato & Peas. Bingo! I have cracked the formuls to becom rich.

No No No, I am not freaked out.... But the crazy onion prices @ Rs. 80/Kg is the reason. Garlic @ Rs. 150-200/Kg is the reason. Who thought the tomatoes which were sold for under 10 last year will touch Rs. 40/Kg this year. Thats an annual return of 400%. Drying, Making puree & preserving veggies isn't a bad investment at all. I swear.

Bingo, I cracked it :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Teaching Sheeching apne bas ka nahi...

have never taken up teaching before, errr... actually once I did...

I still remember when in 3rd semester, hostel days, I rubbed my hands on being a tutor to a 9th standard student. Ufff....., that was difficult, the subject that scared me the most in school days was what I had to teach. Kasam Sheela ki jawani ki, it was aaahhh uuuiiii, 'What am I trying to do??' thing. Syllabus books aur mera rishta bilkul waisa tha jaise Shahid Kapoor aur Kareena Kapoor ka ab wala pyaar. Apni class mein ek hi ladki thi aur uska bhi shikaar ho chuka tha, so there was no pressure of earning for dates & gifts also. Still I dived in, as tuting sounded glamorous. These were the few types of unimaginable glamorous things one could splurge in that secluded place called 'Bhiwani'. Only boxers survive in that city, somehow I also managed to come out alive. Anyways.... important thing is the girl was a student of 9th standard & I, a second year engineering student who reached their purely by God's tactics. No one had even an isolated idea that maths had an ongoing tiff with me. Maths mein haath itna tight that I had to go through a Re examination in Semester 1 itself...that is called 'bhaagne se pehle hi ludak jana'...Cheers to Life... ludak ludak ke hi to insaan seekhta hai. Aur ab adjustment mein to time lagta hi hai na? Dilli se Bhiwani mein laake baitha doge to ek aadh gadbad to hogi hee. Here whole forest of sour grapes existed. Finally, ab hum ban gaye the Mashter jee :) aur remuneration tha Rupeej 1000 per month for three days a week.

Byeee God ki kasam, the volley of questions & numerical she threw was unimaginable & unsolvable. Whenever she had any doubt, I would smile, crack a joke, ask for water & than finally would tell her to mark & discuss tomorrow. Actually my understanding on those questions was very similar to the one I have on Enrique's latest Latin number. I withdrew in straight 3 classes. Teaching was not my cup of Tea, V, B, D and include every Eeeee.

Bohhy, I couldn't teach mathematics to a class 9th student, I felt humiliated. I felt as helpless as Vinod Kambli found himself during 96 world cup cricket match with Sri Lanka. Only difference is he sobbed & I nearly did not...Holishit... Soon I was back to normal playing badminton, basketball in hostel, which I always loved. And the maths was so so so so so so far away :) nearly invisible.

While I was recalling the history of my life, today, some 8 saal baad, I felt like a champ, when I was about to take last guest lecture at SASMIRA, Worli ( http://www.sasmira.org/ ). Awwww... 'Is it really the last lecture' is what my ander ki awaaj asked me. My broken, torn, wounded Sony Ericsson rang & 'Rohit, it is your last lecture', asked the the faculty head. 'hmm... hmm...Yeah, yes Aparna, I should be winding up today', replied me & popped out of the bed, the way those popcorns do in the hot pan. Weekends give me the leisure of loving my bed a li’l more.
I learned more from them than what these crazy bunch of young fellas learned from me. It's been an year i.e. 2 semesters. And today everyone in the class is a learned man/learned lady who knows that Vasco De Gama found America & Columbus located India. Everyone is Intelligent now :)

Cheers to Life :)
Good Times


I was crossing Bandra road n 2 kids of age around 2-3 yrs came, pulling my Tee n begging for anything I could give them. What could I give them beyond a simple smile. I clicked there photograph & they literally smiled. And made me smile too.

There's something in this city called Mumbai/ Bombay that gives me a strange high. This place has taught me to be so well on my own & I love this place. I was 24 & it was 29th June when I dropped here, today I am 27 & loving it. These 30 months have been wonderfull & so have been the events. This city has given all the things that would have been with me in any other part of the world and it gave me few other things too. I had my own share of fretting & frowning & buaaah huaaah & ha ha, but here I learned to hold on & move on. So a Genuine 'THANKS' to this place. And yeah, Bandra is oozing in my blood.... the coffees at CBTL (Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) ...CBTL's balance sheet's bottom line is stronger because of me & my blood is terribly coffeed because of them :)

First time I stepped here, I was taken aback by the price tags their coffees had. Now it's regular & the stewards are addicted to me, the way I am to their faces & the lovely coffee. CHEERS to life :)

Good Times

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hempushpa :)

Well...till the time you slog your brains to find out what the hell this HEMPUSHPA is..??? I’ll have my share of laugh.

Alcohol has never been my fantasy, (coffee beats it any day) but the fun, laughs & the craziness this liquid brings around is something I have developed charm for. The advertisements, the after drowning illogical chit chat of friends & the abnormally high creativity that emerges after the intake of this overhyped liquid is something worth loving all the while.

Hempushpa: This is a ridiculous creative name of an alcoholic drink, one of my shitty chuddy buddy is planning to sit on with when another buddy chuddy lands in the country to join us. The firangi buddy, very own Delhi ka Punjabi is bringing all those coloured labels. Black, white, orange or red label, I am least interested in. But the thing that pulls my interest even more than that spaghetti & hot pant wali ladki who is his current GF, is the cocktail the other chap is planning to make from all these coloury labels. We literally grew up not pulling each other’s legs but each other’s chuddies & other times it was pants ;). Those were the bloody hostel days. And it’s been full 5 years since any chuddy or pant has been pulled. We have been labelled professionals & grownups and the so called society doesn’t allows us to be weird kids anymore. But not this time after they’ll be immersed in Hempushpa, let’s see who’ll be the bakra now :P

And trust my sarcasm if any, I’ll definitely reveal the recipe for Hempushpa, will not devoid you all of the fun this hitting liquid is capable of bringing in. Cheers!!!

Bhatia, Duggal, Mehta, Chugh, Sikri etc. etc. Kamino, let's sit soon & blabbar like we always did... :)
We'll fret, frown, cry, laugh on the life's hitty things, love stories & what not....And finally will laugh off everything... Did we ever take thee stuff seriously :P Yeah, we did ;)
Bingo... Welcoming Duggal :)

Good Times

Friday, December 17, 2010

Au revoir: Until we see each other again

It goes something like this......

Not a bad time I had, rather it was/is stupendous :) CHEERS!!
My last day here with Big Bazaar...all thank you's, tata's, bye bye's, take care's, keep in touch can wait for a while...

The bigger thing is that don't be jealous if you find me on Goa's any damn beach wearing quicksilver shorts, sipping Heineken or Fosters (else king's) from the thinnest of the straws ...I will have all the time in the world to do that, unlike the other days wheh I had comp. screen in front to float on it.

Serious things apart the best during the tenure was Alibaug trip, danced, danced n danced, legs still ache at times.
Second best was the team i was/am part of... Superb BB Kidswear :)
Third was visible in Diwali week's Ramyaraj's mail ;)
4th, 5th & 6th were about food, clothes, people etc. etc. ..... ;)

Important: Be in touch, not to find out where I am, what am doing & similar stuff (that will least bother to most of you). But always you are welcome to discuss about the food & eating out joints, the general crap, while planning drinks, when bought a Crazy T shirt, movies, to plan an adventurous expedition or any dam good-bad times.

Now as they all say, the society & stuff, so in accordance to them, I must say... tata to everyone out there, whole hearted thank you to you all, from From Diljit's corner to Intellect meeting room, from Jogi's seat till the bosses's cabins & the vendors who are somewhere in between & on the way from reception till desk; or at their respective offices....I learned atleast a thing & sometimes a lot from you all... the stuff you got made & from where & how you got that made had its own teachings in it & sometimes what you wore had an inspiration. The biggest of all learnings was to walk 5% faster :)

Some of the people will definitely be missed more than the others, they are simply lovely crazy fellas & we gelled well :) . I owe atleast a good gesture to NG, AC, DK, PK, PK, PB, RR, TA, NP, AM, RT, HT, HH, RS, AP, SM, MT, RA, CF, Se, Di... :) I'll SMS you if I missed out anyone...

In starting there were turbulences but still matched the Synergy,
Results started coming good & the reason was passion & Energy.
The way team bonded at most of the times times was stupendous,
The food talks, T shirt & the sports chats were anytime mood refresher.
Work & fun was always focus & there was hardly any messy caucus,
Good Times is what I'll miss, not afraid of any dam future job's pressure.
Among the ups & downs, bad times-fun time, we managed to travel a worthy mile
I'll miss, I'll miss, I'll miss this whole li'l world that got created all this while.
Love the way US marines salute to superiors in warfield, dear booses the same one for you :)

Every Declaration of Independence is an Act of Adventure

Good Times
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On the walls of Facebook, Twitter, Orkut

Au revoir
Until we see each other again

Ander Ki Awaaz

He said...'Ander ki awaaz sun aur aage bad...'

The inside wali voice???
Main hairaan @$%$? aakhir ye ander ki awaaj hoti kya hai??

Inner voice, yeah the inner voice.... the one which comes from deep inside, not the ones called 'Burp' or 'Farts'. So after hearing the inner voice, I decided to move on. Despite the goody goody times, I am moving on for career growth.

Thank you Pantaloon/ Future Value Retal Services/ Big Bazaar :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's next?

Fullness in life
So very me
What's next ??

Whatever it is, it's gonna be full of energy, enthu, passion & fun....

Its not that hard to imagine. All you have to do is put your mind and a freezing soul into it.... and when you can imagine, you can do wonders.

Nice Times
Better Times

Good Times

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Have a little more faith

Have a little faith in me,
Let my soul be little free.
Till now, I have trusted you blindly,
Is it so hard to talk to me kindly?
I have a mind too, me you cannot order,
Why, my thoughts, do you always try to smother?
Give me a chance to fulfill all I have dreamt,
All that you have taught me, give me time to attempt.
Am I asking for too much, by asking for respect & trust?
Why make, of my mistakes then, such a great fuss?


Feel like reading a lot!
Cheers :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Food Food, Bike Ride, Sun, Sand, Salty water, Fun, Relaxed

This was Goa.....
Ate like mad...
Rode bike like crazy...
Funned like Woooowww...
Roamed like Hippy...
Stoned on the beach...
Office & the work was 600+ km away, I on the sandy beach munching my Feast :)
Dream of long Bike ride in Konkan accomplished.... still there's a bit left ;)
This was Goa, this was Goa December, 2010