Monday, October 6, 2008


Another one cracked a big time MBA exam!!! Yes, one more ex batch mate of mine from engineering days cracked a big exam & cracked IIFT. And me despite being in a jovial environment, in between some thousand other thoughts, is barked upon on face by one of those "U din't do justice to your caliber". Yes, i din't do justice to my career. Feel li'l left out. Since birth I had at least one thing in my hand in which I excelled all my batch mates, be it sports, computers, general knowledge or whatever. Today, I feel no competition, may be the instinct is gone or may be the whole competition went missing or it's that I am too mediocre for anything. This mediocrity is hitting since last few moments.

On other hand, Mumbai is still rocking, there's nothing like late night drive along side arabian sea. Not many scenes are better than those of sexiest bikes, prettiest babes, sleaziest cars complementing the awesome sea breeze, which altogether turn up on roads somewhere after 11:30 PM. Hayabusa's, R1's, CBR's, all terrain bikes, girls with MICROest skirts, glossiest faces & the sexiest figures, hummers, Harleys & much beyond normal imagination does exist on carter road, Bandra. U just need to look out. Mumbai carries everything to spin your head. HOLD ON!!!!!!!!!!

The other day, i clashed with retail merchandisers of our team in office. A week before, I pointed my boss for her irritating behavior. Though later I realized that apart from their mistake, it was my impatience that created uneasy environment but first time in life 'WHO CARES' attitude turned up to rescue me!!

Exactly that is my point, "WHO CARES' is synonymous to the city's attitude. My life is suddenly full of 'WHO CARES'..... hopefully i get positive out of it... Keep rocking you all... n you shall, so should I!!

Catch ya, after a late night fag at worli sea face... its 12.15 & have to get up early for office , but than WHO CARES!!!

LA LALA la lala la........ :)