Monday, August 31, 2009


Why do sometimes we get stuck with our thoughts...
It's as if replay button is pressed permanently.
The thought you want to avoid keeps coming back, again & again!
The thing you want to hate is the only thing you want to love.
And the thing you want to avoid is the one that stands tall in front of you all the time!
Why does it feels a little Strange? A little bad? A little unfair?


Monday, August 24, 2009

Confortably Numb!!!

For few seconds I wanted to get numb....I wanted to get lost in the sounds of dhols... I wanted to get lost in the extremely loud sound of dhols. Coz sometimes, you just feel like that, getting numb. Closed for the outside world. Not wanting, not feeling, not anything, nothing, nothing, just nothing at all.

Here in Mumbai, Ganpati celebrations began few days back. Yesterday was the first day people took their Ganpati Idols to immerse it into sea. And all that happened with sheer noise & celebrations. And when I left office that sound of celebration felt like nirvana. That noise of people & dhols never looked like a noise, it just went inside me and acted as a tranquiliser. I had goosbumps & I was surely numb for few miliseconds. I felt good coz it was not another day, it was just not another regular scheduled work for me. It was enchacnting & it was different & it was 'Feel happy'/ 'Feel Good' factor all around!!! And there was some rebellion element into it. God know's all that was a trick of Musical instrument Dhol or it was God himself who brought all those feelings. All in all it was Good!!!

To remind you & to remind myself, this is something we all will be able to recall with a li'l smile. I just read it somewhere & felt good about it n now it's your turn...........

"Do minute ruk sakte hain sar ke bal reh sakte hain ... kyunkiii ... badi gazab ki bhook lagi...maggi chahiye mujhe abhi...ummm maggi noodles"

ha ha :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Run Rohit Run....!!!

"Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must move faster than the fastest lion or it will not survive. Every morning a lion wakes up and it knows it must move faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve. It doesn't matter if you are the lion or the gazelle, when the sun comes up, you better be running."

- Roger Bannister

Again, had goody goody time at Marine Drive. Ran 7km, clocked 49 Min.!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not everything

Not all secrets should be posted on the blog !!
This one was an unusual experience....

Ha ha.....
Good Times :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My simplified life.... Where m I heading :)

1. Get up before 6:30
2. Brush teeth2.
3. Drink water
4. Loo
5. get into track pants
6. Drive to Gym
7. Workout
8. Return & take bath
9. Take a local for office
10. Slog for at least 10 hours
11. Return Home traveling in a local
12. Munch on something (proper dinner is rare)
13. Sleep
14. Restart from step 1. till weekend arrives... on weekend keep getting stcuk on step 13 & step 7


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ye kya ho raha hai........ #@$%##

Not many times I have found myself so week... though I am continuously increasing my pysical strength by Gymming, training & running but somehow I missed out on emotional part. I was taken aback yesterday evening. I was unguarded, I was stripped off & my vulnerability to emotions was out in the light. Rest God knows!! But yes, I realized my emotional weekness & found difficult to cope with it.

Weekend started on a awesome note, I fulfilled one of my dream to jog along Marine Drive, I completed too & fro distance from Nariman Point to Girgaon Chowpaty in approx. 51 minutes i.e. a distance of 7 Km. It was difficult to run in open, when wind was blowing against me. It asked much more strength than treadmill running. But I was enthralled & jumped on completion, I was very much amused & so were the people sitting who saw the jump of 80+ KG man. For some milliseconds I did beat Gravity!!!

He told her "I love you, I care for you.... (& so on)"
She replied "You have been boasting..."

He melted, felt low but kept quite. Coz that was all he could do.... (and than he too has not been treating her nicely)!!!!

All these days, the new stylish, trendy, in vogue toilets amuse me.... not just the toilets aka washroom (in decent wordings) but the 'loo signs' themselves are amusing.......!!!
Talk about Bonebo in Bandra, they have a Pink cartoon for women's. And for men a black cartoon. Then there was peacock somewhere outside women's loo & a Lion outside men's, it was one of the mocha, if m not wrong. It was Madonna outside fairer sex's loo & Arnold on men's loo door. A Cow Boy hat for men's & a pink Cap for women's outside loos at Lee & Wrangler's Office in Bangalore. Playing Card character 'K' aka King for men's & 'Q' aka Queen for Women's. Something different is also there at Prithvi Cafe's loo, which I am forgetting. God knows from where did man's sudden fascination for innovative Loo Signs erupted. You guys win, yes, I am fascinated by your amazing creative Loo Boards.... Just that I check not twice but thrice, if I am entering the right loo. Coz, I don't wanna get beaten like Govinda in one of those flicks where he enters women's loo! Though in another flick Hrithik managed kisses from the girl's inside it but I am no Hrithik.

LOO at New Delhi Railway Station!!!

Inside of MEN's Loo at Lee & Wrangler's Office, Bangalore!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Masked City???

How can I feel like hating someone whom once I adored?? takes us to strange twists & turns...!! Don't know why & don't know how???

Anyhow, sunday eavening was a perfect weekend ending, a light drink with a good ol friend. And that so dam necessary chit chat brought back some old memories. She left an amazing gift for me...SENNHEISER PMX70 earphones. These are awefu$#ingsome earphones. They give you a feel as if whole discotheque is following you. SENNHEISER PMX70 are among my resent best possession. She went back & we hugged each other good bye...and at least for me that was li'l touchy!!!
Today, every 10th person in Mumbai was wearing mask. That means one tenth of the mumbai is masked, courtesy Swine Flu!! Tomorrow it'll be quarter of the Mumbai. In any case I don't buy this face mask concept. Literate-Illiterate, Shopkeepers, local commuters, in office-out of office everyone was wearing mask. It took me time to accept all that but in no case I'll buy such behavior. Don't know why but I hated to see people wearing masks! And I also believe Swine flu can't be avoided that way.
We are the democratic country where we have right to do all this & much beyond. But before that we are a socially active country which belives in helping out the person next to us. We are a country that belives in talking-chatting with a person who's sitting next to us in office, train, bus or wherever. We are a country that was never masked. Though I will not question anyone's behaviour, I might be wrong, might sound stupid but masked city is something that gives me a strange feel, a feel that the city is no more social. A feel that we are back to the era of untouchability. Swine flu can not be kept away by just masking!!! For me, no mask, until that is the last thing!!

I am more worried about the lovers...Will mumbai be kissing & smooching less to avoid this communicable virus??? Will Swine flu bring down the Coochy Coooooing ???? Will there be less 'Muaaah Muaaaah' ???

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sweet Nothing!!!

Masi is out of town & so its gonna be me who's gotta do a li'l more than regular, including the daily household chores management (nice Lingo :P).

12KM in 68 min. is how much I ran yesterday. And obviously had a feeling of achievement. At least there are few things where you don't have to be dependent on teams, colleagues and others. My belief 'Long Distance Running is an independent measure of your caliber.' I am so much inspired by the book 'What I talk when I talk about running'.

A day back, I thought TGIF: Thank God It's Friday. And today I want to sit endlessly in the window of my hall. I want to do all those sweet nothings that give cheery smile to heart. I want to stay numb for sometime. I want to be all on my own for at least few hours. And my cellphone rings. 'Rohit, come to South Bombay a li'l early. I am leaving for Delhi Tomorrow & following day moving back to US. Gotta go out for lunch with mum-papa, so have to squeeze out time to meet you, let's catch up now.' I could only question & finaly agree to her. Coz she's the guest & she's the guest after a long long time. The girl whom I met randomly, through friends, had a crush on her. And than things setteled & we became good friends & that was the end limit of our relation. She shopped in my presence, she talked-shared a lot with me, at times stayed overnight at my place, enjoyed with my mum & sis. She's a good friend for whom, I have to leave my cozy thoughts & get drowned in the pacey life once again.

In few minutes I'll be taking her out, but where ???? Leopold...naah, Mondegar...naah, Sports Bar...may be...but I have been here too many times. So where ??? Really don't know!! Anyways, that, we'll sort out than & there!!!

As of now, it's been two mornings when I wake up to the thoughts of being cuddled in someone's lap, cuddled & cared sweetly. Someone, may be my mother or my very own lady love. I won't call it a weird thought at all! But it suddenly pops up just before I wake up & stays on till sometime. As if I am missing someone dearly. And in an hour's time... list of pending work unfolds & my backpack life starts....running here & there...trying to catch up!!!

I have been doing too many things & there's no ending. Washing clothes is another thing that got added in today's 'To Do List'.

I can name moments, days, weeks, months & the whole life itself as a 'Sweet Nothing'!! Even this sweet nothing is fantabulously sweet............ I am Living it up!! Enjoying!!!

Love ya!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I run, I run in a Void. And 'Love Stinks'!! LOL...

It's still backpack life... Gym to Office, Office to Colaba for catching up with friends -from their for dinner at Churchgate. It's all happening with backpack on my shoulders. You wont believe it, yesterday I even slept with backpack hanging on me LOL!

I seriously don't know what I exactly should I write. But I have some urge to put down my thoughts here. Though they are quite random & in bits & pieces, but the are my very own lovely thoughts. Whenever I have felt lonely or I have felt like lving someone, I have fondled my very own thoughts.This reminds me of few lines from my current read 'What I talk when I talk about running'. Those lines go like these... "I just run, I run in a Void. Or may be I should put it the other way: I run in order to acquire a void. But as you might expect, an occasional thought will slip into this void. People's minds can't be complete blank Human being's emotions are not strong or consistent enough to sustain a vacuum. What I mean is, the kinds of thoughts & ideas that invade my emotions as I run remain subordinate to that void. Lacking content, they are just random thoughts that gather around that central void."

My body is so sensitive, it reacts to calorie intake within few hours. Two days of eating out & looks as if I regain part of the bulge in tummy which I removed by fighting hard, working out hard :(

I have been shopping & shopping good. The recent buys include 2 T shirts & shoes from Adidas. Luckily one of the T shirt says the same thing which I wanted to "LOVE STINKS". Not that I bought this one intentionally, I just liked the colour combo & read the quote only after wearing it. Yeah... "LOVE STINKS". Ha ha (sarcasm)

And my boss screwed me, he screwed me badly :( . Big Bazaar kids wear sales are down. We have poted a bad Year on Year degrowth. New merchandise is late, not reaching on floor on time. Logistics & Supply Chain have screwed it up bad time & the boss screwed me big time. Never in my 1+ years career at Pantaloon Retail, I received such a monumental Blasting :P But it ended well, my boss himself bought m a cig & said, chill, don't take it at heart, it's a part of professional life. You work hard!! Some people are expert in creating Ironies, they have such a lovely grip on their words as if that's the thing they are learning from the time they were created in their mother's womb.

huffff..... catch you later!!
Gotta go to Gym :)
It's chest, shoulders & triceps today :)

Boss: Yaar, tumhe dekh ke I am jealous, that you can workout everyday & I can not!! LOL

Gymming is the Love affair I am currently indulging with. and have already taken annual membership of this reputed gym at a hefty cost.

Love ya!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A li'l more sleep, a li'l more breathe, a li'l more life, A li'l longer today's night!!!

I wish this night could stay on a li'l longer.....!!
I wish this night get li'l legthier!!

My life's been a backpack life since last few days.... gym with a backpack, steam & shower & I move to office again with the backpack. Evening outing with a friend & I carry along my backpack... Late night movie with another area I run with a backpack.

Next day...Gym with backpack, vendor vsit with same. Reach office taking my backpack. Go out for a party & carry the same adidas backpack. Dinner at night & backpack stays behind very tight. Night out at friend's place, back pack stll adds on my grace :P.

My backpack is answer to the speedy life, my kit to zip zap zoom at a speed. my backpack makes me stay on with everything every idea. I am on a journey...journey of life, that continues, continues & continues.

Just that, in this pacey life, I need today's night to hold on a li'l. I want it to be a 15 hour night. So that I can breathe a little more, sleep a little more, dream a little further & think of her a little more.

Hope my wish comes true & the night stretches a little more today!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gymming & Living!!!

A girl's & guy's relation need not be a marriage, it need not be a 'Yes' or 'No'. It just need to have some ingredients which make life exciting, loving, Jolly & definitely happening, it should have agreements, disagreements & the makeover hugs. It should have atleast some 'Miss You (s)". It's arelation beyond description. There is a simple but still lovely blog post by Phoenix I just went through....check that out on this link A guy & a girl can have a relation of Sweet Nothings
. Not that I fear commitment but it's when the commitment is not on the cards.

For some days I don't want to be secular, I want to remain a proud Punjabi!!
That's the feel I get when I listen to some of the beautifull songs from 'Love Aaj kal'....aahu aahu aahu!!

And I had a water day this weekend. I had only & only water whole day & nothing else. Went out with a friend & I resisted Coffee (I cant believe it:)& the other yummies, I dint feel like having them. After all I was fasting with a lot of heart, & it had a strong purpose.

I am gymming with lot of heart these days & it is really helping me out to sooth my body & mind. I love it. 'Gymming & Living' is what's my quote of the day. Too add to it, I am 5 Kgs Lighter & the gravity sucks a little lesser now...LOL.

And finally I ate the Lovely Swiss Chocolates I bought from Calcutta. They were meant for someone special & who other than me can be more special for myself. Neither being on an ego trip nor being self absorbed. But yes li'l indulgence with self is allowed, anytime...ha ha. After indulgence with chocolates a thought came up, 'Dark Choclate is not a sin, it's just bitterly sweet'.

I wonder how some people can simply spoil so much with presumptions. Presumptions....Oh God....I had too much of wrong ones working against me these days. Somethings in life can never work for you. Whatever you do, whatever you put in. Some things are made this way that they simply don't work in your favour. And you gotta live without them.

Adolf Hitler once said ....

"If you can solve the problem then what's the need of worrying. If you can not solve the problem then what's the use of worrying"

And I got late for the it's gonna be short & sweet workout at home!!!