Sunday, May 9, 2010

ROI....dn't knw!

Cut short:

Mumbai's getting into nerves, not as good as it used to be!!
CBTL (a Cafe'), Bandra is the place where I have been living, re-energising!!!
Now I own a Canon 1000D DSLR, photography isn't all that easy :) but it's still good!!
It's fun to teach young youths :) , feeling good to be a guest faculty at a design institute!!
Office is....little boring now, no matter, some intresting things still exist in that sphere of life!!
Life's little loner as of now......missing frnz....mumbai is all about ROI....u need to justify someone's, everyone's ROI!!! LOL!!
Need thrill, thrust for something exciting!!!


Best part is I am jogging & I am proud of it!!! J.O.G.G.I.N.G!!!