Tuesday, October 13, 2009


* Came back from Delhi 5 days back & tomorrow going again!!

* Delhi was rocking fun.... drove as much as 250 KM/day!!

* A friend gifted 'Calvin Klein' watch, yes CK. And people started doubting that we are homo......LOL.... The watch ROCKS!!!

* One of my awesome chuddy buddy got married. Abhay is no more single!

* Start of weekend at Sports Bar, Phoenix was awesome & so were Smirnoff & Bacardi :P

* Have been having Cappuccino at home since last 2 weeks!!

* Got highest increment in percentage! But not satisfactory in real terms. Plus he poor bonus :(

* Went Bharatpur, met Dada Ji, Felt good. He so desperately wants me to get married....

* Have been praised by boss & colleagues for my chest printed T shirts :) Feels too good! Afterall
thats what our business is

* Have been shopping too many T shirts

* Bitten by Lethargy, laziness bugs :( have been spreading laziness all this week

* Looking forward to Diwali Celebrations...... :)

* Missing someone :P

* Life's Rocking!!!

* Keep Funning :)