Friday, July 20, 2007


A road which starts from MG Road in Bangalore leaves behind a posh 7 star hotel called “LEELA PALACE” is evident of the tipsy turvy 24hours I had till now at this new place in Bangalore. This road is evident of ma facial reactions born out of emotions developed from a terrible incident when ma laptop fell from a moving bus. I got down, ran back and got hold of ma laptop bag.. Till now its alright and hope it remains so else ma blog will shed tears only.

It starts from MG Road, passes from hip hop restaurants, bars, lounges and pubs; reaches a seven star hotel and than moves from defense areas. It reaches Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL). It moves further ahead, kisses Airport wall, hugs it, gets too physical with it ;) takes a turn but doesn’t leave airport wall. Wall goes with it hand and hand, big IT companies try to come in between but it never leaves airport wall. Mediocre looking residential structures along with some big bungalows and small slums are evident of the affection ‘IT’ shares with the airport wall. I don’t know how long this road stays with the airport wall because a small divergence on left of this road takes me to this new place. Remaining share of fun in Bangalore gotta happen here only. Last 15 days of ma Odyssey in Bangalore will be spent looking at Airport runway, a landing cum take off strip that runs exactly parallel to the 3rd floor terrace of ma new address in Bangalore. Today morning it was one take off & one landing per 5 minutes and in afternoon…..what the hell you think????/ M not a complete vella….huh….not counted after that J

Whatever it is, the sound and view of landing and taking off planes with big logos make me fee high. The high, that brings a lot more than just few good moments of ma life.

Bloggy, yaar life mein apart from you there’s many new things happening…….so please bear with me. I’ll try to post those unusual things that happened to me in last 2 weeks including “the cricket match”, “the Saturday breakfast” and “the presentation”.