Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hota hai.....

I want to laugh out loud... really loud... want to giggle till it's too much of it. It's been 2 weeks of fever/ illness. Holding back for so long itself is a big strain on your heart and everyday dreams. And it's enough of it so I need a break, need a fun time. It feels like being a rat. A rat being experimented upon by doctor's medicines. One will try his antibiotics for viral and other will give it a try to typhoid and infection antibiotics together. Fever does bungee Jumping on thermometer scale under the effect of those strong antibiotics. In the end anything happens or not one thing is sure, the stomach does take a toll coz it has to accomodate Mr. Antibiotics and the family. But still considering those doctors sacred for if one of their experiment succeeds, I'll be as happy as I used to be on successfully doing hit and trial in chemistry lab for titration and similar stuff. Doctor's are sacred and I have to have trust in them. And I gulp 3 more tablets putting lot of faith in them top it up by a cough syrup and another set of faith. And than smile while telling myself "Life is too Good".

Doing nothing whole day can be fun at times but continuing this for more than 10 days makes you feel so very freak. Can't explain how much freaky u can get!! Meet me otherwise.

Bimaari apart... On terrace, I used to do push ups everyday. Nearby building's reflective mirror wall structure always made me feel good as I saw my flexing muscles in them. My bathroom mirror looks dust in front of that humongous mirror offered to me by my generous neighbours. So I stopped looking into my very own mirror and started combing while gazing into that gigantic reflective wall. Now, who cares even if getting late, face wall and comb while climbing down, tuck in your shirt, adjust your belt and admire if luckily you got any good feature ;)
To top it all the sunlight thrown on face also gives a nice feel and new energy to start day on a high note. But....but.... one day to my funnily embarrassing amazement, i saw on the other side of the wall were three firangs staring/gazing/eyeing me like a crazy nut :P Thee firangs included a lady and two Gentle(who cares)mans. Oops....Ooops....Ooops... is all I said to myself and walked backwards...but bloody that was an under construction building ;) and its long since i used that wall as a mirror :P
Hota hai..... :)

Chal munne Get Well Soon :)
Long Live Bloggy...muaah muaah

Friday, February 15, 2008

Held back.....

The worst thing that can happen to a person is when his heart has all the josh/ passion and his body struggles to match that Josh. Offlately, the chap has been cought up by fever. But still his plans for celebrating V day wer not much spoiled, just that exertion was attacking his breaths time and again. He has always cherished every festive season and every ocassion (NOTHING SHOULD BE MISSED). A dark choclate brick, a yellow rose, dinner outside and lone auto rides through the city were the things in which he indulged apart from smiling while staring happy-touchy-feely couples, who were immersed in the spirit of the day.

Its tough to manage everything yourself when you are ill and stay all alone. Thats one of the times when you miss your home and mum's caring attitude. I have always remembered how Papa never let the tension came on his face but did worried about, whenever I or sissy fell ill. Meanwhile this is such a bullshit to sit in bed and do nothing... He can not miss the sunday's match and also don't wanna miss the net practise tomorrow. He is doing best to get well.... God need help. Miss u mamma, miss u papa, miss u "sweet home". Missing you so very much mumma-papa.

Need to wash clothes and clean room, its been a week now.... no other option but have to get well soon. Wish Me "Get well soon" :) and I will be good soon :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday, 03/02/08



Exhaustive Cricket Net Practise

A cozy nap

Eavening with impressive weather :)

Good Company/ Cool frnz

Barton Centre


Ice cream dipped Frappe

chat session

Brigade Road

Pop Corns


Boiled Corns

PECO's (The Vinatge Pub)

Beer mugs

2 Beer Pitchers

senseless illogical fun :)

Paneer Pakoda

Stroll @ MG Road

Race @ MG till Kumble circle


Beer Bottle

Parantha/Sandwich/Mutton Toast

Walk Back home

Too many thoughts

Feel good factor

sexy sleep

Sometimes long sentences make a little difference!!

Time with "motee" and the so called "motherly person", 'the good company' and 'the worth mentioning day'!!!

:) :) :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Finding a Sardarji's dhaba in this part of the country aint that easy man!! I did it, courtsey so many of colleagues who frequently happen to relish that food, the way I just did. It's jannat (Heaven) to have aloo parantha's with Shahi paneer in the land of Idli's and Dosa's.

The Foodie is on with his experiments... He roams around in the narrowest lanes of strangest localities, rubbing shoulders with the lesser explored creed of people speaking transoceanic language. Still to him it feels so much his own that he ended picking up "The Book". He sleeps with it, eats with it, the book stays within one metre of his existence, expecting to learn just by the aura of the diamond books publication, "Learn kannada in 30 day".

His recent acquisition: A pillow.. the one he bought in 55 bucks after bargaing 15 bucks. U naturaly do it this way when u try survive on a stipent, while not asking parents for the big moolah. Its pride. We do that...... n he does all this after reaching the strangest place in the city and exploring other 15 options including those of the big named hyper markets. 55 buck pillow makes him more proud, coz thats gonna be a part of his self managed balance sheet. The sleep on it will be the coziest. And the pennies saved will go for the weekend Feast :)

New place leads to the creation of never ending set of anecdotes. The events, experiences bring tremendous learning with itself... there might be hint of solitude but u tend to explore urself more in those moments of loneliness. It feels good to be loner at times. Changes happening are good, things have been awesome, experiences have been wholesome. And the moments are perfectly suited for screaming, shouting and yelling out........ "MAN...rough or smooth, easy or hard.... M HAVING A TIME!!!" TIME, thats worth jotting ( n ofcourse worth remembering).