Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Scream all the way....!!!

Confused....Stressed....Short of Time & Wondering!!! That is exact state of my mind.

Mumbai has given me freedom & brought me more closer to reality but it has also taken away lot from me. At times for moments, I feel deprived of my creativity, my passion & things look so obvious. My dreams weren't hollow pipe dreams but they look like getting away from reality & I so desperately want to hold them on. colourspill.com is on the cards but it needs a push, it needs the Zeal & Enthu, it needs more of me & I also need more of me. How long I'll not be myself, how long I'll do what I am supposed to do & not what I want to do?

All I know is that till the time you do not love to fight, it's not gonna be easy to fight. And you gonna lose if you do not love the fight!!! All I want is the love to 'fight on'. All I need is Love.

For a Day I want to run away,
Scream along all the way.
I stared deep down inside me,
It's a little rusty out there, and a little cluttered everywhere.
heart n soul are sleeping a little longer.

All I need is a bothering auto reminder,
A little worst than my fuckin-irritating morning Alaram,
Just to remind me to lift my ass, put on gasoline & run all the way,
Scream all the way, Scream all the way, Scream all the way...
I am here to stay, gonna make my way...
Just need that fuckin, irritating auto reminder...
colourspill.com will take time, but it's on the way...

For now, I want to be the best bathroom singer....signing off to hone my skills...

Bloggy, you are again on time for my rescue!!!
I am a proud marathoner :)