Tuesday, June 26, 2007

pleaseeeeeee........Lemme FLY

By 7:15 PM, I was at BARISTA, MG Road……told you, there’s no better place in da city. As it rained just before we reached their and we got “The King’s throne” kinda seat, the best sitting place in the arena. Feel like describing this place once again…..

On Bangalore’s Prime land, on city’s most known road (MG). In that most known road’s famous building (Barton Center). On that building’s elevated ground floor’s extended garden there is topless....oh…sorry….roofless Barista facing the happening MG Road. The Crowd which comes is hip hop n happening (exceptions include self acclaimed Yankees and the sadak chhap suterees), People visiting the 13th floor pub are also an added attraction. The weather lifts u 2 feet above the ground. Happening and loud music takes you further up. Add few feet if you are a coffee lover. Plus a good company takes you just above the frequently seen aircrafts in the sky. In short an eavening @ this BARISTA gives me a high that’s beyond normal. No booz can give this high to me. And that’s how I felt for the 5th time at this place…… I AM LOVING IT……..

Today, I WANNA FLY!!

Touchwood :)

Always loved to stare at big ear rings of long haired girls, and really loved that J
Something similar happened today evening and am still carrying those lovely thot ;)

Last 4-5 days haven’t been best considering the snail’s pace of the project being followed at vendor’s end. In morning I pump up myself with the best positive thoughts. I inspire and motivate myself to curb all impossibilities but every time all my positivities face turmoil coz of vendor’s stupidest attitude. By the evening all ma inspirations and motivations are converted to “pissed off” situation. How the hell can someone be so inert towards good things being implemented in his organization?

Now I carry a perfect example of “resistance for change” be it good or bad. I know one more day, another day and another will go in same fashion. My motivation will be catalyzed into a “Screwed up” and “fucked off” situations. But who cares……., let’s see “vendor bugs me more” or “I bug him more”……..JAI BAJRANG BALI.

Anyways….. “someone” called me in the morning. She wasn’t sounding good. Irrespective of her situations/ conditions/ needs/ demands/ mean nature or whatever, I just love talking to her (and so did I, this time).

I haven’t been this much dedicated to tasks so frequently in ma life….. Neither had balance in ma cell nor in ma wallet. I went down from ma 8th floor office, walked down a kilometer to get money out of an ATM, searched shops in half a Kilometer radius to get mobile recharged, did that and called ma…………….. friend. Just loved talking to her. Talked to her for half an hour and talked nearly everything still much remained untouched. I was in full flow. When she called me she was down and sad, biggest thing is that I brought smile to her face, made her laugh n giggle. TOUCHWOOD!!!

Well if projected related things were bugging me than other things were their to bring giggle. Ma friend got VISA, she’s leaving for eastern Michigan University….M happyJ for her. I don’t know y, but more than anyone else m happy for the fact that ma guide is an IIM Lucknow graduate J. Y the hell m jumping with this fact??????? As if I have found lost treasure……. Hey, m being mentored by an IIM grad. Isn’t it a big thing by itself????

It was a good day and to celebrate and isit to favorite BARISTA was must J… I know m mad but my madness gives me a high….. lol

Pleaseee, CAN I FLY?????

Monday, June 18, 2007

SEXY Weather!!!!

Hey hey,

Baabu bloggy kaisa hai????? Miss mara mujhe?? Maine seriously tujhe miss kiya but again…… What should I do dear, I am unable to get dedicated net connection and get very li’l time too. Working whole day really leaves me tired.

Hey, U know, m still being fooled the way it started here in Bangalore….ha ha….even this a fun…ha ha ….... Never before neither a cobbler ever asked me 70 bucks for shoe repair nor got a stare from waiter who snatched a tip from ma hand….. ha ha……… can u believe it????? These things happened to me J

Don’t know where ma project is heading but I do know that here lungi khana is something on which I can not survive forever. Few days back I was dying for Rajma Chawal and it took me 12 days to hunt that. Yummmmm…….. it wasn’t easy to get that, ut was worth waiting for that long.

Bloggy dost, few good, band and strange things also happened all this while. That time spent in Open Air Barista on that cool eavening was simply amazing. It was such a nice ambience that I can not be explain with words. Music was rocking, coffee was amazing, youthful surroundings gave that pump in ma blood and to top it up I was sitting and talking to a real cool person…. I enjoyed so much that two days down the line I was back there and had same coffee…….muaaah, just loved that.

It looks that spending spree will never end, till date I have spent like anything, the kinda restaurants I have been to, are simply superb. The yum food at “Konark”, the technology restaraunt “Mast Kalandar”. Full City view from “The Thirteenth Floor”, Greenery inside “The Pub World”, Bangalore Central’s “MIST” and “Noodle Bar”……….c’mon man……. Every second shop in Bangalore is a Bar or restaurant and all are equally lovely, leave apart poor aberrations. Still, I am missing ghar ka khana…….

It’s not just fun, whenever I check ma “expenditures till date” it really gives me shock wave, I have spent like mad…. Isiliye aajkal surving on “Lungi Dinner” which is comparatively cheaper.

All in all Bangalore is a fun place to be in, agar nahi hai to humne bana diya hai…………. YOOOOOO……………..fultoo masti………. This fun time could have been sour time but thanks to ma frnz courtesy whom, at times I felt like being on top of the world…… and those who are not in touch……yup, even they are missed a lot but m learning to live that way also…. Wishing everyone the best.

Last but not least heard a lot about this place's weather but this time i can say "WEATHER HERE IS SEXY" !!!

Stay Happy

Friday, June 15, 2007



It was "the day" in bangalore (14/06/07) I spent least but had max fun.........

Jatin Kochar's Fashion Show followed by Rana Gill's and Dipika Govind too waited eagerly to display her styles :) during LYCRA Event in TAJ, MG Road

followed by Lunch with Pretty babes in TAJ.....ha ha....... but trust me lunch was better than their glossy faces ;) This wasn't enough I had even more fun bites..... eave in NASA, the rocking pub.... and Dinner in 3 quarter Chinese, posh restaurant....... all for 50 bucks......ha ha...... TAJ n Fashion shows courtsey ma senior in VF arvind Brands, NASA and 3 Quarter by a friend who got better job in Delhi.....

Dear o dear, Bangalore screams freedon on your face....... i can sense the masti derived from the cool weather.... I am loving it...... Not pushing too hard, but still desperate enough to grab bigger things.... let's c whats in ma fate.... whatever will happen, days spent till now are worth remembering for long....lovely lovely.....

Its a place where girls can be seen in their tiny clothes even at elven that too on onfoot on road....... No other city in India can boast of such freedom n women friendliness.... But are these women using friendliness a bit too much????????

ha ha.........

Mummy, Papa, Sis missing you all

Love U bangalore...... muaah muaah