Sunday, April 26, 2009

Every human is already beautifull....

"I am not a lesbian (not that there is anything wrong with that) but I think that watching a woman dress up is so sexy. I suspect this is true of most of us and goes back to the time when we watched goggle-eyed as our mothers draped silk saris & pearls, perfumed & powdered themselves to the accompaniment of tinkling anklets & bangles. There is a certain self-absorption that comes over us women when we face the mirror. We cock our eyebrows, rub our lips together to smooth our lipstick & flick away a fallen lash. We preen, in other words, like many the splendoured peacocks that we are......"
"....of all the questions that we women pose to each other, can any be more vexing & delicious than "what are you going to wear?""

.........Shoba Narayan, Mint Lounge, Saturday, 25/04/2009

and further she goes on, explaining her current favourite beauty product, which is a cleansing powder in which 'Nightingale droppings' is the main ingrediant!! And belive me she loves it so dearly that she went on to write an article on that!! In that article she discussed about Pegion Poop. Pegion's Poop....yeah pegion's poop & Nightingale droppings are the rage among girls these days!!! ha ha...

The other day, one of my friend was discussing about ironing her hair....ohhh hooo.... People struggle to iron their clothes, and here they are talking about ironing hair!

Once, a guy disliked a girl coz she was short. Girl wore stilletos & achieved height.
She was dark & guy wanted a fair girl. Girl used 'Maybelline Fairness Compact Powder" & some wierd combination & she became vibrant!!
Guy still disliked the girl coz she was squint. Girl bought Gucci Glares, some lenses & looked good.
Her facial Skin Sagged, she took buttox!
she looked plump, she went for lyposuction!!
She was deshaped & guy told straight on her face. She went for the implants.
Further on she went for bleaching her teeth, hair; manicure, pedicure, coloring, straightening, curling, facial, abdominoplasty, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle..... Guy finally said yes & by that time the had girl won many admirers, lovers & the guy lost her!! & I am wondering what options do the guys have ??? ha ha.... they have brains :P

'Make up & doing up' has won many things/applauds for women & women go crazy for that. So crazy women are, that they are up with the compiled lists of LING0s used for 'make up':

Make up Lingo goes like this:

FOTD = Face of the day
l/s = lipstick
l/g = lipgloss
MSF = Mineralize Skin Finish
MES = Mineralize Eye Shadow
MUFE = Make Up For Ever
PP = Paintpot
TFSI = Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MUG = Make Up Geek
M/A: Mascara
e/s = eye shadow
MUA = Make Up Artist
MAC = Makeup Artist Cosmetics
UDPP = Urban Decay Primer Potion
SS = shade stick
CCO = cosmetics company outlet
CS = Costal Scents (website that sells makeup and brushes)
BOGO = buy one get one (usually half off or free)
LOTD = look of the day
EOTD = Eye of the day
EOTN/FOTN/LOTN = Eye/Face/Look Of The Night
EDM = Everyday Minerals
BE = Bare Escentuals (right?) - yes!
MMU = Mineral Make Up
BN = Ben Nye
p/p- paintpot
UD- urban decay
BM- Bare minerals
BFTE- Beauty from the earth (website that sells makeup)
PL- Pure Luxe (cosmetic brand sell online)
P&P- prep and prime
e/l= eye liner
l/s=lip stick
l/g=lip gloss
YLBB= your lips but better
CCB=Cream Color Base
TM= Tinted Moisturizer
LE = Limited Edition
DC = Discontinued
REG = Regular
PRO = Refers to MAC Pro products
MSF = Mineralize SkinFinish
MES = Mineralize EyeShadow
mufe = make up for ever

I have lost my head to read so much about the girls' first love! They love themselves & their 'doing up kit' the most! I am true to my soul, I have seen them crying for their beloved bangles & anklets. Fighting for their pearl necklace! I wish some girl loved me the way they love their bangles!! Ha ha...... Now I am sure that the girl I love, loves herself more than I do. I am never, I have never been their in her priority list. It's just her her creams, balms, glosses, colors, bangles, anklets, chains & similar shit stuff.

Whatever, whatever..... Every woman deserves to be appreciated, respected, and admired. When a woman improves her appearance, an amazing thing happens..............

may be that's why we guys are in love with you!

But hey girls, bring some brains for us to love you more, continuously & uninterrupted.........Phewwww...

.......Every human is already beautifull......

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beauty is not in scarce!!!

Beauty is not in scarce!!

IPL is back but not with the kind of buzz it created last season! Mandira Bedi is also back but without the kind of impact she created during her first Live telecast presentation! The girl has lost quite a few kilos & wears strapless tops thinking that she looks sexy or hot or whatever.... But to me she now looks pathetic, a starved, animated lady. Yesterday on TV she appeared as a synonym of malnutrition & pathetic dressing sense, with zero sense of hair styling!! The lady isn't aware of the glamor & sex appeal she got last time from her Sarees. She must bring back her senses & must wear all those lovely six yards!! Anyways.... Who cares...naahhh....sometimes I do!!!

Beauty is not in scarce!!
The new girl in our office is a bit too hot, with perfect stats! She has a well toned body but that doesn't prevent me from wondering how the hell she balanced herself on the 3 inch pencil heels??? Amazing acrobaticism that was! The pencil heel stilettos looked hot & so does her feet!!! But I didn't get a chance to sneak out a chat session with her. So what if I couldn't talk to her, so what if her stilettos were good?? My NIKE are better!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Cars zip zapping; people running, walking and jogging!!!
Children playing, aunties gossiping!!
Uncles buisy with something they always do!!
studs doing there act, dudes tryig to be cool, girls trying to be hot!!
Couples flirting or loving & others posing as if they love!!!
Pets doing their share of masti, kids shouting, screaming & than laughing!!!
Vendors & hawkers selling what they should!!
Servants, drivers, caretakers, bais, aayas do what they are told to!!
Locals commute & so do people in them! Vehicles, people & crowd all over!!

Sun shines, moon glows!!! Theirs a day & than a night!! People sleep & they get up!!

But I am in hibernation!!! A li'l dull!! Doing little nothings & sweet somethings!!!
What the hell!!
It's been ages since last I had my cup of coffee!!!
I am laidback!!! And that's my attitude for the season!! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009


2nd from right in second row is my girl friend :) ha ha

Life should not be a trip to tomb with the intention of reaching it in good health and an attractive & well cared for body!! It should be more like a ride on a great water slide with piece of chocolate in one hand and a good coffee in the other with a body totally worn out from good living & yelling..........

Boy, what a ride!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bits & Peices :)

Comment worth reading :)

'hey i liked 5XXXX nano seconds
Some fleeting moments in time give you rare insights .. and what i appreciated is the title the 5 sec stretched in nano .it is good work .. like i felt those 5 sec stretched for eternity .. keep up the work .. you really inspire me to write my own blog.. and when that will happen god only knows ..
i have a feeling that i will jot down some lines today .. and if i ever get to write .. the credit is to you .. Cheers !!'

Funny Lines, i picked don't remember from where :)

I never seem to understand what pleasure people derive by passing such sweeping statements on your life and the way you are dealing with things in your life… They should pay some people to just keep their mouth shut… That should keep the statistics of per capita income on the right side of economics… and she’d definetly hit a gold mine…

A philosophy :)

Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. you just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, b a flirt, & smile until yr face hurts. Don't b afraid 2 take chances or fall in love & most of all, live in d moment because every second u spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.

In the end, it's gonna be a lovely weekend :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Small Wonders

The li'l brat: Ani's Nephew

Sitting in the window I wonder, I wonder about it!!
The sun shining directly on my face & the air is blown on to me by the Fan!!
I wonder again, I wonder about it!!

People walking on the road, others jogging in the park
I could see them all, and I still wonder, I wonder again!!

Mumma's call from Delhi, her sweet words & the blessings,
Masi's constant questioning 'what will you eat?',
Nani's not so well health, Nana Ji's battle with himself to walk properly,
I see all, I hear all;
Still I wonder about it, & wonder again!!!

Last night's missed calls & Early morning's SMS,
After mama ji's early morning blessings, I bow in front of God;
My early morning thoughts & the natural freshnessin the air;
I wonder again!

I pick up my towel & go for the' bath'
I stretch my hands & I stretch my body,
I feel relaxed & I wonder agaian & I wonder it.....
Today also will I miss 9:37 wali Local ??

Small Wonders!!! :)

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Halting is a SIN!!!

A stroll...
A stroll with thoughts...
A stroll while seeing around...
A stroll of leisure but full of positivity...

A walk...
A walk all alone...
A walk on the crowded road....
A walk with lottsa guts, creating its own confidence zone!!!

A stride...
A stride of faith...
A stride of passion....
A stride of determination....
A stride alone with such a lovely intention!!!

A rush... A sprint... A run... towards a destination!! Not to let it go!

Only to take chance!!
Only to take charge!!
& Only to take control!!

A thoughtfull stroll.. A walk.. A stride.. A sprint.. I do it lovingly all alone!!!

She passed by me, a lovely girl, so pretty, a white top, blue jeans & a lovely face. 5 seconds later she was gone... Lost in crowd opposite to Andheri station!! I turned, only to find this another beauty, waiting for someone & talking on the phone. A 4" heel & curly long hair. To admire the beauty, I closed eyes for a moment, took a breath & she was gone!! I moved but couldn't recall any of those lovely faces. All I could recall was the way every shopkeeper, every hawker & every vendor was spilling his entrepreneurial spirit. Each selling something very usual or something very unusual. Selling in a very common or a very uncommon manner. But all were giving their best. And nearly no one failed. At times they had initial 'turn downs' but sometime down the line they were accepted!!! I had only entrepreneurial spirit in my head!! Beauty of doing something of my own is all I could recall & is all I could remember!! And I stood their for half an hour while doing nothing, doing nothing at all.

Another turn down. A least affecting 'no' (which could have been a most influencing 'yes') gave me a chance to explore myself a li'l more. No sarcasm, but denials have their own charm. Though I don't wanna count the number of denials but I want to recall all coz of the lovely charm they bring to me, the warmth they bring to me, the moment I think of them!

I am lighter at heart, stronger at will;
& a free soul with lot many dreams to fulfill!!

Yes it was another turn down by another Girl!
Yet, I am confident & take it in a stride for better things ahead!!

No sarcasm intended!!!
Halting is a SIN
I MOVE ON..............

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Pics above....
1) Impression of Palm
2) Dog hiding sitting in shade, hiding from summer heat
3) Rolls Royse showroom. Clicked at 1:00, on the way to 'Muchhad Paan Wala'
4) Late night Iced Late'

Much bending breaks the bow, much unbending the mind!!...... I love to think & I begin!!!

Complications begin.........v (have fun)

Perfectionism is an illusion. Perfectionism is a hollow pipe dream. A dream that must be dreamt of to retain the zeal & should only be dreamt; coz perfectionists die just before they are born.

No idea, why I wrote this.... I could have written on varied things, much more simpler & intresting, which went through my antenna all day, like.... My Delhi trip, 'Dombivili', astrology, my today, my family & other things!!!

It's 5:00 Am in the morning, I have not slept till now. Have no reasons for this insane act, why I did this. Have no regrets about it, just that m gonna be sleepy in the office tomorrow!!! Who cares?? I just had an awesome cold coffee, which went by the name 'Dutch Lady, Iced Late', Belgian Choclate'. Lovely it was, as good as.....naah naah....a li'l less better than me :P

I feel like ranting, I am li'l unsetteled, vulnerable at present! I am happy but feeling li'l shaky today. Not that I have not enjoyed the day or anything like that. Whatever..... Anyways.... Chuck that.....

I am stronger!!! I belive in myself!!! And I love myself!!! (A seperater b/w two pages, b/w two thoughts) :P

Life's been really good, irrespective of the aberrations, it's been lovely. Again Touch wooding my words & thoughts!!

I have been doing what I like, I have been eating the food I want, I have been meeting the people I wan't, I have been going to the places where I want to be, I have been spending the way I want to, I have been working on what I intend to work upon! Still I am lagging a bit, some things are still underachieved, untouched, not done till now......Aspirations are simply infinite, like any other person's!

Finding a way to live the simple life today is man's most complicated task!
Complications are fun part of life, it would have been so dam boring if there would have been simplicity & predictability!

The great mistake made by intelligent people is to refuse to believe that the world is as stupid as it is!!!
Stupidity is not a term I run away from.... It's not bad to be a part of stupidity, we all have inner child in us!!

A show of temper is never a hit!!
And that's why I decide to lose temper, I move ahead, not stopping, pleasing.... not showing a patience, I move ahead....

's gonna be another good week, I am sure, beyond denials, beyond arrogance & beyond any other boulder it's gonna be another good week, a week full of PJs, full of good hard work, countable learning, and worth remembering.... The good things have already started I succeeded in writing a complicated post, which I intended to. India succeeded in posting a good total for New Zealand!! Can't stop loving cricket

In the end.... Follow your honest convictions & be strong!!! (I will)

Tatassss...!! Signing off!!
Love ya bloggy (again more than many)
I wrote it, just wrote it for myself & you!!! Not many will be able to get what it was :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

5000000000 nano seconds!!!

3 inch high heels & the perfectly polished glossy brown shoes! Neat brown trousers with a single pleat & no wrinkle in it. Perfectly ironed, beauty personifying, classy, long pointed collar, brown striped white, front buttoned woven top. Nice black mat finished, double zipper leather bag with a single silver metallic buckle. One thin glittery silver chain with a quarter inch ball shaped pendant dangling on neck, perfectly matching the glow of bare skin. Not a flick of hair falling on face, all tied perfectly, nowhere a strand running out of the shiny aristocratic pony at her back. Lips perfectly outlined & colored with a choclaty brown shade. Smooth face with not even a slightest dash of artificial camouflage makeup. Perfectly shaped beautiful nose, placed flawlessely on the lovely face. Single pearl tops in ears sparkled my soul. Eyelashes so densed in combination with brown eye shadow/ mascara made me to stare deep into those lovely eyes of a beautiful woman. I was sinking in those eyes, microsecond later the honking started, the cars behind had to move on as the signal went green. I stumbled on the footpath & moved ahead wondering about the wonders of the world! She was a perfect stranger, who passed by me at a traffic signal in the morning!! She glorified my 5000000000 nano seconds (5 seconds).

Even moments make you keep cherishing your life!! Lovely Life & Lovely wonders!!! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's a feeling of revolt against one & a feeling of extreme care for other person!!! Revolt; I should mute it down for now. Care; I must give enough!! Instead I'll love myself for now!!! I'll love myself coz I am lovely!!

I am Lovely!!! Yeah!!! I am Lovely!!! :)

Nani was not well, a li'l irritated, a li'l agitated coz of some psycologicl troubles! I made her smile, she went a step beyond & laughed a li'l louder!! I felt good about myself. I am lovely!!!

Masi was not well, I talked to her, brought her a bottle of Limca to counter dehydration. Made her sleep while chatting & lightening her heart. She felt better, kissed me & slept off nicely!! I tucked a sheet over her. I felt nice about myself. I am lovely!!!

My ol friend was troubled coz of her GF's ex boyfriend. We shared a lot about that instance. I promised to stand by him. He relied and asked for advise. All these days we have been talking to each other a bit more!! I was happy about about my positivity. I am lovely!!!

My one of the best friends got engaged, he made me meet his fiancee. I took them out for a coffee, I took them out on a drive. I bought them a romantic ice cream at India Gate. I took them to a hep hookaah bar in Delhi. They enjoyed, felt too good. I had elevated feelings for myself. I am lovely!

My senior met me with her GF. We laughed till we had stomachache. He was happy about me being his junior. They told that they had a great day. I told them I had even better. I moved home smiling all the way. I am lovely!!!

My colleague's friend became my friend sometime back. And we went to a beach for a stroll. she had a big tradgedy in her life, someone really close to her is no more. Feeling comfortable & relaxed with me, while sitting on a newspaper in sand, she shared everything. I listened patiently. She felt lighter & a smile tinkled in her eyes. She felt good & rejuvenated. I gifted her a Barista Mug. And I had a sense of achievement, I smiled bigger. I am lovely!!!

I drove my car for 392 Kilometers in Delhi. Out of that, for some 12 kilometers I took a crippled beggar for a drive. Bought an ice cream for him. He was bubbling with joy. He said 'Thank you sir', literally threw an accent on me :P!! I felt a pinch of satisfaction in my whole body. I am lovely!!!

It's an awesome feeling when people confide in you! It's an awesome feeling to see people trusting you & sharing there live's with you!!! No matter how troubled you are, no matter how irritated, frustated, agitated you are..... You come out of all that when people smile back at you!! It happened to me & I love myself for that!! Coz in the end we all love ourselves. We all love ourselves, may be a li'l more than anyone else!!

Thats why.... I AM LOVELY!!!