Saturday, January 3, 2009

Masti mein jhoom le, khul ke muskura le zara!!!

A New Year began few hours back.... and I welcomed it silently with some hidden enthusiasm!!

It felt peaceful to avoid disc parties, daaru n dance! Instead I chose to buy a nice cake from Theobrama, Colaba (Mumbai's one of the best Bakery). And I shared my chocolate opium cake with mama-mami, nana-nani, masi & cousins! Took nani & masi out for dinner. It felt good to make them feel happy, to gift them rare outing!! Feelings were not intense but their was some definite satisfaction.

I din't call many people to wish 'New Year' as it looked stupid to wish countless, instead I chose very few. After all, in this buisy life you got to make choices. Choices that are necessary when you have ever shrinking time/ person.

I also had a word with my ex girlfriend! It went good only till she revealed that she'll be getting married by this November. It pinched but the pinch was nearly painless as the pain had happened long back. I asked her a long pending question 'What went wrong between us' ? She replied 'You were not letting me being myself'! Not arguing much, I accepted my fault & said may be I was immature & I really was but more than that I guess fate was not on my side! I revealed her, that your movement out of my life did brought unanticipated troubles to me but it feels better now, that was past. We hung up & I murmured 'though you will be remembered & thoughts will be cherished till long but....... 'Fuck you'! Can't help.... care only for those 'who care' not the ones who have reasons to turn away!!

In last 30 hours I bought myself a weird T shirt, a chocolate cake, a nice book, a big chocolate ice cream, few chocolates & lots of smiles :) ! For mom I bought a 'Kiah diamond Jwellery', It's a gold nose pin, studded with seven lovely stones! I just loved it, I loved it coz it is for the lady who's truly committed to me unlike the one who was bored so soon!! My mum’s a world to me.

I also bought a Vada Pao for myself & masi... It was lovely & it tasted sweet despite no sugar in it. Coz, there are few things money just can't buy!!!

I had a lovely chat with my ol friend Neha n I enjoyed chatting to her; we discussed issues of life li'l more openly this time.

2008 was a turbulent year for so many reasons including financial tsunami, terror attacks! Despite facing a bad phase & becoming a prey of poor job market, it wasn't that bad year! 6 months of this I spent in Mumbai, the liveliest city in the country. I have no big reactions for 2008 but I definitely wan't 2009 to be a year of lesser multi tasking. A focused year, to be lived light hearted. A year that will be based on simplicity & the sounds that my heart will make!!

Before getting down dreaming all what I want to, I am cherishing the Diamonds I bought for my mum!! And I am proud that I bought it for ‘the right person’!! Love you ma!!

Happy New Year!!!
Khul ke jee le zindagi :) muskura le tu zara.... naya saal to bahana hai, bin bahane khush hoja yara!!

Love You