Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dada ji's Wisdom!!!

A hectic day as usual, that gora African sucked all ma blood.... the only thing i could do in his today's module was "Sleep endlessly"..... God, somehow I managed today's class, but what when he'll be refreshed tomorrow morning but not me........ Mamma.....subak subak :(

Gym again helped me gaining back some energy, muscles are pumped up but so is ma brain, sometimes it feels too good after exhaustive workout......GR8!!!

Dada ji is at home, I managed few moments out of ma buisy schedule (bullshit is what I keep doing whole day) and the wisdom he gave was exactly similar to what he taught me last time but ma understanding was much better today... hey, now I realise "I M MORE MATURE NOW". Morover his wisdom is sacrosanct. Just loved it, loved the slow pace while talking to him, when he gave me countless blessings......

Earlier Dadaji used to come with Dadi and both always remained buisy in their "BIG FIGHTS"....ha ha, and it made me realize that even at the age of 87 people are dam romantic but the only change they acquire by that age is the way they make their romance...... my grandparents had a tough time if they wouldn't fight with each other. Today Dada ji miss Dadi more than anyone else,its been 8 months since Dadi took her last breath..... still wisdom and the words he tell me gives me immense learning.

Dada ji do come accross tough times when all his sons and their grandsons/granddaughters can not take out sometime from their buisy schedule and talk to him, I know he faces difficulty in passing whole day sitting alone and not fightng with Dadi, afterall sitting idle is not what anyone of us can bear....Sorry Dadaji, but even I am trapped in this vicious circle of life; the competetion and career plans always keep us on the go and force us to forget the "REAL REALITIES OF LIFE". I'll try ma best to strike out a balance between the things. I'll deffinately learn from your teachings and experiences.

Man o Man he is Nearly uneducated but the "VAST TAZURBA" (experience) tells that education isn't the only thing that teaches you the way to live life.......

I SALUTE MY GRANDPARENTS. And am proud to have their genes.

those simplest, plain and often heard words still vibrate in ma ears and teach me a lot, inspire me a lot. THANK YOU GOD FOR THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE AND TIMES YOU GAVE ME/ GIVING ME!!!

Love you all

Monday, February 26, 2007

Friends are important

Dear Friend "XYZ", I know ma grammer in poor and I'll deffinately work on that plus ma vocabulary also. Thanks for reminding me.......

Dear Friend "ABC", you were too silent today......?????

Never had so many jerks all ma life

The day started with a wait for an SMS. After a long time I got up early.... and now feeling sleepy, still gathered some energy to put down this blog....

Dada ji had to come today and he did. Mum did ma work, brought him from Taya ji's place when I had to do the job. THANK U MUMY!!!

That South African of British origin reached before me in the class and the taunts flowing from his mouth were very obvious..... But m a bigger stupid than him, i too managed to take all that lightly..... jokes apart Good Teacher he is!!! First two sessions were lovely but than he became so torturous as if his mother inlaw was trying to be a thorn in between his wife's and his romantic life.... and all frustation landed on us......goshhhh....unbearable he became in third session. Thank God, he too felt that he was making things difficult for us.

Gym was fun today...did weights....and it felt good.....it clearly eased away many things.....refreshing time I had in Gym.

got few movies uploaded on ma comp. at friends place and than had to run for home.........afterall Dada ji was waiting n I was already late......

Zipping the bike in 80s n 90s is fun but that speed managed to take me till some 2/3rd distance n had a breakdown.....tyre wasnt moving easily it got jammed, mechanic was quite far, mum was waiting at home and all I had was messed up situation.

Bike dint moved at all initially than it did but the jerks it gave can still be felt. Ma wrist is half broken, shoulders down, back paining like anything, neck and back tired of carrying laptom n books. Sirf ek Dil sahi salamat hai.........

Meanwhile i pulled ma bike for about 5-6Kms, literally dragged it to home and than ma mum dragged me inside home. Pulling bike did took a toll but gave few interesting things too...... 9 two wheelers and 6 threewheelers offered me one or other kind of help but ma problem was really unmanageable still funny. People bothered in ma hardwork, I needed no help. But trust me in INDIA people still offer genuine help. Biggest irony happened to me was when an aged rickshaw puller went far ahead of me, he had that speed which I couldnt imagine at that time :(

Today, I had maximum number of jerks in ma life: Courtsey ma "Premium Discover Black".

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Heavy Talk @ Barista

Yesterday, I put in hell lotta effort to influence one person..... God it takes out a lot from you when you try smething like that, but there I wasn't doing all that for maself but only for her. She never understood (I believe).

When I was in school I used to think that I, you and we all can change people when invest best of our efforts....I soon realised and understood i was only being foolish.
When I was doing bachelors, I realised its difficult but still we can influence someone to be the way we would like them to be....it took time but a new realisation came up, i was a bigger fool now.
Now am doing masters and am dam sure people remain what they are, they grow up the way they wan't. I can bring no change to them... I can only create few situations which can make them to walk in particular direction but can't change him/her entirely. Convincing is an art but convincing people can never change them entirely. People surrender to situation and not to person.
People are not fool that they'll belive you but they still get fooled coz they don't have other way out.......LOLZ...... a bit complicated n heavy stuff this time in ma blog...but worth laughing atleast for me.

Seriously, i put in ma best yesterday over a cup of coffee on those elegant couches in Barista. Allthough the talk was heavy and exhausted ma emotions plus took a toll on ma brain too (stupid ass I m sometimes put in so much) but still I feel I lost, I couldn't convince her to make things better for herself. Afterall she'll be in a big mess if she wont help herself out. Everything was so dull but not LARGE CAFE MOCHA n VEG. FOCCACIA.

Hope Wish n Pray that she stays in college without flunking and get serious abt classes n stuff.

Dear, You are the only reason for what you are facing!!!
And no one but only you can help yourself out of this mess!!!



The only way to lose something is not to put efforts for that, but I put in the best I could afford at that time. Accepted that I wasn't 100% for the task. But how the hell can I be? Afterall I needed something in return from there not for ma ego or satisfaction but just to keep moving, to put in ma remaining effort.

God din't send me here to ruin ma time n life only. Yup you lose number of times in life but that doesnt mean to sit n cry everytime. Everything gives a lot, teaches a lot.... every experience makes you more experienced, makes u more learned, makes u more stronger and every loss makes you more determined.


Even if u have to face the whole word to reach your destination, if u are true than bear them, face them but dont leave your determination.




LOVE U DEAR, atleast you made me to learn few more things in life!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Put in your best

I lost it, I lost it;
I lost it, I lost it;

I lost, that may be because I never put in ma best,
I dint put in ma best as I always carried a doubt,
I always carried a doubt as I belived something was under shroud,
I never put in ma best coz I was never wholehearted for the quest;

I took initiative but than,
I lost it as I never put in ma best!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Eventful Event "SPECTRUM-2007" U:TH QUOTIENT

Inflation rate was touching six and reaching new sky,
Still Indian hopes were on New High,
Tata's takeover of Corus was much talked about,
Vodafone's bid for Hutch was quite Loud,
But the NIFT Community had different things on its mind,
We were neither involved in any takeover nor sluggish hangover!!!

The Sparkle, the glitz and the glamour,
For all students it was the sought after harbour!
the brighter nights and the happening days,
so much hype it got that it stuck all the gaze!

The minis, the micros and the bestest outfits were out,
for others "mumma, new clothes" is all they could ask n shout!
slowly but steadily it picked up good pace
good prize money was also on stake

Somewhere debate and somewhere Hasyakavis were on,
those three golden days are now gone!
Hair styling workshops and Quiz could gather some crowd,
During sports hooting was sometime very clear n loud!

Sakshi's relentless impulsive speaking was cought in amphi on spectrum's third day,
ha ha ha......those who din't attend spectrum missed it and missed it in a big way!!
For three days regular lectures were at bay,
PG Tech Rocks, PG Tech Rocks, PG Tech rocks is what all we say!!

Skits and Debates in Kund, Quiz went on in Amphitheatre,
few events were so dull that they couldnt gather any human creature!
Rocking were many events including rock band,
Best was when she held ma hand in her hand!
It's a mere pun, hope you won't make ma fun!!!

Those who dint enjoyed spectrum,
for them chat sessions with their Girl friends were no less than rum!
for few, golden moments were "Bird Watching"
after all our crowd for three days was HIP HOP N HAPPEING!

Pizza eating was fun and so was Ad Mad show,
which also brought on our faces that much needed glow!
Big crowd waited on gate everyday,
Even if the show startd on time or a bit too late!
NIFT, ma alma mater is rocking, on this no ones thought will be stalemate!!

Fashion Show had its own glow,
Prom night DJs were big no no!
Shibani sucked but Band of boys made the day.
PG Tech Rocks, PG Tech Rocks, PG Tech Rocks is what we all say!!!

As anywhere else here too we had a lot of learning
these three days also gifted me some teaching,
Unity is all we have to make,
absence of that can keep hell lotta at stake!

Hope we all will keep our differences at bay,
PG Tech Rocks, PG Tech rocks, PG Tech Rocks is what we all say!!!

There were few touchy moments all ma way,
Cherish those still wanna forget them in one or two day,
PG Tech Rocks, PG Tech rocks, PG Tech Rocks is what we all say!!!

Without one word ma jingle will be incomplete
and its importance will deplete
"I Hope, Wish n Pray that PASSION stays with us all the way,
PG Tech Rocks, PG Tech rocks, PG Tech Rocks is what we all say!!!

Dedicated to her n ma frnz (batchmates) whom I adore a bit too much

[The one "who held ma hand" and "her" is ma alma mater]

I won second prize in both Ad mAd show and Badminton, n m happy!!
But the happiest moment is when she held ma hand!!
Its just a pun, so please dont make ma fun!!! :)

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ma passion for business stays immortal......

Time and again that spark ignites ma passion for business, that spark never agrees to cease. At times that buzz in the heart n soul sleeps but it never dies.

Hope it stays immortal n reap some benefits.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

They are no more intelligent......

It's been told every now and than "Either you are intelligent or you are married", still ma fool friends got married....... all ma apologies if I offended you...... chalo baad mein nipat lenge.

One was geniunely interested in inviting us and got married on a weekend, and we friends replied in a positive way........ we all were their to rock, gifted CHAmPAGNE. But this fact is unknown to many that while returning I cursed myself atleast thousand times that why the hell I came, the cold really took on ma bones and all ma nerves were frozen for those ten odd hours. The night we spent on property of INDIAN RAILWAYS, on Hissar railway station and in train while returning was enough to shake ma jaws....meanwhile.....un dono ki shaadi to ho gayi......"bhagwaan shakti de unhe ek dusre ko jhelne ki"

All the Best Abhishek n Meenakshi
Yaar, Food was awesome n was one more trouble in ma weight loss regime..... :( ......
Mocktails were ultimate

Will write about another case of "INTELLIGENTS LOSING THEIR INTELLIGENCE" in next post........ ha ha ha :D

A day with ma frnz..........

Whole January had been eventfull. And the events were no short of fun and learning for me.
January started on gr8 note, the fun I had was unimaginable but by the end of Jan, I was again feeling that loneliness which once haunted me like anything......

What not I did with ma frnz, I met all ma goody goody friends from hostel days, spent eavenings with them, played all the pranks we used to play in hostel.

Ganju n Tau from Ludhiana, Chhoti from US n apna gorilla aka sabu all the way from Gol Market landed at a same place where my destiny took me too.... again we went to saada apna 5 star (the same one), its so good when u can not afford the delicacies there still u go and fetch those, bite those and more importantly digest them too without any stomachahe :D

This time the most interesting thig was a eave in Old Delhi's small lanes...... where it made me felt as if I am the "MIKE" of the Discovery Channel........ we stopped in a restaurant (put amazing before it) where we did not eat much but we listened LIVE GHAZAL PERFORMANCE plus those drunkards got cheap bacardi too, "TOMATO SOUP" was all i had for survival. The tandoori khana was good too but not good enough for us to digest it without an upset stomach...... anyways, these small problems were a small deal for that gigantic fun we had. I bet, the paanwala outside that lane will have tough time forgetting us.

Ma friends are back to their places and their bosses/ superiors must have already started extracting work out of them but again as it always happens its Difficult to forget the time spent with them. Kavenders's shake and masti in inner circle, CP. How the hell can I forget, their stoppage at every corner of Delhi for that sutta, which they sucked n sucked n suckked till it died on its own, all ma sympathy with "IT", the suttas. Those Rickshaw rides and the coconut water while that ride. THE NEVER TEMINATING LEG PULLING WHICH OVER SHADOWS EVERYTHING, how the hell can i forget that???????
The footpath coffee break, "The Blues, banned stag entry"...... ha ha......... we guys were enough for a great night out.

FRIENDS I OWE A LOT TO U............... oye, u too owe a lot to me........ha ha

Love u (Abhey Mehta, the Ganju; Naveen Sikri, the Tau, Deepka Duggal, the Chhoti, Ashish Bhatia, the Sabu)