Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Many ask, y the hell you missing Bangy, Delhi is far better.....

But dear, m missing bangy bcoz, all I did there was simply crazy stuff n nothing else......ha ha.....Few pics to reveal ma crazy stuff


Meanwhile, last weekend I got ma second birthday gift...another one well before the date. And this time it came from the good ol frind of mine, "Abhay". Suddenly last sunday he called at 8:15 PM and said kahin ghoomne chalein, I am in Delhi? My first reaction was that the guy has gone nuts and wants me on the same route. But than it was long since we hugged each other. Moreover, the recent events in his life did made me to say "yes, lets rock in NOIDA". It took half an hour n I was off to NOIDA, picked him on the way to gr8 India mall.

Ma birthday is round the corner, he knew that. And the realisation came when he was in "ODYSSEY", he knows ma taste and one of his pesonal favourite book was billed to be gifted. In few minutes it was in my hands,a gift courtsey Abhay. I dont want to write much about all that coz I know how it felt..... Feeling was a bit too special and worth cherishing beyond words.

Uske baad uska man tha Cocktail pine ka....ha ha...talli.....aur mera man tha fun karne ka. We did all we wanted apart from "hugging those long leg girls and hot dressed babes". We went to Ruby's and he had two lime-mint cocktails, it was really good in taste, even I couldnt resist two sips. Momos and pastas, salads,Puddings and the fun followed Cocktails @ Ruby's.

It was really a tiring day, I travelled a lot that day but all that was worth doing. The kind of satisfaction I had is still preserved because that energy spent was on two worthwhile people in ma life. My sister and ma good friend.

Muskmelon enjoyed Cheese Garlic Bread & Mix Vegetable Salad


Have used blogs for taking out all that gets filled inside ma heart n it has been an effective way of unloading heavy things..... I know ma bloggy is missing the fun part.

Here is real fun.......

Last weekend felt like writing some fun thing. Lekin meri starwberry aa gayi and although I couldn't write anything of that sort but had real fun time. The countless PJs I cracked with ma strawberry have their own charm, that not many can understand. It has been good 5 days with meri chhoti chhi behen....muaah muaah Strawberry. Took her to Karol Bagh, Sarojni Nagar and had a plan to get her a Jeans from Noida after buying skirt, Top, Slippers and ear rings for her. But the Noida thing never happened, may be next time. The punches and "Shut Ups that follow every word", the pillow fights and the illogical pushing n pulling between both of us is always missed whenever she is out of town.

I remember, we always counted money in our piggy banks and compared, she always teased me coz of her bigger savings (i usually spent everything). Rakhi is another occassion when she teases me a lot bcoz despite ma best efforts (i pretend this) to give her limited sum she always gets good amount courtsey mumy or papa........aaj bhi kuchh aisa hi hua she got good amount and teased me like mad......touchwood.......she will always keep getting that from me.

I am happy that in our fast world when western culture is ransacking our own values, we still have bigger traffic jams on Rakhi than on Valentines Day...hey, m not focussing Traffic Jams but the sacred festival.... The spirit of brotherhood-sisterhood was visible everywhere today, the sweet shops, traffic jams, bikes/ scooters, cars....gifts, SMSs, TV channels and so on ma blog...... M happy and Proud INDIAN.

Many Many wishes to ma Strawberry n I will not only take care and love you but will pamper you, all for good. U r ma Cute Lil Sis. "Love u Guddu"

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I AM READY...........!!!

Life moving like a roller coaster...... sooo many things happening all together. Problem of plenty is knocking ma head. Business venture is becoming a top priority. My small investment in first venture paid off. And a sitting on a profit of 4000 on an investment of 12000, thats pretty good when m talking about turnaround time of 40-50 days (goods sold on credit thats why higher turnaround time). Its a first venture on real notes. M happy n excited about it, wanna take it to a further step. Searching for a enthusiastic n reliable partner......difficult to get.

The other twist in life is a shocker.... For a Minor project in college, I was a lone person to submit 3 concept notes. To my amazement all three turned down by a faculty who herself approved them once. I was pretty sure about ma concept notes n had faith in them but the rejection stamp on all three did shook ma confidence level. Thats Life. Lets get down with next chapter.

But here's a learning "It takes seconds to kick off ur confident moments. Understand people beyond your perceptions".

But aggression is something m not willig to leave..........Gung Ho!!!

I also learned more about people...... they get real pleasure in their own praise for that they can go down beyond normal limits.........

Heart's again asking for a girl friend and the slowed down life. Those thots of time spent with ma ex are refreshed after a long time. But brain's not ready to be taken for a ride n if taken than its ready to bang that ass who tries that crap on me.

Today i have so many thots stuffed inside me but have nothing much to write. It was a day to understand people, to prepare maself for future. Its a day to remember that there's a hidden side of everything and that needs to be explored before it explodes on you.

Its a day to scream "I AM READY TO TAKE ON..........."

Had a Vegan Shake with a bowl of nothing. Pray God for strength and peace of mind.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Change Agents needed!

"Business of Luxury", a common elective I opted for. We had first class of this subject today. And belive me girls were pretty. Common electve is a subject where all final year students from different departments study together. So the fresh faces were worth watching thousand times and far more interesting than any luxury brand.........ha ha :)

Kinda enjoyd this class today...... were freed early. Had time, still came back home early despite planned meeting with an old frnd who tried hard to get in touch but I had no time........hey, i m a new bloody VIP, whom people want to meet but they can't without appointments.......ha ha. I seriouly wanted to spend some interesting time with this ol frn of mine, we planned dinner. But last sleepless nights forced me to move back to home n i hugged the bed like my girl. Zzzzzz..... n m in dreamland!!!

Mum woke me up finally before I was irritated by several calls on ma cell. Mummy said "beta, gol gappe khane chalein?" How the hell I could say "no"...... It was smallest n sweetest thing my mum could have asked. Sometimes the smallest things in life gives u the biggest joy of being on earth. Me and mum had Gol Gappas that too 3 Kms away from our home. And i felt every waterball flushing out all dirt from ma soul. I felt too good. That felt too refreshing.

Anyways.....Golgappas have moved down ma intestines, India loosing match, me helping someone, unable to complete ma own work, dont want to do it at all..... n tomorrows schedule already bugging me....Now deadlines are being missed by me frequently, i must change before i meet my own.

Sometimes it gives u immense satisfaction when u work for others and that too without any selfish, ulterior motive. M doing that. Loving it.

India loosing, m bothered, m not liking it. Its sad.........Kuchh fun karo na yaar.


Muskmelon enjoyed garlic bread with sandwich spread and a cup of KOL KOFFEE..... it was awesome.....exactly as I m

Monday, August 20, 2007


One moved Bombay, two shifted to Bangalore, another one is now buisy with his MBA in IMT Ghaziabad, remaining are too buisy with their lives. Most of ma frnz are away for their respctive careers n m deffinately missing them..... It has been comparitively dull time after coming from Bangy. Things seems to have taken different course all together. College too is not as interesting as it used to be, and on top of it the boring assignments are shaking ma ass. Ahhhhhhhh........ GIVE ME A BREAK!! Pata nahi logon ko kya ho gaya hai??? The enthusiasm they used to carry with them in 1st and to an extent till second sem is all gone now, they are dull like anything. I dont know wt has happened to them but trust me it seems that either their girl frnz/ boy frnz have kicked them out or their parents have stopped giving them pocket money.

Aadhe log to saala load ki dukaan khol baithe hain.....uufffff.... ab jaa raha hu main saari duniya chhod-chhaad ke sanyas lene......

But few interesting things do come accross and one of them was the event by freshers that happened today...ha ha... guys had to dress as "babes" and the girls had to dress as "Cow Boys".....Muaaah Muaaah chhore chhoriyon, tumne aaj fun kara diya :D

The other fun thing happened to me was the kind of time I spent with ma faculty... many jokes with one faculty and an advanced birthday gift from the other.............hey who on earth got such a sweet, nice and interesting gift from his/her Faculty........ THANK YOU MA'M.......THANKS A TON!!!

Lifes been taking number of turns all this while and even I have to adjust accordingly........I call it TRANSFORMATIONS...... n the new "ODYSSEY" has already started.....new interests......new hobbies.....new is the world..... new heart and new am I.

Thank you God to make me capable of adjusting and adapting.

She looked good, she looked clean, I could feel her presence and that was refreshing.....it was all lovely lovely!!!

Muskmelon is currently sipping a KOL KOFFEE n biting a CHEESE BREAD. Having Leisure time :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

22 Yards of fun

If I dont write about these than I wont be doing any justice..........

My "masti" in Bangy had lot to do with these..... It was real fun, it gives me more high than any booz, or watching a hot n sexy babe.......ha ha......On a serious note sports are big fun for me. Sports is something which just kicks ma adrenalin and i have ma best time in the arena.

Similar things happened in bangalore, 2+1 cricket matches happened between 5th n 8th floor. its "2+1" because last one was nearly postponed but somehow luck favoured me n It was played before i left Bangy.

VF Arvind's office is in a tall building on MG Road. Half of it is on 5th floor n rest on 8th floor. So it wasnt a big deal to get two teams...one came from 5th n other from 8th. Although i ussd to sit on 8th but ma mentor on 5th wanted me to be in his team (he expecting that i play good). Finally I was taken in 5th floors team. We won first one played in St. Joseph's ground on Vittal Malya Road. But rohit Khatri's performance was below average in that game apart from the few good catches he took. All in all it was a good fun, i got to know many people. Kept shouting throughout he game, kept hooting and made ma own reputation.........I WAS A KNOWN PERSONALITY by then....ha ha... Good things followed, i was getting help from all those who played with me.

Second match was in Palace Grounds, We lost it....but how can i forget ma best bowling figures of the match, ma best catches and the fun time: courtsey Sumeet, Business Head Nautica. In the end all players combinedly consumed 72 beer cans, 8 litres of cold drinks, 50 samosas, 40 packets of Lays n Kukure and 4 dozen bananas again courtsey Sumeet. second match left a question....who'll win the series of 3 matches.

They all planned a match very next week, just coz it was ma last weekend in bangy and they wanted me to play it and so did i.....

People were too excited talking about this match. A sheild and hell lotta reputation was at stake. But ground availability was a problem. Somehow they managed to get a good one. Both teams had proper Pre match meetings in the office a day before. On the MATCH DAY, turn up was maximum...17 people per team were available so many had to stay out. The excitement was high. Stunning catches by me raised my visibility in the company to next level, if that wasnt enough than the four on last bowl and the 3 wicket best bowling figure made sure that I get a description in the official mail praising good performances. Despite all those good things in that match we lost, and we lost from a winning position. I was sad n felt low coz it was a last match in bangy n i couldnt win. But ma good performance did fetch me a "NAUTICA CAP" worth Rs. 800, i was awarded with that.

I am not that good player but lck favoured me but not ma team. Although ma this blog sounds boring but the real situation was very opposite, m missing all those matches....

Those tiring cricket matches with leather balls did gave me cramps every next day after waking up, but they also removed the cramps from ma imaginations............SPORTS HAS ALWAYS BEEN REFRESHING....

It was lovely lovely

A mug from the Pitcher

Many new things happened to me when I was in Bangy and many of them are worth keeping with me forever....

I had great plans for last eave in Bangy, many treats, parties and get togethers were pending. I thot I'll get down with two or three interesting people among all those whom I had to meet. A day before everyone was ready to go out with me, but then by the time it was 4 in the eavening i was getting msgs similar to this one"I am buisy, stuck here. No scope, really apologetic. Deffinately next time. Waise bhi u planning to come back to Bangy in few months. Party is pending from ma side". I had big big plans but nearly everyone declined. By the time i could think further ma mentor asked me out for drinks. I really wanted a high in ma life that day and It took me just a second to pop out "YES". Bingo!! I had to wait a long time but the wait was worthwhile. We landed on Brigade Road. He took me to among oldest pubs of Bangy called "PICOLO" a pub on church street that serves only beer and really good rock music makes that place a happening zone. By the time we had beer on our table I got 3 msgs very similar to this one..... " I am free, ma problem is solved. Cmmon, we'll sit over a coffee n have gr8 dinner while chatting all the crazy stuff". At that time not many things were bigger for me than sitting with ma mentor, the one who's a passout from IIM, n the one who taught me so much all those days.

I enjoyed ma time sipping that hard and yuck beer from the pitcher. Hey, hey I never said I enjoyed beer but I did enjoyed the time. It was ma fist beer mug of life and had many difficulties to gulp down, still i managed a mug n a half :)

Deepak, ma mentor told me that i was reffered by 3 people in the office for a job, a PPO. He told me although he is interested but.............. "But" sala hamesha aata hai meri life mein......he told a lot....dont wanna get into all that....just that he gave me a verbal PPO.

Dinner with Airforce men in a restaurant followed the time with Deepak

It was last eavening in Bangy, next day i had to catch a train back to Delhi n I was feeling nostalgic. It was touchy, really touchy..............

Packing was dificult but had to do.........dint felt like sleeping but had to do......Many "had to do" followed all that n the last eave in bangy faded slowly..........

Missing ya all..........

Y not me????

Every morning when i pray, i say "Hey Bhagwaan, sabko sukh shaanti do aur sabko khushhaal rakho". But bhagwaan ji aaj ek cheez aur thoda time aur dedo, life's too fast.

Dont know from where i got this in ma mind but i did felt like writing this........

Its ben 2 weeks since I came back from Bangy n about a month since i wrote ma last blog.... Life's zooming ahead like anything, leaving me with no spare time to dream, to create and to write. Although normal things in life are happening at their own speed. The regular schedule is being followed as it is to be but something's terribely missing.

Anyways, all this while there were so many transformations in me.....ha ha

well, today morning i felt a jerk. A big broad man can have such a touchy heart was something i realzed today morning. I felt for someone and swallowed it there n than. Although i wanted to move ahead with getting involved but than cant keep loosing and cant keep drowning myself the way it happened earlier. Anyways, i would love to think about it, i would love to dream all that n i'll keep doing that.... coz something is mine or not, someone is mine or not, my thots will always be mine!!! I'll Make them run where I cant.

Few new things I did today are.......

First time had Breezer!!
Visited The Great India Place and explored few new things with Ol hostel pals
Did many new silly things
Explored Towel trade, have been exploring it a lot. More n more everyday and its a gr8 learning for me. Have spent a lot on just learning towel trade till now, but its been worth spending.

It was another lovely day just that something's pinching me while m writing this blog...... n the question that pops up everytime "y not me?" It hurts.......