Friday, June 27, 2008

Jab We Met - II

We had CRPF quick entry passes. Shortening all rows, we were rushed for "Darshan".
She along with her cousin asked if she too can get along with us and use the CRPF quick entry pass.

I was not sure but my friend who went with me, asked them to join. From 8:30 PM, 24th june, she was with us, we went for Darshan together, together we climbed further up, we came down, we talked, we ate, rested, snacked together till 3.00 AM. While Me & her were together for Ardhkwari Darshan, our folks took care of the luggage. For 1 and half hours we explored each other's life while being in Q. Her mother is in Heaven, brother in Germany, two sisters married & father buisy with work & friends.

We stayed together for about 19 hours and in all those 19 hours she came too close to me including the physical closeness (totaly unintentional). I haven't ever had such experience in my life, neither I expect any. Our liking moved from liking to infatuation to crush to..... don't know where will that end. It was 'Jab We Met - II'.

Though I already like someone, I am also liked by someone, I am shell shocked to get this 3rd angle to my story. Men have always been accused of poor faithfulness, low credibility, doubtful loyalty and the bad vocabulary of any relationship. But this time, I feel helpless, directionless and things are happening unintentionaly too fast (Men are more often trapped in situations than doing things intentionaly). Afterall, I was happy to pamper the girl I liked.

A girl so attached to me in 19 hours ?? Went even closer in next 2 days with plentifull of phone chats. What is it?? Is it her loneliness making her to move so fast or is it her shrewdness or she is doing for the sake of fun in her life? In any possible situation can a girl get attached to a guy so easily?

She is a Jatti (Surd) from Jalandhar.

Week at handling emotional issues, short of patience makes me vulnerable to be fooled here (LOL). And I never want this to happen.

Stunned by the strange happening & being true to my best, I look for intelligent responses to this true story, while I continue to pamper the girl I liked/like.

(I know, I might be laughed upon coz of the content on this post. I might come across swear words from girls. I might get some shit too. The girl I like, might refuse to see me again. The girl, who likes me, might change her likings. But it's a truth in front of us, irrespective of the reaction from freinds, I put forward, without any fear. It's the way men are made, I just brought an instance in the light)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome to 'The Cafe' '

Coffee at it's best

1. Le Cafe', Pondicherry

2. Chokola, Hauz Khas, Delhi

3. CCD, Connaught Place, Delhi

4. CCD, Lido Mall, Bangalore

5. Costa Coffee, Green Park, Delhi

6. CCD Lounge, Hauz Khas, Delhi

7. Barista, New Friends Colony, Delhi

8. My Favourite place to hang out over a cup of coffee. They top it up with Awesome Music. Barista, Barton Centre, Bangalore.
(all pics clicked by Sony Erricson K750i cameraphone)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sneak but Respect

huffff.... I know not many of you readers are soccer lovers. But trust ma word, today's tie between Czech & Turkey was truly incredible, stupendous, awesome, terrific and much beyond these hollow adjectives. It was no less than any Hollywood flick. One of the best soccer clashes ever happened in the history of EURO. Shrinking my elaboration of non fancy topic I'll say Turkey won 3-2 when they were down at 1-2 till 5 minutes before the game got over. You Tube does not have clips now but the goosebumps can be felt when someone uploads it. Will happen soon.

Coming from non fancy to a fairly attractive topic...

Before reading Maverick's blog, I wanted to write something on similar notes but Maverick pushed my inspiration barometer a li'l higher, so I write....

It's been lovely recalling ol memories of 'sneak a peek' thing. The Star Plus, about 8-10 years back sky rocketed late night TRPs. At the same time pretentiousness also peeked. Coz those supposedly sleepy people actually did something else. If you are not getting the many of you didn't love watching those kisses & smooches in 'Bold and the Beautiful'? A true man will not disagree with the amusement those Baywatch blonds brought with them at the time when even the kisses were in scarce on Indian screens. Half of the India hypocritically discouraged the scantily clad, beutifully curvy blonds on Television. This is the same half which postponed their sleeps & waited for Pamela Anderson's appearance in 'Baywatch'.

Being poor at understanding accentuated english, till date I don't even know the crux of those TV shows but trust me & my pals, it felt so lovely coz kissing happened in our own language. I still struggle to understand why on earth you need to have Life Guards like Pamela Anderson, such things can only kill more than they save, and the cause is overshooting pulse rates, I too struggled a lot to bring mine under control.

With the promise of going beyond these small confessions later on... I'll love to comment on hypocrites stunning the country with their deep dug out ulterior motives. When IPL happened, some felt 'Cheerleaders' gonna spoil ethics & culture of our country. I am stunned by such ridiculous thoughts. Dear grown up Netajis/ Politicians, peek into the laptops of your culturarised & ethicised kids & you'll get the bibliography of the projects they have been doing on pornographic websites, far more capable of hampering your culture. But do that only if you yourself don't like those short skirts & bikinis. C'mmon be a sport!!!

Let's be a li'l less hypocrite towards these well known secrets.

Last but not least, as stated in my last blog, I am getting on with birdwatching, while respecting the fairer sex & the soul warming beauty they bring with them.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

:) :) :) :) :) :)

I have been watching Euro 2008 with so much dedication & with so much intensity but still unable to cut down tinniest of the flab from my body, all accumulated while perfectioning laziness in pre-joining (job) vacations at home. Jokes apart my team Netherland is getting stronger and stronger with each game they play. Thrashed France after dragging Italy to back foot in the 'group of death', Euro 2008 qualifiers and the dutch are singing strong.

How will you react to below mentioned situation....????
You get something after longing it since the time you started showing the signs of maturity and your senses initiated the growing up process. You put a lot, struggle, dodge off barriers and reach the arena to compete with those who are also their to hunt down the same thing. You get knocked, you knock also. Mere glimpse of achievement put sacred intensity into your competitive spirits and you win. You conquer. You rejoice. You celebrate. You share all your happiness with your loved ones and also with the not so loved ones. You plan a party next day, call everyone, friends, new friends, ol friends, so called friends, to be friends, who were friends, disputed friends, freinds of friends, everybody & anybody (may be in dreams but you do). Next day you get up with a smiling soul & face just to realise that fate has stolen your biggest achievement with the smile you brought with you the early morning. You are converted from 'jobbed' to 'sacked'. The so very reputed organization, the among best value retailers of biggest economy of the world, sacked you even before inducting, that too in a 'disgusting illegal manner'. You pick up your offer letter, all the scenes from past unwind, exactly the way they show in Hollywood flicks, a tear rolls off your eyes. Did someone say boys are not supposed to cry?

After hearing so many unwanted sympathies, condolences & shitty philosophies from all kind of people, you manage to switch on your brain which went pause, which went NUMB for hours. You realise that the industry is at its bottom best & campus placements got over 4 months back. You stand, listen to Sunscreen among other motivational songs on iPod at late hours in the night. You flip your schedule by night activities replacing day time things n vice versa. Cocoon yourself to hide from neighbourhood baniya aunty's volley of questions, which go like this "so, beta when are you joining?", "You were supposed to join them from 16th June" and the blaah blaah which you would have enjoyed to answer if the things were alright. Gathering bits from the destroyed courage, you spread your resume to 100 consultants, 95 Alumni, 40 batch mates, 30 juniors, 3 faculties, 100 corporates/organisations and 2 relatives. Only 2 relatives coz...... (intellectuals know why)....

You ride 220 km/day on your bike with up to 105 km/hr for a useless person's demand of showing up before he could do anything for your job. "Fuck off", reaction when he backs out. When nothing seems to work, you curse your much loved Alma mater for the trying times. You start praying more often. Eat, sleep, read, watch TV, blog but don't enjoy much. You being a guy who crossed puberty long back, you lose enjoying charm of the awesome babes & bird watching. In simple terms you recede from 'NORMAL'. But still keep trying coz, after accumulating lovely degrees, world(including self) can only curse for not being employed with corporate.
Believe me it feels shattering... confidence levels sink, slowly but steadily.

I can't stop myself from writing out this stuff, simply coz it's been really terrible time, when nothing seemed to go my way. Finally I am employed again. Recently somehow 3 offers turned up, nearly at the same time. Though can't get the package which I had, these offers are lot more satisfying than so many other things in life. And now by God's grace I am moving into the most talked about industry, I am into retail world. Choosing Pantaloon over other offers, I am happier than before. Now my mum will continue her halted shopping, but only after long thanks giving prayer to all the Gods she ever prayed. Father like all other times is smiling inside with least display of emotions, though he hugs me more frequently the way he did to motivate me when chips were down. I'll also buy something good for myself & Strawberry (sis). I'll again enjoy bird watching, the way I have always done while respecting the fairer sex & the soul warming beauty they bring with them.

Mr. Kishore Biyani........I am coming......... (but well grounded)

Despite carrying thousand thoughts, I'll end here while putting one of my favourite joyful pic clicked this April at Paradise Beach, Pondicherry. As they say in Kannad "Enjoy Madi" aka "Enjoy karo"....

Love ya all... Love me too & lets spread the virus :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Me and sports...

Above is a Asian Games ticket for a Hockey match. Ticket that was purchased by my father, an year before my birth. I still love collecting such stuff.
Moments back turkey beat Swiss in the bloody battle of Euro 2008, it was a game full of injuries but the passion showed by fiery players is the only 'adrenalin pumping thing' I came across in last few laidback days. AMAZING, how sports change the way sports lovers take their lives. And I am hating myself coz m not playing sports these days.

I wonder how our lives are preprogrammed, not allowing us to go beyond obvious until be bring the hidden rebel from deep inside. School-college days are the only days you get to play. I hate it, I hate not being able to play sports. Sports had been my best friend, and is missed dearly, everyday. It's something that took away all the troubles from my life. I don't want to forget the basketball games played at 2 AM with fierce energy just coz I couldn't propose my crush, or coz the girl I liked went for someone else. I can't forget the football match played more passionately coz it followed a hard hitting fight with another boy in hostel. It's difficult to go over the lone time spent on basketball court while I fought hard with my emotions. My happy moments always brought perfect smashes on ping pong table, why would I like to forget that. Even for 10,000 dollars I wont exchange the experience of covering Delhi Ring Road on cycle (50-60 km) & riding to South Campus (50-55 km) the other time. Cant let go, the reputation of being a tough fighter on badminton court, pals still remember the sound of the smashes my racket used to throw to weaken opponents challenge. They refused to give me their rackets coz with me racket strings broke frequently (kidding). The otherwise absent agility, jumps & quick response came up automaticaly on the court. Though I used to struggle with my emotions after every loss. Spending 2 hours, each in morning & eavening on badminton court was among the best things I did during my hostel days.

"Hey you play good", How can I forget a girl's (was from other school)appreciation &...... when I captained my school team in table tennis events. Bet you, she looked awesome but not better than my Table Tennis Racket. Won Silver Medal that day but there on, have been missing that girl. Hey you, DAV, Rajinder Nagar girl, m searching for you since last 10 years, show up now....LOL.... Other times, I loved the hooting, it went in favour or against never mattered to me. The yells, screams & shouts were the best thing that could ever happen to a sports freak teenager, that was the fame which brought adrenalin rush with it & lasted till end of the match.

Her lovely words after a basketball match still hit my ears & echo in my heart. Otherwise rigid, she easily brought me a bottle of water for my badminton match. Lovely, lovely.... I can live countless happy days only on those thoughts. Somehow my crushes, infatuations & the recent love started around court itself.

Those were hot afternoons of 1999 & 2001, when I used to take my lovely lady (cycle) for after exam talks. I used to ride it till eternity & in return I used to get all the refreshness. No matter my exam went good or bad, I used to wai for the time I'll ride my lady (ha ha, obviously cycle).

Sports have been a passion, there have been ups n downs, drama full of emotions, adrenalin rush, goose bumps & what not. Sports have always been their for my rescue through tough times. They have been my best pals.

I am a near loser in making my love story a success. I am dragged li'l backward coz of the withdrawal of offer the company made at campus. I am li'l lonely these days which is very unusual. All these hurt but not as hard as missing time, feild & people to play sports with. I miss my beautiful ladies, BSA STREET CAT & HERO HAWK. They did hurt my ass, while being harsh on it but they always stayed close to my heart.

All that apart bloggy has been a new enterant into my life & has deffinitely added few sparkles. Love ya bloggy... hope we'll have a real sporty relation :)

let the good times roll >>>>>>>

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Strange is my good ol lovely world!!!

It's a big world

I realised now

When the people around keep getting lost

Once best known are the strangers now

Strange Strange Strange is my good ol lovely world.

Everyday promises made, fade away in the crowd

& I sit on the roof top pondering around

Once seemed connected are all self driven now

People, all detached yet looked so beautiful from the

Strange Strange Strange is my good ol lovely world.

The crests or troughs have never went far too long

After awful weather, Spring always sing its own song

And I breathe deep, look inside, pause

Waiting, waiting, waiting but God!! For how long ?

Strange Strange Strange is my good ol lovely world.

Energies seem to be sucked away by known mystery

I wander here & there

in search of something familiar but truly unknown

I pray, I run, I sleep, I think, I move, I call, I talk, I go, I meet

Still all I have is that two week ol frown

amazingly, patience has not yet gone :)

Strange Strange Strange is my good ol lovely world.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

sabse peeche hum khade

Song of the moment

Monday, June 2, 2008

Li'l Expressive

X: Can I be li'l expressive?

Y: yes

and X was li'l too expressive, he farted, all others frowned!

Way too expressive :)


Pun apart.......

The biggest day....

I confessed...

I told.....

I am li'l lighter....

Heart is still li'l hurt & the hurt is humming a song....

Silk Route: Sabse peechhe hum khade