Friday, February 4, 2011

For a while stories went will be heard from the arab land

It's been long since I posted. I did not posted I do not know why...though I wanted to flood my blog with posts. There's been lot happening around. From leaving the job, getting farewell, getting atleast some acknowledgements from colleagues to moving off from Mumbai to Delhi. Spending time with family, Desert Safari in Jaisalmer with 3 lovely fellas in my life...mumy, papa & guddu (my sis). And than taking off to Dubai to work for yet another retailer. Retailer in middle east. The culture difference, the wide roads, cars speeding at 140-160 kmph to getting a temporary plush hotel appartment from company. I am in Dubai. And there are few things I have realised here & many more are coming up. One of the prominent things is if the girls in our part of world are called 'patakha' or at times 'the bomb' than the ones here are surely 'Nuclear Bomb' ...LOLZzzzz... jokes apart, Dubai looks like a nice place, atleast till the time summers arrive. The life here is so different that I had been missing creative me for a while but have no intention to live like this any further. I want to start again with atleast normal blog post, lots of magzines, newspapers & the basketball :)

There are stories, intresting as well as boring ones building up every moment... Like the story of sleeping in bath tub with popcorn & Cola in hand to intentionaly getting lost on Dubai roads which were deadly quiet & deserted. All I could see were arrays of cars which were unseen in my part of the planet. Every few minutes after a chic volkswagon, Bentley or Toyota were rushing from one end of nowhere to other end of somewhere. Finally after walking for around 2 hours I reached a known place, not before asking directions from a huge man riding mini bicylcle.

Stories also got created everytime I hired a taxi... nice Toyota Camry's these people have as taxi unlike our antique Ambassodars n Fiats. It was a small thing to notice before I realised that I have been driven by people of different nationalities Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc. etc. Visit to Burj Khalifa was a wonder in itself. Filipino & Canadian superiors at job have been intermittently intresting too.

There's lot to come up but not before I adjust settings of my brain to get used to these unfamiliar surroundings & specially the norm of crossing road through Zebras only, which can be fun in itself coz you get to see a line of 8 cars halting, just coz on Zebra on footers have first right to cross.

So with a can of Diet coke in my hand, I say CHEERS TO DUBAI.

Above pic is a real time image clicked from Canon 1000D, 18-55 lens

Good Times


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