Monday, February 28, 2011

The quest continues... DUBAI LAND

On 23rd day of January, 2011, he was ready for a new experience. It can be termed as an expedition which actually in ordinary circumstances is just a new job but in exciting & unfamiliar environment. As usual ‘Air India’ with its elderly staff had its own plans for curbing his excitement. On entering the flight, he greeted them 'Namaste Uncle, Namaste Aunty'. It's OK if people raise eyebrows for being true. For him a 50 year old lady is an aunty....aunty, aunty...

Delayed flight equals to paused excitements. Sometimes he wonders about people’s holding on capacity for the incoming excitements. And such wondering happens with shear intensity whenever he compares his dramatic impatience with their amazing patience.

Ever since he arrived, he has had nearly no time for thoughts. His brain reaps one kind of creativity when he is alone in familiar but quite conditions. He’s fond of this creativity, but among crowd there’s always a part of him standing tall to the worldly PJs.

All these days he’s been spending time, spending time on absorbing unfamiliarity, some time goes on adjusting in the new apartment & remaining is for his dumbass laziness & leisure. Unfamiliarity includes Arabic style, food, attire & the rudeness towards Indians.

Adjusting in new apartment meant buying bed, bedding, fridge, Oven, Utensils, clothes, Grocery, and chocolates, cold drinks, drinks, Cheese, fries, juices & everything that is potentially a ‘Calorie Bomb’. Calories Glorify the moments they land on your tongue.

Dumbass Laziness & Leisure is standing in the scenic balcony watching cars zip pass, girls’ cat walk on the public ramp called footpath, eating good food, reading whatever and lying on the bed until urgency is forcefully brought in & doing everything that can be termed as ‘Nothing’. It’s fun.

Grocery shopping is his new found passion. And he wonders how can an ash tray have more shades of lipstick than the ones stocked at a up market cosmetics brand store??

The quest continues...

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